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                                  helping deliver the
                                 sustainable schools
Sustainable Schools 2020

                            helping deliver the
                           sustainable schools
Links to doorways – Food
and Drink

An unhealthy diet contributes to obesity and poor pupil
concentration. Healthy, ethically sourced food can
reverse these effects while protecting the environment
and supporting local producers and suppliers.

By 2020 we would like... ...all schools to be models of
healthy, local and sustainable food and drink produced
or prepared on site (where possible), with strong
commitments to the environment, social responsibility
and animal welfare, and with increased opportunity to
involve local suppliers.
                                                           helping deliver the
                                                          sustainable schools
  Additional Doorway Links
• Travel and traffic - Are models of sustainable travel,
  where vehicles are used only when absolutely
  necessary - links to food miles.

• Global dimension - Are models of global citizenship,
  enriching their educational mission with activities
  that improve the lives of people living in other parts of
  the world.

• Purchasing and waste - Are models of waste
  minimisation and sustainable procurement, using goods
  and services of high environmental and ethical
  standards from local sources where practicable, and
  increasing value for money by reducing, reusing,
  repairing and recycling as much as possible.

                                                               helping deliver the
                                                              sustainable schools
Cultiv8 – growing project
Work with small groups
over an academic term     Work alongside member of
                          staff and pupils to establish
Development of growing    a growing enterprise
area in schools grounds

                                 Catch crops are
                                 grown, business
                                 established and
                                 produce marketed
                                 and sold.

                                                           helping deliver the
                                                          sustainable schools
•Project works with Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 pupils
including pupils in secondary schools who are on
alternative curriculum provision
•Pupils complete sections of ASDAN Bronze Award or
Princes Trust award in secondary schools
•Salad, herb and plant growing enterprises established
in schools
•Pupils gain enterprise and horticultural skills

                                                          helping deliver the
                                                         sustainable schools
  Global Food Trail -
  Project Aims
• The project uses the subject of where our food comes
  from to generate an understanding of our global
  interdependence in a simple way that young people can
  relate to.

• The subject of trade helps them to start to understand
  why so many people are unnecessarily poor.

• The project uses the subject of Fair Trade and involves
  activities including: cooking and tasting of Fair Trade

• Fair Trade is an international effort that children can
  understand and contribute directly to. Thus the activities
  empower the children by enabling them to understand
                                                                helping deliver the
  the role they can play and that their individual choices     sustainable schools
  can impact on the world around them.                              framework
Global Footprint
Understand the size of their impact on the planet
Compare this against the size of the impact of a person
living in a developing country on the planet
Discover where on the globe their food comes from

Food Miles
Learn how far their food has travelled
Understand our global interdependence for food
Understand the impact of transport of food on the global

Field to Fridge
Awareness of what is in food and where it comes from
Awareness of different types of farm, farming methods and    helping deliver the
issues across the world                                     sustainable schools
 helping deliver the
sustainable schools
Understand the issues faced by farmers in the developing
world. Deepen understanding of the issues of international
food trade – who benefits and why. Understand the link
between trade and poverty

Packaging and Waste
Understand how and why food is packaged and the
environmental impact of packaging waste. Knowledge of
different approaches to dealing with waste at home and

Celebration – Campaigning, celebration and evaluation
event for the whole school. Children learn what they can do
to address some of the power imbalances in trade and
environmental issues. Explore other cultures through food
tasting and meeting people from other ethnic groups.
Explore and celebrate what has been learnt by
                                                               helping deliver the
presentation to rest of school.                               sustainable schools
    Outcomes-what they do
    differently now
•   Turning off lights when no-one is in the room
•   Recycling lots more paper
•   Buying vegetables not fat food
•   Looking at labels and see what calories and
    how much sugar
•   One pupil is now a vegetarian
•   Take cans out of normal bin put in recycling
    and recycling more
•   Look at where food comes from, buying Fair
    Trade bananas, tea and coffee
•   Over half of class at Holybrook had actively
    changed the way their family purchased food.
                                                     helping deliver the
•   Walking & cycling more                          sustainable schools
Further Information
…about One World Schools

…about the sustainable schools framework

…about Groundwork

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