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									Identify these lab safety signs
        Lab Safety
      August 25, 2010

This is not a complete listing of safety
rules for the science lab but these are
 the main ones you will need for our
            science classes.
Safety in the Lab-What’s Wrong?
              Safety Rules for Lab
• When you enter the science
  room, do not touch anything
  already set up until
  instructed to do so

• Follow teacher’s
  instructions at all times

• Read directions before

• No horseplay!
Safety Rules for Lab
          • Do not eat, drink, or
            chew gum in the lab

          • Keep work area clean
            and clear at all times

          • Report any accidents,
            injuries, spills, or
            breakage to teacher
           Safety Rules for Lab
• Contact lens should not
  be worn in lab

• Safety goggles should
  be worn

• No open toe shoes –
  shoes should cover feet

• Long hair must be pulled
  back, no dangling
  jewelry, no baggy
Safety Rules for Lab
        • Examine all glassware for
          cracks or damage before
          using them

        • Never handle broken glass
          with bare hand

        • Do not put hot glassware in
          cold water

        • Never taste or directly smell
          anything in the lab – use
          wafting motion to smell
              Safety Rules for Lab
• Never pour chemicals down the
  sink drain – check with teacher
• Do not put hands in face
  around mouth, eyes, or nose
  when handling chemicals
• Always wash hands with soap
  and water when finished
• Never pour unused chemicals
  back into the original container
• Never point open end of test
  tube or container towards
• All waste chemicals can be safely poured
  down the drain if diluted 100:1.


• Eating, drinking, chewing gum and putting
  on makeup/cosmetics are permitted in the


• Whom should you call in case of an
  emergency in the lab?

 A) Instructor
 B) Nobody
 C) A friend
 D) Anybody
• What should be worn in a laboratory at all
  times to decrease the likelihood of eye

  A) Corrective lenses
  B) Safety Glasses
  C) A mask
  D) Nothing
• Why is it not advisable to wear contact
  lenses in the lab?
  A) Lenses could inadvertently fall out of
     the eye
  B) Chemical vapor could become trapped
     between the lenses and the eye
  C) Chemical vapor could literally react with
      the lenses
  D) All of the above
• What type of footwear is required in the

  A) Shoes are optional
  B) Hard-soled, covered shoes
  C) Sandals
  D) Something in a low heel
• Describe the procedure for smelling a

 A) Stick your nose close to the vessel and
    breath deeply
 B) Point vessel away from face while
   gently fanning vapors toward nose
 C) Never smell a chemical
 D) Smell chemical as you would anything
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