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									                                       Charting New Territories

Great efforts in oil and gas exploration have led to a rise in the demand for oilfield equipment in USA.

The oil and gas industry has seen many ups and downs over the last few years. But one thing that has
remained constant is the demand for oilfield equipment in USA. Drilling equipment in particular has
always been in demand. Despite a quiet phase in 2011, news of oilfield equipment manufacturers
creating equipment for offshore and onshore rigs is coming up.

There are many reasons behind this. One is the rising demand for premium rigs that are equipped for
underwater drilling of 7,000 feet or more. Another reason is new oil exploration developments in known
and unexplored parts of the world. Also, there is a growing demand for hydrocarbons, and high oil
prices. Due to this huge demand, drilling companies are selling their equipment for over $600,000 a day.

For exploring uncharted territory, you need equipment that will is strong, durable, long-lasting, and can
be easily repaired. We at Integrated Equipment understand the needs and requirements of the changing
demands of the oil and gas industry. We provide high quality, cost effective solutions for our global
clients through an extensive range of flow and pressure equipment.

Based in Houston Texas, Integrated Equipment's product range includes Ram and Annular Blowout
Preventers, Pulsation Dampeners, Wellhead X Mas Tree Components, Expanding Gate Valves, and FC
Type Valves. Our products are used by reputed well servicing contractors, land and platform drilling
contractors, rental tool companies, and major and independent oil companies around the world.

Integrated products are designed with the philosophy that the parts can be easily interchanged with
similar products of other well-known manufacturers. This makes it easier for rig technicians and saves
time. We have an in-house product design team that is dedicated to creating safe products, which can
be serviced easily and reduce inventories. We pay special attention to product engineering and create
new products to expand our product base. Our R&D team uses the J.D. Edwards system of Enterprise
Planning (ERP) to improve our products, reduce machining time, and increase production rates.

We conduct Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on our products. Our Wellhead products are manufactured
under the API 6A license. Our Pulsation Dampener is encoded with the ASME U and U2 Stamp and is
CRN approved. Our manufacturing quality standards conform to the guidelines of ISO 9001.

Integrated provides round-the-clock service, quick responses, and timely delivery of our products to
customers worldwide. We have strategic service and repair centers located around the world to provide
quick and quality service.

When it comes to the best oilfield equipment in USA, you know just who to turn to.

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