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									Biology- Protista Kingdom                                      Ally Bo, Tony Wang, Ben Szurek

Physical Requirements to be a Protista

-Must be Eukaryotic

-This means to have a nucleus containing DNA, and cells are larger than archaea and bacteria

Physical Features of Protista

-Usually single celled, sometimes multi-cellular or colonial

-Can look like animals, plants, or fungi, but typically are small and simple

-Cell walls differ based on the species

Types of Protista

Plant like- Photosynthetic, capable of synthesizing its own food (autotrophs), no roots, stems or
leaves. Can reproduce both sexually and asexually.

Animal like- Unicellular, cannot synthesize own food (heterotrophs), dependent on other
organisms for food. Consume other organisms for food.

Fungus like- Usually decomposers, can move in part of their life, cannot synthesize own food

Examples of Phyla

Rhizopoda- Rhizopods, Have and use foot like appendages to move and feed, animal like (Ex.

                                      Rhodophyta- Red Algae, Multi-cellular, photosynthetic, live
                                      In salt water, contains red pigment, plant like (Ex. Coralline

                                Coralline Algae

                                            Apicomplexa- Sporozoans, Parasites than move by

                                            Body flexion or gliding. Cause diseases in birds and
                                            humans, animal like (Ex. Plasmodium)

                             Ciliophora- Ciliates, possess many short hair type things called
 Plasmodium Protozoa
                             Cilia, use them for feeding and movement, animal like (Ex.


Protista’s Advantages over other Kingdoms

-Microscopic, hard for predators to find

-Don’t need much food, only need sunlight for photosynthesis (except animal like Protista)

-Some create diseases in creatures from other Kingdoms

-Some Protista are extremely tough

-Protists are very diverse, and the whole Kingdom Protista contains various features of all the
other Kingdoms
What if the Earth didn’t have the Protista Kingdom

-Without zooflagellates (type of Protista) termites would not be able to survive. Zooflagellates
play a vital role in helping the termites digest the wood they eat

- Algae produces 80% of the world’s oxygen. Algae is made by protists

-Green algae was an ancestor to many modern plants

-Red algae provides many products like ice cream, and dried red algae is used to roll seaweed

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