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					                                    INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE

                                  10 - 11 June, 2010 - Manchester (UK)

                                             CALL FOR PAPERS

  The global Textile Industry has in the last few decades seen revolutionary changes in its output,
     structure, and technology - covering all aspects of Fibres, Yarns, Fabrics, Machinery and
                               manufacturing processing techniques.

 Apart from the above major achievements, the industry progressively has seen major developments in the
production of Technical & Industrial Textiles covering around 25 different fields of new applications. A huge
variety of revolutionary products have been brought into the world market as a result of technological
innovations in new fibres, yarns, fabrics, dyeing and finishing and processing methods. Unforeseen a few
decades ago, these products have been successfully imagined and developed and now on the whole have
brought dramatic positive changes in our environment and life-styles.

The most exciting new markets for Technical and Industrial Textiles from a potential growth/value-
added/profitability point of view involve the high technology or high performance applications. The forecast
as to what will happen most likely in the technical and industrial textile world during the next decade is one
of growth in spite of the current global financial situation.

How these innovations universally being created?
How are ideas converted into products?
Can innovation be managed?
How do we identify market opportunities?
Can we learn from recent case studies of successful innovation and product launch?
How will technology serve the needs of the design and fashion sectors?

To address this need, the Technical Textiles Special Interest Group (SIG) of The Textile Institute,
Manchester and The Manchester and Cheshire Section of the Textile Institute have teamed together
to organise an International Conference on Managing Innovation in Textiles.

The event is supported by Knowledge Transfer Networks ( KTNs)

fer Networks (KTNs) The conference will aim to bring together textile scientists, engineers, fibre-yarn -and
fabric mfrs, fashion designers, retailers, and many others engaged and interested in recent innovations
and their applications in all branches of Technical & Industrial Textiles. The conference programme will
consist of invited and contributed papers.
The organisers invite authors to submit the title of their paper along with the brief abstract by email to cc to By 20 MARCH 2010.

For any further details please contact:

 Dr. Kim Gandhi , CText FTI                                     Brian McCarthy
Chairman Manchester & Cheshire Section                          Chairman Technical Textiles SIG
Tel : +44 161 702 9483, Fax +44 161 702 9616                    Director, Technitex Faraday Limited Manchester
Mobile 0780 170 8878                                            Tel +44 161 306 8500 Fax +44 161 306 8501                                           Mobile 07841 590657

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