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voucher_template_travel by ajizai


									Submit one copy only                                                                           FOR ACCOUNTING USE ONLY:

     Address:                                                                                VOUCHER
                                                                                             Middlebury College
 Citizenship:                                                    (US/RA or Neither)
Relationship: Faculty/Staff Student Outside Vendor               (circle one)                Date:

REASON FOR AND LOCATION OF EXPENDITURE                                                                                  AMOUNT

Dates of Travel

    INDEX*             FUND         ORG    Account        PROG     Activity       Location     Description               Total
                                          Faculty / Staff / Student Travel
                                            706110                                                 Food
                                            706120                                               Lodging
                                            706210                                                Airfare
                                            706215                                                   Bus
                                            706220                                              Car Rental
                                                                                               Miles Driven
                                            706230                                               Mileage         $               -
                                            706240                                           Parking/Tax/Tolls
                                            706250                                                 Train
                                            710610                                             Dues/Memb
                                            706310                                             Course Fees
                                            706330                                            Conf Reg Fees
                                            760130                                            Miscellaneous
                   100010                   110660                                           Less ADVANCE
                                                         Visitor Travel
                                            706610                                                 Food
                                            706620                                               Lodging
                                            706710                                                Airfare
                                            706715                                                   Bus
                                            706720                                              Car Rental
                                                                                               Miles Driven
                                            706730                                               Mileage         $               -
                                            706740                                           Parking/Tax/Tolls
                                            706750                                                 Train
                                            706630                                            Miscellaneous
                                                                                  Total Amount to be Paid:       $               -

* Either INDEX + Account code or FUND/ORG/PROG + Account Code codes MUST be entered for processing.
Mileage Rate (as of July 1, 2011)                0.555           cents/mile
Approvals & Signatures

___________________________               ________________                      ________________                 ________________
Budget Administrator                      Date                                  Requestor                        Date

___________________________               ________________                      ________________                 ________________
Print B.A. Name                           B.A. extension                        Print Requester Name             Requester extension
Mail TO Accounts Payable, Service Building

Note: People Vouchers will be paid 2 weeks after having been received by Accounts Payable

Voucher must include:
Citizenship per Banner (US vs. Resident Alien vs. International)
             NOTE: "Citizenship" - SGASTDN or SPAIDEN in Banner.
                   Citizenship codes Y and D stand for U.S. citizens;
                    RA stands for legal permanent resident; N and C stand for international students.
Attachments:       - original receipts for reimbursements. If mileage, a printout from the internet
                   that shows mileage is sufficient
Location Codes     The IRS requires reporting on activities outside the US on the College's annual tax return
                   Banner Location Codes :
                   990-1 Central American and the Caribbean
                   990-2 East Asia and the Pacific
                   990-3 Europe (including Iceland and Greenland)
                   990-4 Middle East and North Africa
                   990-5 North America (Canada and Mexico)
                   990-6 Russia and the Newly Independent States
                   990-7 South America
                   990-8 South Asia
                   990-9 Sub-Saharan Africa

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