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             THIS WEEK AT ST. M ATTHEW
8:00 AM: Praise Band & Choir, Auditorium
8:45 AM: Library Open, Lobby
10:00 AM: Chancel Choir, Music Room
12:00-4:00 PM: Fair Parking, Felicia Grove
12:15 PM: Chancel Choir Luncheon, Music Room
4:00-8:00 PM: Fair Parking, Danelle Newman
6:00 PM: Luther League, Gym & Youth center
4:00-8:00 PM: Fair Parking, Bill Steel
6:00 PM: Cub Scouts, Rooms 14, 15, 16
7:00 PM: Sisters of Faith ChristCare, Mbr. Home
7:00 PM: Beginnings ChristCare, Room 2                                                         PASTORAL STAFF
7:15 PM: St. Matthew Book Review, Lobby                                    Rev. Kevin T. Shively                        Lead Pastor
7:30 PM: Linda McIntyre ChristCare, Mbr. Home                              Rev. Keith C. Fair                         Associate Pastor
TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11                                                       Rev. Diane G. Wenthe                      Visitation Pastor
1:30 PM: WELCA Circle #4, Parlor                                                           ASSOCIATES IN MINISTRY
4:00-8:00 PM: Fair Parking, Mike Folkemer                                   Debbie N. Frey      Christian Education Director
6:45 PM: GriefShare Support Group, Room 2                                   Jonathan A. Noel        Music Director/Organist
7:00 PM: St. Matthew Basketball, Gym                                        Danelle M. Newman                 Youth Director
WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12                                                    Charles L. Bollinger         Youth Center Director
6:45 AM: Men’s Faith Sharing Breakfast, Alexanders                                            PASTOR EMERITUS
9:30 AM: WELCA Circle #1, Room 203                                                   The Reverend Dr. E. Gordon Ross
4:00-8:00 PM: Fair Parking, Doug Holtzapple
Broadcaster Information Due for Sept. 23 .
THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13                                                                   DAILY BIBLE READINGS
10:00 AM: Martha ChristCare, Parlor
                                                                                           Mon: Isaiah 38:10-20
4:00-8:00 PM: Fair Parking, Scouts
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14                                                                      Tues: Hebrews 12:3-13
4:00-8:00 PM: York Fair Parking, Mike Folkemer                                            Wed: Matthew 17:14-21
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15                                                                     Thurs: Psalm 116:1-9
8:30 AM: Praise Band, Auditorium                                                             Fri: John 3:13-17
12:00-4:00 PM: York Fair Parking, Tom Leader                                              Sat: Matthew 21:23-32
4:00-8:00 PM: York Fair Parking, Scouts

                                                                                  BROADCASTER ON WEBSITE
                 NOW’S THE TIME                                            Check out the Broadcaster on St. Matthew
    The committees are gearing up for their new year                     website at Posted by noon on
and need your suggestions and assistance. Consider                       Wednesday of each week.
joining a committee and call the church office now,
845-2721 and we’ll place you in contact with the
committee chairperson of your choice.                                                    PLEASE REMEMBER
                                                                             Food and drink are not permitted in the Nave,
                                                                         Chapel or Auditorium at any time. Thanks for your
                                                                         faithfulness in maintaining these areas as sacred

                                      ST MATTHEW EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH
                      839 West Market Street       York, PA 17401-3607    (717) 845-2721         FAX (717) 845-3476
                            Visit us on the web at             e-mail us at
Volume 69 Number 37                                                              Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost
September 9, 2012

                   ST. MATTHEW
                                         SEPTEMBER UPCOMING EVENTS

                 September 7th thru 16th – St. Matthew Fair Parking
                 September 16th – SCS Teacher Installation, 9:00 AM
                                  Promotion Sunday for Children
                                  Kids Kingdom, 3:00 PM, Visiting Annie the Palm Sunday
                                  Donkey and her new “colt”
                 September 23rd – 1st Graders Receive Bibles, 9:00 & 11:00 AM
                 September 25th – Tidings Info Due for Oct./Nov. Issue
                 September 30th – Healing Service, 8:00, 9:00 & 11:00 AM
                                 Catechism Seminar, 12:30 – 2:30 PM, Parlor

                                                        YORK FAIR
   If you’re attending the York Fair this year make sure you park at St. Matthew. The Madison Avenue
Gate entrance is just a hop, skip and jump from our parking lots. All donations made will help support the
         League, Scouts and Athletic Teams, projects, events and fees. Every dollar counts!

   St. Matthew wil again be providing the 13 week GriefShare Program on Tuesday evenings starting
 September 18th from 6:45 to 8:45 PM. GriefShare offers to grieving adults the understanding of how to
   cope with the loss of their loved one and support in their grieving process. To register, contact the
                         church office at 845-2721 or e-mail,

ST MATTHEW BROADCASTER (USPS 516-380) – Published each week by St. Matthew Lutheran Church, York, PA. Publication office:839 West
Market St., York, PA 17401-3607. Beverly Gohn, Editor. Periodicals postage paid at York, PA 17405. POSTMASTER: “ADDRESS SERVICE
REQUESTED” To St. Matthew Broadcaster, 839 West Market St., York, PA 17401-3607. 717-845-2721.
                                       Traditional Worship – 8:00 and 11:00 AM (Nave)
                                       Contemporary Worship – 9:00 AM (Auditorium)
                                          If you are our guest this morning, we welcome you!
                                      Please sign the attendance register and include your address.

                  Worship at 11:00 AM
           (Broadcast Live on WOYK 1350 AM)
  HEARING ASSISTANCE RECEIVERS are available and are located           ASSISTING MINISTERS -8:00, 9:00, & 11:00 AM
at the west entrance to the nave prior to worship services.            Cantor: (8:00 & 11:00) Ken Mummert
LARGE PRINT WORSHIP MATERIALS are also available at all                Lead Singer: (9:00) Bill Steel
entrances. An usher will assist you. CHILD CARE PAGERS are             Ensemble: (8:00) Rise & Shine Choir; (9:00) Praise Band
available for parents of small children. See a member of the           & Choir; (11:00) Chancel Choir
child care staff in the Nursery                                        Acolytes: (8:00) James Fischer: (11:00) David Foery,
                                                                       Luke Foery
 Prelude                                                               Altar: (8:00) Cheryl Brenneman, Linda Knotwell; (9:00)
 Welcome                                                               Becky Bankert, Kelly Ott; (11:00) Ann Dattisman, Beth
*Confession and Forgiveness                                            Fogleman
*Hymn #660                        Lift High the Cross                  Lector: Kelly Ott
*Greeting & Prayer of the Day                                          Communion Assistants: (8:00) Mark Fischer, Kelly Ott;
 First Reading                          Isaiah 35:4-7a                 (9:00) Andy Erdley, Marsha Fuhrman, Deb Olewiler;
 Psalm 146                                                             (11:00) Karen Hale, Ann Dattisman
 Second Reading                      James 2:1-17                      Communion Presenters: (8:00) Diane & Phil Frey;
*Gospel Acclamation                                                    (11:00) John & Faith Myers & family
*Gospel Reading                          Mark 7:24-37                  Ushers: (8:00) Cheryl & Joel Brenneman, Tim Carr, Alicia
 Sermon      “Can Faith Save You?”         Pastor Fair                 Danner, Gerald & Lisa Mease, Karen L. Miller, Mike Myers;
*Hymn #592            Just As I Am, without One Plea                   (9:00) Dwight & Marsha Fuhrman, Cylissa Holtzapple,
*Apostles’ Creed, p. 105                                               Doug Holtzapple, Fred & Suzan Wentzel; (11:00) Tony
*Prayers & Peace                                                       Coggeshall, Jim Crimmel, Gordon Farscht, Eugene Gruver,
 Announcements & Offering                                              Evie & Chuck Long, Peggy Roche, LaVere Roseman,
 Choral Offering                             Burkhardt                 Seth Roseman, Brad Ruppert, David Ruppert, Fred
           From All That Dwell Below the Skies                         Sprenkle
*Presentation #467                                                     Library Aide: Elizabeth Senft
                   We Place Upon Your Table, Lord                      Coffee Fellowship: No Sign-Up
*Offering Prayer                                                       (custodians are not responsible for coffee time)
*Great Thanksgiving, p. 107-112                                        Welcome Team: Maggie & Mike Wood, Susan & Cliff
 Communion Distribution                                                Lynd, Bev Grove, Byron Grove, Tish Boring, Louise Worley
 Communion Song #715            Christ, Be Our Light
*Prayer & Blessing
*Hymn #807 Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing                                                KIDS KINGDOM
*Dismissal & Postlude                                                                                            th
                                                                           Will meet Sunday, September 16 . We will be
                                                                       visiting “Annie” the Palm Sunday Donkey and her new
        HOMEBOUND MEMBERS’ BIRTHDAYS                                   colt, for a reunion. Don’t dress your best. The barn is a
   Please remember in prayer and with cards this St.                                                                rd
                                                                       barn!! The visit will be lots of fun. New 3 graders and
 Matthew homebound member who celebrates her                           parents are welcome. Drivers may be needed for this
 birthdays in OCTOBER:                                                 trip to Winterstown.
                 Grace Fuhrman – 26

            As a good steward of God’s creation, St. Matthew Lutheran Church recycles paper. Please help us by
            leaving paper worship materials at your seat or by using the blue recycling bins located at the exits.
            RADIO MINISTRY SPONSORS                                                            PKS CORNER
    11:00 AM BROADCAST ON WOYK 1350AM                                       Sunday Dinner – Taste and See that the Lord is
               To the Glory of God and:                                 Good! .… the name of the next sermon series by
   In honor of our son’s marriage, Mike Gable to Lori                   Pastors Shively and Fair, and focuses on another topic
 Bowermaster, on September 8th, 2012. Thank God for                     from Luther’s Small Catechism: Holy Communion. From
 all his blessings! Sponsored with love, Mom and Dad                    September 23 to October 21, 2012 preachers will
 Gable.                                                                 address questions like: Why is there no “Lord’s Supper”
   In appreciation for all the blessing in my life and for              at the last supper in John’s gospel? Why is John’s sixth
 my St. Matthew family, and in honor of my                              chapter so long? Why does Jesus call himself the Bread
 grandmother, Donna Rawhouser (Sr.). Sponsored by
                                                                        of Life? And how did he ever get into the fast food
 Tina Rawhouser Vojar.
                                                                        business?       KCF
                 To the Glory of God and:
   In loving memory of Mark S. Doll, whose birthday                          HAS GOD GIVEN YOU THE GIFT TO COOK?
 would have been September 10th and my husband,                             Has God given you the gift to be able to cook? If so,
 John F. Doll on what would have been our 57th                          the youth ministry at St. Matthew can use your talents.
 wedding anniversary, September 24th. Sponsored by                      We are looking for people who would be willing to
 Phyllis Doll.                                                          prepare a meal for a youth meeting (or purchase the
   In memory of the life of Luther and Pauline Lehr by                  meal). The meal would need to be ready to eat on a
 their daughter, Helen L. Diehl and family.                             given Sunday at 5:30 PM. We would like to encourage
                THIS WEEK’S FLOWERS                                     those who volunteer to stay and enjoy the meal with the
                 To the Glory of God and:                               youth group but it is not necessary if you would prefer
   In honor of the 48th wedding anniversary of Edmund                   not. If you feel this is a way you could help and are
 and Josephine Dick on September 12th. Placed by                        interested in being a part of the youth ministry, please
 their children and grandchildren.                                      contact           Danelle          Newman              at
   In honor of the September 10th birthday of Beth             looks forward to
 Gross. Placed by her family, Don, Amy, Matt and                        hearing from you!
 Smoke and her parents, Paul and Sandra Hershey.
   In memory of my parents, Alma and Ralph Shultz,                                        MARRIAGE BANNS
 on their birthdays: Alma, September 9th and Ralph,
                                                                           Amy Michelle Gross and Scott Allen Hoff ask for your
 September 11th and their wedding anniversary,
                                                                        prayers and invite the congregation to share in the joy of
 September 14th. Placed by Jock and Mike.
  In loving memory of Mrs. Lillian H. Bair, whose                       their wedding ceremony to be held in the St. Matthew
 birthday would have been September 10th. Placed by                     Nave on Saturday, September 22 at 2:00 PM.
 her grandchildren and great grandchildren, the
 McWilliams family.                                                                 FALL SUNDAY SCHOOL DATES
                                                                           Sept. 9 – Classes for Adults & Youth begin. Children
                      TIDINGS                                           return to last year’s classroom for 1 Sunday.
   Here is the next 2012 Tidings due date for articles                     Sept. 16 – Children’s 2012-2013 classes begin in
and photographs. Forward your information to Deb &                      new classes. SCS Teacher Installation at the 9:00 AM
Randy Gutacker at                              service.
   September 25 for the Oct./Nov. issue.                                   Sept. 23 – First Graders receive Bibles at the 9:00 &
                                                                        11:00 AM services.
   The Book Review Group will meet Monday,
September 10, 2012 at 7:15 PM in the Gathering Space
to review “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by
Rebecca Skloot.

Please be aware, from time to time St. Matthew photographers will be taking photos or videos of church events. These could be used in church
publications and the St. Matthew website.

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