Few Facts on Intellectual Property Monetization

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					Intellectual property monetization can bring you bucks if you trade in the right way. If
 necessary, do not hesitate to seek help from IP advisors. Here's an overview and some

         efore we discuss intellectual property monetization, it is necessary to
         understand what exactly intellectual property is. Like all properties,
         intellectual properties also associate with it the right to possession of the
         owner. Therefore, the right is protected by law. There are various
definitions of intellectual property according to laws in various countries.
However, the basic idea about intellectual property or IP refers to any work of
creation or invention, while the inventor or the creator is the owner of the

Intellectual Property and Its Types

Let me elaborate. If you have written a poem or choreographed a dance
sequence, the poem or the dance movements are your intellectual properties and
you are the owner of the properties. There are various types of IPs, depending
on the IP laws of various countries. For instance, the US law classifies IPs in the
following categories.

      Literary work
      Musical work
      Dramatic work
      Pantomimes and choreographic work
      Pictorial, graphic, and sculptural work
      Motion pictures and other audiovisual work
      Sound recordings

Intellectual Property Monetization: An Overview

Let's now discuss intellectual property monetization. IP monetization, as a matter
of fact, refers to the ways to monetize your intellectual properties. As a creator or
the inventor you will own the rights to copyrights or trademarks or patents or
industrial design, or trade secrets. You have the right to sell, publish and share
your intellectual properties. Again, you also have the right stop someone else
             .                                                       ,
using your IP However, while your purpose is to monetize your IP you have to
let them use your IP against a cost/charge that they pay you.

Necessity of an IP Advisor

When you attempt intellectual property monetization, you first need to set
monetization goals. You may plan short term goals that will bring you instant
money. Or else, you may also think of long term earning scopes such as
incentives or royalties at a regular interval. However, whatever goal you set, you
have to make sure that you know all the legal loopholes of the concerned IP
trade. It would be wise of you if you consult an IP advisor who will guide you
for the best way of IP monetization.

Wondering if it is mandatory to consult an advisor for intellectual property
monetization? Of course, there is no compulsion that you have to consult an
advisor for IP monetization. If you have an search engine optimized article and if
you want to sell it to a client, you can do it all. You do not need an IP trading
advisor for that. You fix the price by yourself and when the client pays you, the
copyright of your write-up goes to the client.

However, IP trading is not at all so simple; often it is very complicated,
depending on the seriousness of your intellectual property. Besides, you have to
be sure that the ways you resort to for monetizing your IP is legal and fair. And,
only an IP advisor can guide you in the right way to profitable intellectual
property monetization. All you have to do is to find a reputed IP advisor. Do a
little search online. You will find many. Do not forget to check the reputation of
the advisor before you get into any kind of contract with him/her.

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Description: Intellectual property monetization can bring you bucks if you trade in the right way. If necessary, do not hesitate to seek help from IP advisors. Here's an overview and some tips.