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									Global Political Economy

University of Kassel

Dept. of Social Sciences
M.A. Global Political Economy
D- 34109 Kassel, Germany

fax: +49 (0)561/804-3464

                                     Application Form

               Master’s Degree in Global Political Economy

        The program starts every winter semester, i.e. Oct.2007, Oct. 2008, Oct. 2009. …

                                 Application deadlines are:
For students who do not need a visa to study in Germany:                         15th of June, 2007
For all non-EU students (i.e. all students who need a visa to study in Germany): 15th of April, 2008

  Please, fill out the application form completely and please write very clearly or use a typewriter.

    You must include with your application officially authenticated copies (photocopies) of your
          certificates, and if the certificates are not in German or English an officially
     authenticated translation must be included. You are advised to contact the embassy or
                  consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany on this matter.

      Kassel University will decide as early as possible on your application and notify you
  accordingly by mail. It is, therefore, very important that you register electronically. We cannot
process your applications unless you have registered electronically. Please go to the website
  “admission” ( and follow the
          steps for electronic registration after you have sent us this application form.

The final decision can be expected for…:
       …International students (who need a visa):           End of May
       …EU and domestic students:                           Beginning of July

  Please make sure that your email address is written clearly and if you change our email
            address after applying, please inform us:

      Please, do not try to contact us concerning the final decision before these dates!
             1. Information about yourself

Last Name:                      ___________________________________________________
First Name:                     ___________________________________________________
Home Address:                   ___________________________________________________
Telephone: _____________________ Fax: __________________________
Email:                           ___________________________________________________
Mailing Address:                 ___________________________________________________
(if different from above)        ___________________________________________________
Telephone:                  _____________________ Fax :__________________________
Email:                          ___________________________________________________
Date of Birth: (D/M/Y) ____ / ____ / ________ Place of Birth___________________
Country issuing passport: _____________Country of residence:________________
Sex: [ ] male [ ] female
Marital status                  _____________________ No. of children _________________
Schools (attended years and certificates obtained):
Primary School:                 ___________________________________________________
Secondary School: ___________________________________________________
High School:                     ___________________________________________________
Total number of years of schooling:              ___________________________________

             2. Planned entry                                Winter semester Year _________

             3. Educational qualification
Note that in order to successfully apply to the MA Program, you need to have a Bachelor or
Baccalaureus degree with a major in political science, sociology or economics (at least 6
semesters) with a grade of “good” ("upper second") or an equivalent degree in e.g.
Staatsexamen Lehramt Gymnasium or Magister-Hauptfach-Prüfung.

Degree title (original language):          _____________________________________________
Date awarded (or expected date):           _____________________________________________
Degree title in English:                    _____________________________________________
From (University or College):              _____________________________________________
Date of first enrolment in a university or college:    _________________________________
Date completed:                            _____________________________________________
Degree pursued:                            _____________________________________________
Academic Performance:
Please indicate the academic scale used by the universities at which you have studied:

 Name of University     Excellent =   Good =      Average =     Poor =    Fail =    Your GPA / Grade

Your English language skills:

English is my mother tongue:                          [ ] Yes              [ ] No

If you answered no to the above question, please qualify your English skills in the section
below. Please enclose copies of any applicable certificate!

I studied English at:   [ ] High School               [ ] University      [ ] Other: ____________
Years and grades: __________________
I have taken a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam:
[ ] No [ ] Yes, level of achievement: ____________

Your ambitions for your ongoing studies at the University of Kassel:

I am looking for a:     [ ] MBA (Master of Business Administration) Program
                        [ ] MA Program         [ ] Other:____________

          4. Financial support

Please characterize your financial situation below:
I have sufficient funds to cover all expenses in connection with my participation in the
MA Program:

[ ] Yes        [ ] No                                 Estimated monthly amount: _________ €
If you answered no, please mention the sources of residual financial support

          5. Statement of Objectives

Please state in your own words on a separate sheet why you chose to apply to the MA Program,
and how you hope to benefit from it. (1 page)
        6. Statement of Understanding
I certify that I have provided complete and accurate responses to the items on this application. If any of the
information changes, I will notify the admissions office of the MA Program at the University of Kassel in a
timely manner.

Admittance into the program can in no way be considered a guarantee for obtaining the Master’s Degree.

I understand that the program is composed of participants from many different countries, and many cultural
backgrounds. I agree to cooperate with all participants with generosity and tolerance.

I also understand that acceptance into the program does not obligate the University of Kassel to provide me
with any form of financial support.

I agree that this application and the accompanying supporting documentation will remain with the University
of Kassel, even if I am not accepted into the program. The information I provided above will be stored in
electronic form for the sole purpose of the application and admissions procedure at the University of Kassel.

Signature:               ________________________________________________________
Name of applicant:       ________________________________________________________
Date and place:          ________________________________________________________

Applicants with disabilities: If you have a physical or learning disability and need information about
accommodation and services available, please contact us as soon as possible.

        7. Necessary Documentation
Please make sure your application contains the following:
1. Application form (completely filled out)
2. A Statement Of Objectives
3. Officially authenticated copies (photocopies) of your certificates (degree and transcripts) in
English or German language and standards. (Please DO NOT send original documents as they will
not be returned regardless of the outcome of your application!)
4. Any proof or certificate (e.g. TOEFL/IELTS) concerning your English skills (not required from
English native speakers or students with a continuous English education). TOEFL codes for the MA
GPE program are: University of Kassel - 9609, Department code - 89 (political science)

Please type the answers to all questions, or write legibly in capital letters!
If you are admitted to the program you will need to declare your intention to occupy the offered slot at short
notice. Please make sure that the notification of acceptance can be delivered to the address entered on
page 2 of this form.

Please confirm the email address which we should use to contact you during the selection process:
Email address: ___________________________________________________

How did you learn about the GPE Master’s program at the University of Kassel?
Personal contact with a student:                 Name_____________________
Personal contact with a member of staff:         Name_____________________
University advisor:                              Name_____________________
MA GPE Website:         University of Kassel web site:  Other website:           _______________
News article:           Exhibition of higher education:  Internet search engine: _______________
Other (please specify): __________________________________________________________________

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