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                            MIDDLE GEORGIA CHAPTER
                             OCTOBER NEWSLETTER

                                                     Shannon Gonzalez, Newsletter Chair
                                                                        05-06 Edition 4

PRESIDENT’S NOTES – Mickie Cranford, President
What an exciting time of year! We survived the fiscal year end closeout and now begin the new fiscal
year with new opportunities. In June 05, NCMA had the privilege of sponsoring a leadership workshop
attended by our Senior Leadership to include Major Gen Collings, Mr. Steve Davis and Mrs. Reeves. The
workshop was a success. We received rave reviews from the 500 attendees. We are very fortunate to
have another opportunity for building our leadership skills. We are hosting a workshop the 7th of Dec
at the Museum of Aviation. Mrs. Rita Murray is our guest speaker. She is a professional speaker,
TV Host, Web producer, former top secret government contractor, and private pilot. She is the
author of “Survive and Thrive in a Multi-Generational World". We will distribute the registration
forms the week of 31 Oct 05. We look forward to another successful event. Please put this on your
calendar and get your registration forms in early.

NCMA MINUTE – Mickie Cranford, President
The NCMA Employment Chair position is now open to anyone in industry who would like to serve in this
capacity. Please contact Mickie Cranford at 478-926-3983 if you are interested.


NCMA's vision is to be the preeminent source of professional development for acquisition personnel
worldwide; to sustain and increase membership through organizational vitality and professional outreach;
and to ensure the continuous practicality, timeliness, and integrity of products, programs and services.
TOPIC OF THE MONTH – Tamara Martin, NES Chairman

The topic for the 2005/2006 Program Year National Education Seminar (NES) is Performance Based
Acquisitions. The Middle Georgia Chapter is in need of a facility to host the NES. The facility would
need to accommodate 50 to 75 people, have flexible scheduling to accommodate changing dates and be
free to the Chapter. If you would like to volunteer a room at your organization to host the NES or know
of such a facility and point of contact, please contact Ms. Tamara Martin at

LUNCHEON PLANS – Carrol Colbert, Co-Chair of Programs
                                   Nicole Furlough, Co- Chair of Programs
                                   Jennifer Williams, Co- Chair of Programs

The theme for the month of November is Performance             Based Logistics.       We are pleased to
                           Major James (Jim) Valley, the AFMC representative for Performance
have an expert in the field,
Based Logistics, as our speaker. The luncheon is planned for November 16th in the Officer’s
Club Ballroom and will be the regular go through the line format. Following the luncheon, Major
Valley will host a workshop on Performance Based Logistics.

                                                            High School
For our December meeting, we are looking forward to the Northside
Thespians’ Christmas production. The December luncheon will be held on December 6th
at the Officer’s Club.

Our January meeting will be held on the 18th and our subject for the month will be the       Service
Contract Act.

WORKSHOPS – Christine Clark, Co-Chair
                           Julie Freeman, Co-Chair

                                NCMA Lunch and Learn Workshop

TOPIC: Understanding CPIF and FPIF

DATE: Tuesday, 29 Nov 05

TIME: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

PLACE: Base Cafeteria Conference Room

SPEAKER: Various pricing representatives

Registration required – send an e-mail or call Christine Clark, 478-222-1090.
Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) is Now Mandatory for MOCAS Paid

WAWF training for government employees and vendors has been scheduled as
shown below.

Government employees wishing to attend training should contact Maria A. Gordon at 2-3093 or via email
at Gordon Maria A Civ 78 CPTS/FMF to sign up.

If you have vendors who desire to attend training they should contact Georgia Tech Economic
Development Institute, 151 Osigian Blvd, Warner Robins, GA 31088, 478 953 3155 to sign up for a class.

   Date               Time                      Course                                      Place
 17 Nov 05          0830-1200        WAWF Government Training                       Cotton Auditorium

POC: Henry Goswick at 478-222-1093

EDUCATION – Jeff Morgan, Vice President of Education
1. AFMC personnel at all three ALCs and HQ supporting Supply Chain Management (including GS-1102 Contract
Specialists) will be attending Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (PSCM) Immersion Training. The purpose
of the training will be to familiarize students with the tenets of PSCM and transformation initiatives. The training will
be conducted during FY06 through FY09. The first class is under way now and locally is being held at MERC on
Osigian Blvd in Warner Robins. Immersion Training is a 9 week commitment, which allows students to take all 22
courses in a compressed schedule. Supervisors will schedule this training with employees well in advance of the

2. The following topics will be covered in the training:

A. Core Capability PSCM Immersion Training Courses

       1. You and the Air Force Mission. Course provides a basic understanding of Air
Force mission, challenges, and an individual’s impact and involvement on the mission.

         2. Logistics in the 21st Century. This course provides an overview of transformation,
a basic understanding of elog21 processes, Depot Maintenance Transformation (DMT), DOD
logistics, supply concepts, acquisition, a contracting overview, basic understanding of PSCM
processes, and implementation time line impacts.

       3. Analysis Techniques. Course provides training in business statistics, data analysis,
analysis to conclusion, root cause analysis and other techniques.

         4. Problem Solving and Decision Making. Course provides training in analyzing
inputs, identifying issues and making recommendations to complex scenarios. Course provides
training in effective decision making concepts, timing, making good business decisions, and
decision making as a leader.

       5. Metrics & the Balanced Score Card. Course provides training in the Balance Score
Card concept and how metrics impact day to day tasks and objectives.

       6. Relationship Management. Course provides training in building relationships with
teams, peers, supervisors, and customers.

      7. Focus on the Customer. Course provides training in the concept of the customer,
and maintaining a customer focus in every AF job.

      8. Change Management Basics. Course provides training in basic change
management concepts.

       9. Understanding Financial Management. Course provides basic training in federal
budget submission processes, various types of money allocated to the Air Force and financial
management terminology, concepts, and techniques.

       10. Process Improvement Overview. Course provides an overview of Lean, Six
Sigma, and benchmarking.

B. Supply Dimension PSCM Immersion Training

      1. Supply Chain as a System. Course provides the basics of supply chain
management in the 21st century.

        2. Forecasting, Demand Planning and Supply Planning. Course provides training in
forecasting concepts, demand planning and supply planning processes, and impacts to AF
transformation - implementation.

       3. Inventory Analysis (Readiness Based Stocking -RBS) and Returns Management.
 Course provides training in inventory concepts, analysis methods, transformation and
implementation of processes in the AF.

       4. Commodity and Strategic Sourcing, Performance Based Logistics (PBL).
Course provides training in commodity sourcing concepts and processes, inputs and outputs of
commodity councils, impacts of commodity sourcing on the AF and suppliers, PBL concepts and
processes, PBL on AF and suppliers, strategic sourcing and, relationship between strategic
sourcing and commodity sourcing.

       5. Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). Course provides SRM basics.

         6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Course provides training in the
definitions of a customer, CRM concepts and processes, and the implementation of the CRM
process in the AF.
       7. Contracting for Supply. Course provides training in the relationships between
supply and contracting, integration of contracting processes with supply processes (sourcing),
challenges, and impacts.

        8. Maintenance Orientation for Supply Professionals. Course provides training in the
relationship between supply and maintenance (deport and field), mutual impacts, and

        9. Root Cause Analysis. Course provides training in procedures and methods for
ascertaining and “analyzing” the causes of problems to determine what can    be done to
solve or prevent them.

       10. Market Research. Course provides training in the key tools and processes of
market research and how best to apply them.

        11. Data as a Strategic Resource. Course provides training in the acquisition and use
of data for planning, analysis, research, and costing.

C. Applying Supply Capabilities - Capstone Project. This is a case study that provides
scenarios to evaluate the ability of the employee to apply supply capabilities.

MEMBERSHIP NEWS – Carolyn Richardson, VP of Membership
Contact Carolyn Richardson, Membership Chairperson, at 327-7145 if you have questions concerning
NCMA membership.

EMPLOYMENT – ________________________, Chair


                                        Procurement/AP Specialist
                                RESUMES TO:

TAMSCO, Operations/HR For TAMSCO                                                  Job Opportunities
102 Byrd Way, Suite A                                                            Please Visit Web Site
Warner Robins, GA 31088                                                
E-Mail:                                                          (No Phone Calls)

Procurement Specialist
Just 45 minutes away from beautiful Lake Tahoe Sierra Nevada Corporation
(SNC) is a fast-growing research, development and manufacturing company that provides leading edge
Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Network-centric communications technologies on multiple
platforms ranging from soldier-based to small and large manned/unmanned aircraft.

SNC also specializes in the design and production of defense electronics products in the fields of
Instrumentation, Test and Training (ITT), Electronic Warfare (EW), Air Traffic Control and Automatic
Landing Systems (ATCALS), and Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs). SNC is a $300M+ company with a
corporate office based in Reno, Nevada and does business with all branches of the US DoD, as well as
with certain Government agencies

If interested in the position please fill out on-line application at

Monique Moultrie
Sierra Nevada Corporation

We have a GREAT Atlanta Opportunity! Please email resumes to

Beth Gray
Senior IT Recruiter
MSI Technical
245 Peachtree Center Ave
Atlanta, GA 30303
ph: 404-592-3885
ph: 877-790-0974


MANAGER, CONTRACTS & BUSINESS:                                 Requires a Master’s degree in a related
field and 10 – 13 years progressive experience in contracts administration. Reporting to the President,
you will lead the contracts management department, provide the business direction for all new and follow-
on business development proposals. Qualified candidates will have demonstrated expertise in proposal
preparation and negotiations, aerospace contracts management (CPAF, CPFF, FFP, T&M) including
terms and conditions, FAR, and business financials.

CONTRACT ADMINISTRATOR:                            Requires a Bachelor’s degree in a related field and 5-7
years progressive experience in contracts administration, preferably in an aerospace and/or manufacturing
setting. Qualified candidates will have demonstrated expertise in cost/price analyses, SOWs, T&Cs,
various contract types (CPAF, CPFF, FFP, T&M), closeouts. Knowledge of FAR or DFAR a plus.
Our business is growing! Located in Jacksonville, FL, Kaman Aerostructures is one of the nation’s
premier producers of detail parts, subassemblies and aerostructures for the domestic and international
aerospace markets. We recognize the value of our employees by offering a competitive salary, company
paid life insurance and pension, subsidized medical and dental insurance, 401(k) plus company match and
many other benefits.

Please email resume and salary requirements to and put “NCMA-CM” in subject

Contracting Openings – Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC)
                                              Los Angeles Air Force Base

        GS-7 Target 11 Trainee Positions
        GS-12 Contract Specialist Positions
        GS-13 Contracting Officer and Pricer Positions
        GS-14 and 15 Staff, Deputy and Chief Positions

SMC, located in Los Angeles AFB, has regular openings in the Contracting career field. Please send
resumes to For further info, please contact Tim Pink at 310-363-0007.

SCHOLARSHIPS – Misty Holtz, Co-Chair
                                Cyndi Brinkley, Co-Chair
Did you know that the Middle Georgia Chapter of NCMA awards $5,000 in scholarships each year?
NCMA is a strong supporter in the furtherance of education. If you are a member of NCMA, you and
your dependents are eligible to apply. To apply, you or your dependent must have at least a 3.0 GPA (not
rounded) and pursuing a degree (undergraduate or graduate) in a business related major. The 2005-2006
recipients were awarded in May. The call for 2006-2007 applicants will begin January 2006.
Congratulations again to those that received this year's scholarships and mark your calendars to look for
the announcement at the beginning of the year!!!

CERTIFICATIONS – Jackie Kittrell, Chair
The National Office of NCMA has advised that the manuals for the general portion of the exam will be
available very soon. There are five manuals and each will cost $50 - $70. We hope to have an update at
the November NCMA meeting.

NCMA is dedicated to education and training and to a certification program that reflects the highest
standards of professional achievement. NCMA offers three contracting certifications: The CFCM,
Certified Federal Contracts Manager (formerly Certified Associate Contracts Manager): CCCM, Certified
Commercial Contracts Manager; and the CPCM (Certified Professional Contracts Manager). If you are
looking for a good way to enhance your career, it’s time to think about taking one of NCMA’s
certification exams. Listed below is a description of each exam and the price for taking the exams:
CFCM Eligibility Requirements Eligibility for the CFCM requires a candidate to have
       a degree from a regionally accredited institution at the bachelor's level, with 24 hours of course
        work in business management topics,
       two years of experience, and
       120 hours of continuing professional education-at least 40 of which are specific to federal
        contracts management topics.
       Waivers of the degree requirement are available for those candidates who have ten years of
        experience and a letter from a supervisor supporting their candidacy.
To earn the CFCM, a candidate must take and pass two examinations, the Business Knowledge and
Federal Knowledge modules

CCCM Eligibility Requirements              For the CCCM, a candidate must have
       a degree from a regionally accredited institution at the bachelor's level with 24 hours of course
        work in business management topics,
       two years of experience, and
       120 hours of continuing professional education-at least 40 of which are specific to commercial
        contracts management topics.
       Waivers of the degree requirement are available for those candidates who have ten years of
        experience and a letter from a supervisor supporting their candidacy.
To earn the CCCM, a candidate must take and pass two examinations, the Business Knowledge and
Commercial Knowledge modules.

CPCM Eligibility Requirements        To earn the CPCM designation, a candidate must have already
earned the CFCM & CCCM Certifications, have ten year’s experience in contracting plus a letter from your
supervisor in support of your candidacy.

                          Application Fee*:
Testing Fees: Nonrefundable
NCMA Members $150. Non-members $250. *This fee applies to each individual certification (CFCM,
CCCM, CPCM) but not to each module.

Examination Fees: $95 per module payable to exam provider.
POC: Jackie Kittrell ( or 926-4511.

EXECUTIVE MINUTES – Marlene Humphry, VP Secretary

See the attached October 2005 NCMA Executive minutes:
TREASURY REPORT – Michelle Idone, Treasurer

See the attached Aug - Sept 2005 NCMA Treasury Report:

October’s Treasury Report will be ready for the November newsletter.

WEBSITE UPDATE – Trellis Martin, Co-Chair
                                  John Talvan, Co-Chair
The NCMA web site is up and running.

The site is:

Please send submissions for the web site to John Talvan or Trellis Martin.

NEWSLETTER UPDATE – Shannon Gonzalez, Newsletter Chair

Look for the Nov 2005 NCMA newsletter sometime in mid- to late Nov!

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns with the information provided in this newsletter, please
do not hesitate to contact me at 478-926-7083, or

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