Procurement Checklist

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Procurement Checklist
At a minimum, the budgetholder or the delegated staff member who approves purchase
requests, purchase orders and payment vouchers must verify the following:

      That all documentation is original and is complete;
      The authorising signatory for the purchase is appropriate for the budget code and
       amount per the Scheme of Delegation;
      Coding is present and accurate;
      The payment matches the invoice amount and payee;
      Amounts “add-up”.

Once Payment Vouchers have been checked and are found to be correct, finance officers should
sign the “checked” line and payment can be made. If they are not correct they should be
returned to the budget holder for correction as quickly as possible.

The Tendering and Quotation Guidelines should be applied to all purchase transactions, in
order to ensure efficient use of resources, and to ensure compliance with donor requirements.
Where policy is not applied, the rationale should be clearly documented and authorised within
the Scheme of Delegation.

      In addition to the Tendering and Quotation guidelines, Global Internal Audit
       recommends that any amounts over $100 be accompanied by written quotations.
      An Approved Supplier Listing is currently being developed, and once completed should
       be used. In the meantime, please coordinate with your Field Logistician for knowledge of
       local suppliers.

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