Q1) Does this mean I have to carry two cards: HP American Express by k966Xd


									Q1) Does this mean I have to carry two cards: HP American Express for my
business expenses and another for my personal use?
A1) Yes. If you intend to pay for your personal purchases with a card, you will have to
acquire another card for your personal use.

Q2) Does the HP Amex “business use only” policy apply to HP employees
A2) Yes. Please see the HP Global Travel Policy.

Q3) What if I am on a business trip and stay in the same hotel for a couple days of
vacation? Both my personal and business expenses will be on the same bill.
A3) We realize that this may happen and will be treated as an exception. Just make sure
to file for reimbursement only the business portion of the charge and pay Amex the
entire charge amount.

Q4) What are the consequences of continuing to use my corporate card for
personal purchases as long as I pay it on time?
A4) Doing so will put HP in violation of our contractual agreement with American
Express. HP policy stipulates that purely personal expenses may not be placed on the
HP Amex Card. Misuse of the Corporate T&E Card is strictly prohibited. Infractions or
breaches of usage policies may lead to corrective action up to and including termination
of employment.

Q5) How will anyone know if I continue to use my HP Amex Corporate Card for
personal expenditures?
A5) The EMEA Chargecard Administrative Team will be able to get reports from the
expense reimbursement teams and follow-up with Cardmembers and their management.

Q6) Will there be a new, more automated tool for employee expense report
A6) Employee Expense Management (EEM) is currently being developed as the global
tool to replace all expense reimbursement processes. This tool is still in development
and implementation information will be forthcoming as implementation in each country

Q7). If I do not have any business-use charge requirements, should I cancel my
HP American Express Corporate Card?
A7). Yes. Reply to this e-mail with "CANCEL MY CARD" in the Subject line. Include
your Card number and reason for cancellation. The Program Administrator will cancel
the card and reply to your e-mail. You may then destroy and discard the card.

Q8). Are billing statements still sent to my home address?
A8). Monthly Amex statements will go to the address that you provided on your
application. If that address changes, you must notify American Express immediately.

Q9).What do I do if I have my Corporate Card on file for automatic payment to my
phone and Internet Service Providers, etc.?
A9). If the expense is a reimbursable one, there's no action needed. However, if the
charge is a personal one, you must notify the supplier and provide a personal card for
the charge.
Q10) My Hertz and Avis express service profiles list my HP Amex Card for rentals.
What do I need to do to make sure personal rentals are not charged to my Amex
A10) Hertz’ renter profiles allow for both a business corporate card and a personal credit
card. To add your personal credit card number to your Hertz profile, visit
http://intranet.hp.com/Sites/Travel/Car/Pages/WelcometoHertz1Gold.aspx .

Your Avis profile provides space only for the primary (Amex) credit ID in the Wizard
Number profile. For a personal rental, the traveler must provide a different credit card at
the time of reservation, at the time of check in, or at time of check out. None of this
changes the profile information.

Q11) May I enroll in Membership Rewards with my Corporate Card?
A11) No, HP does not allow Membership Rewards on our Corporate Cards. You will
need a personal American Express card to participate in this program.

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