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									                                              RFP ATTACHMENT A
                                         Townships and Sign Inventory Status

               County      # Townships       # Township Miles         Existing Sign       Map of Roadway
                                                                       Inventory            Ownership
               Stevens           16                  531                   Yes                 Yes
               Wright            18                  868                   No                  Yes

Stevens County
In Stevens County most of the township signs were replaced in 1992, but not all. Since that time a limited number of
signs have been replaced due to knock down or vandalism. Therefore, a vast majority of the township signs are at least
19 years old and in poor condition. All of the white on green street signs were installed in 2002. It is anticipated many of
the post applications are adequate, but the blades are due for replacement.

The county generally replaces signs at the request of townships; this service is utilized by most, but not all. The county
does not inspect the townships signs.

Wright County
There are 18 Townships in Wright County with 869 miles of roadway. In or around 1988 these Townships participated in
a federally funded Township Sign Inventory and Replacement Program. The County has retained a copy of the inventory,
however, to our knowledge only a few Townships, at best, have maintained any kind of paper inventory since the 1988
project. In fact many Townships have done very little maintenance of these signs, except for the occasional replacement
of stolen signs or the occasional installation of a new sign at the request of local residents. In 2009, the 3M Company had
a grant program (reduced prices for qualified signs) of which a handful of Townships participated in, whereby, these
Townships did a full replacement of their regulatory and warning signs. In 2009 the Townships completed an inventory
of their signs for purposes of knowing quantities of signs, (IE: 10 Stop signs), however the location of the signs on their
roadways was not inventoried.

Wright County has maintained a computerized sign inventory system on their County highways since 1990; however,
none of the Townships have computerized sign inventories. Wright County does not maintain an inventory of Township
signs. The County currently uses CarteGraph for their sign inventory system, with all signs being GPS’d.

                                             RFP ATTACHMENT B
                                Sign Inventory Criteria, Attributes and Deliverables

Sign inventory criteria and deliverables:
 Easy to use.
 Search or sort capability.
 Paper and electronic traffic sign log.
 Map of sign locations in county plane coordinates. (i.e. a map layer for use in a Geographic Information System
    [GIS], providing the following file type .shp, .shx, .bdf ).
 Form and instructions for using traffic sign log and inventory.

Attributes of the inventory:
 Sign location
    1. Route number
    2. Route name
    3. Reference/tracking number to be used in conjunction with a map showing sign locations.
    4. Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates (x,y,z) with minimum 3 foot accuracy in the x and y direction, as z
        is the height from the ground, at the base of the post.
    5. Log point distance from beginning of the route, measured from west to east, south to north and centerline to
        centerline. (Route link ID / i.e. County Road 53 to Ohio Avenue)
    6. Sign orientation (direction front of sign is facing)
    7. Sign position (left or right)
    8. Sign offset (i.e. 7 feet – 6 inches)
    9. Mounting height (vertical distance from the closet edge of the travel lane to the bottom of the sign panel
        expressed in feel and inches)

   Sign properties
    1. Minnesota Manual of Traffic Control Devices (MNMUTCD) sign type/code
    2. Sign legend
    3. Sign substrate (aluminum, etc.)
    4. Width and height of sign (inches)
    5. Sheeting type
    6. Sign structure (including post type)
    7. Structure condition
    8. Sign condition
    9. Sign manufacture/vendor
    10. Sign owner

   Sign History Log
    1. When
    2. Activity (Install, maintenance, inspection, replacement)
    3. Who performed the activity
    4. Why (because of accident, vandalism)
    5. Notes

                                      RFP ATTACHMENT B (continued)

Example Sign Layout #1 – Roadway Direction Correct Signs, Sign Structure Figure and Leader Line Showing Location.

Example Sign Layout #2 – Roadway Direction Correct Signs with Leader Line Showing Location.

                                      RFP ATTACHMENT C
                 Work Type Definitions for Signing Plan Design and Special Provisions

   Inputs
    1. State Aid Operation and Rules Chapter 8820.
    2. Minnesota Manual of Traffic Control Devices (MNMUTCD), Part 2B, 2C and 5 for signing locations and
        sign spacing standards.
    3. Sign Structure details meeting current American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM), American
        Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Standard Specifications for
        Structural Supports for Highway Signs, Federal and State standards and specifications.
    4. Replace all engineering grade (ASTM Type I) and all 3870 high intensity (ASTM Type II) regulatory
        (exceptions: Parking, Standing and Stopping signs (R7 and R8 series) and Walking, Hitchhiking and
        Crossing signs (R9 series, R10-1 through R10-4b)), warning, markers (X4-2, X4-4 and 4X-11) and street
        name signs (D3-1).
    5. Replace all visual impact performance (VIP) and all 3930 high intensity (ASTM Type III) regulatory
        (exceptions: Parking, Standing and Stopping signs (R7 and R8 series) and Walking, Hitchhiking and
        Crossing signs (R9 series, R10-1 through R10-4b)), warning, markers (X4-2, X4-4 and 4X-11) and street
        name signs (D3-1) 6 years or older.
    6. Replacement signs will be ASTM Type XI for sign face and legend, exception – warning signs will be
        fluorescent yellow ASTM Type XI.
    7. Replace all sign structures not meeting current crash worthiness requirements

                         RFP ATTACHMENT D
Sample of Deliverables from Pilot Round 1 of the Township Sign Program

- 10 -
- 11 -
- 12 -
- 13 -
- 14 -
- 15 -
- 16 -
- 17 -

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