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                           Presidents’ Goals/Work Plan 2010-2011
                                       Olympic College
  I.   Student Achievement/Learning/Support

        Provide leadership and support to the faculty curriculum and leadership team working on
         assessment of core abilities and review of degree requirements. Expected outcomes are
         that all core abilities will be assessed and recommendations to revise curriculum and
         degree requirements as appropriate will be developed.

        Support math faculty in their work to revise curriculum, research and improve pedagogy
         and engage students in support services. The desired outcome is more students
         transitioning to college level math in particular and more student achievement gains in

        Reduce turnaround time for Financial Aid by 50%.

        Institutionalize a structured process for connecting students with faculty advisors.

        Grow international student program enrollment to 70 by Fall 2011.

        Secure faculty driven grants to support efforts to improve student achievement as
         measured by the student achievement initiative momentum points and other metrics.

  II. Program Development and Community Responsiveness

        Maintain and support a policy of open student access, to the greatest extent possible, to
         quality programs and services.

        Develop a strategic plan for distance learning that aligns with an overall enrollment
         management plan.

        Adopt a strategic plan for technology that includes strategies for using technology to
         improve student learning.

        Adopt 5 year strategic plans for Olympic College Poulsbo and Olympic College Shelton.

        Conduct more events for the community, e.g., lectures.

        Research local need for a baccalaureate in a business related field.

        Work with the Foundation staff and its Board members to educate donors about the
         College’s challenges, needs and programs and the critical role their support plays in
         supporting students and programs.

  9/18/2012 (draft)
III. Capital Planning/Facilities

     Open the Sophia Bremer Child Development Center.

     Secure 3.5 million in design funding for the new instructional center.

     Begin construction on the new parking lot by Warren Avenue.

     Work with students to make a recommendation to the Board on a new wellness center if
      the students decide they want to fund one.

     Complete a new edition of the college emergency preparedness plan.

     Continue to enhance security both through technology and staff training and development
      e.g., early warning systems and tabletop exercises.

IV. Leadership

     Work with other local Presidents to identify efficiencies and develop plans to implement

     Provide leadership and support in the identification of “essential themes” for the college
      as required by the new accreditation process.

     Respond to the October 2009 recommendations of the Northwest Commission on
      Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) and prepare the Year One Report to the NWCCU.

     Provide the leadership and support necessary for the college community to continuously
      work and learn together to foster and maintain an environment and culture where racism
      and bigotry are not tolerated, have no place here and will be dealt with swiftly both
      procedurally and cognitively. Examples of outcomes – adopt a hate crime policy and
      provide professional development opportunities throughout the year resulting in
      organizational identity development.

     Finish the global perspectives rubric and assess courses accordingly.

     Lead the College through the most challenging budget crisis it has ever faced with a
      transparent and strategic process that is guided by adopted budget principles and mission,
      vision and values.

     Make the difficult decisions that will have to be made in a professional, responsible and
      caring manner.

     Provide the leadership that will enable the college to emerge from this “crises” with a
      healthy workforce committed to the mission of student learning.

9/18/2012 (draft)
I feel fortunate that my goals align very well with the Board goals and policy interests and

appreciate the support associated with that alignment. I also believe that those goals support the

College’s Strategic Initiatives. It will be very important that we utilize those initiatives to inform

our strategic planning as we work through our financial challenges this year.

I will reiterate here what I said at the end of my goals document last year. The goals listed here

require teamwork, dedication and expertise - all of which are regularly demonstrated by faculty,

staff and administrators throughout the District. Student demand this year will be the greatest in

the College’s history. Determining the extent to which we can meet the demand with quality

classes and services will be a critical undertaking. Also, identifying new ways of doing things,

areas where we may need to pull back and our core vision that must be preserved will be critical

tasks. Such determination and identification will impact the communities we serve, our students

and college personnel for well into the future. Finally, we must continue to preserve and

celebrate what is working well, recognize our accomplishments and remain ever diligent in our

support of and dedication to the core values of student learning and achievement and community

well being.

The difference this year is that the challenges that motivated these comments are much greater

this year and the consequences of our actions will have a much greater effect. That is why

leadership in crisis will be so important and why I will be completely dedicated to providing it

and supporting the Board as it works to do the same.

9/18/2012 (draft)

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