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					     Framework for
Kindergarten to Grade 12
  Wellness Education

• Alberta’s Commission on Learning (2003)
• Joint Consortium for School Health (2005)
• Healthy Kids Alberta! (2006)
• Healthy Alberta School Communities (2007)
• Literature Review & Stakeholder Consultations
• Draft Framework for K – 12 Wellness Education
• Framework for K – 12 Wellness Education (2009)
Comprehensive School Health
                      Healthy Alberta
                    School Health and Wellness

                       Priority Wellness Issues
                           •Healthy Eating
                             •Physical Activity
                       •Positive Social Environments

                       Long-term Intended Result
Improved health and learning outcomes for school-aged children and youth in
                       healthy school communities.
          Healthy Weights Initiatives
Health Promotion Coordinators
   • Partner with school communities to promote healthy eating and
     physical activity for school-aged children and youth

   • Facilitate implementation of Daily Physical Activity (30 minutes
     per day in all Grades 1-9 schools) and the Alberta Nutrition
     Guidelines in a variety of settings.

   • Support the development of School Nutrition Policies

Alberta Nutrition Guidelines
   • Released in 2008 and distributed to all schools, day cares and
     recreational facilities in Alberta

   • School boards encouraged to develop district-wide school
     nutrition policies that support implementation of the Guidelines
            Healthy Weights Initiative

Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund
• As of December 2009 73 projects have received funding
• In total 371 schools have established more than 446 community
   partnerships in support of healthy schools.

Previous Healthy Weights Initiatives (2006-2009)
• Alberta Healthy School Communities Award
• Create a Movement
Safe and caring     Daily Physical     Alberta Healthy   Revise the
school              Activity           School            current wellness-
initiatives                            Community         related programs
                    Allergy &          Wellness Fund     of study
Alberta Nutrition   Anaphylaxis
Guidelines          Information        Healthy Living    Daily Physical
                    Response (AAIR)    Recognition       Activity (DPA)
Ever Active                            programs          resources
Schools             Safe and Caring
                    Policy             Healthy           DPA
Healthy School                         Promotion         Implementation
Planner Tools       School Nutrition   Coordinators      Survey
                    Policies (to be
                    developed by       Evaluation of     Authorized
                    School Boards)     Healthy           teaching and
                                       Weights REAL      learning
                                       Kids Survey       resources for
                                       Healthy U /       programs of
                                       Media             study

                                       Consortium for
                                       School Health

• Purpose of Framework
  – to describe the fundamental concepts and inherent values
    of K–12 wellness education
  – to provide guidance for the future development and
    implementation of K–12 wellness education programs of
    study in Alberta.

• Vision of Wellness Education
  – for students to be educated, informed and contributing
    members of society and to develop the knowledge, skills
    and attitudes needed to be well in every sense of the
    word—emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially and
Health and Physical Education
      Programs of Study

• Comprehensive school health approach
• Meet the diverse needs of learners and engage
  students in a meaningful way
• Adequate teacher expertise, preparation and
  implementation time
• Appropriate resources—facilities, funding, teaching
  and learning resources.
    Assessment and Accountability

• Assessment and accountability model
  – indicators of success
  – reporting processes utilizing elements from
    established school health assessment tools
  – student assessment strategy

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