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									Fordham University

                                       Global Outreach

April 4, 2005

Dear Parent/Legal Guardian,

         I am writing to inform you and congratulate you on the acceptance of Grace to
participate in the Global Outreach project to Mississippi. This project is one of the 26 Global
Outreach projects that are offered on the Rose Hill, Lincoln Center and Marymount campuses.
         The Global Outreach Program of Campus Ministry provides worldwide service
opportunities to the students, faculty, and staff of Fordham University. By serving in the local
area and in the developing parts of our world, participants enrich their cultural vision and come
to a deeper understanding of the Christian principle of justice, a vital part of our Jesuit education.
Those who wish to serve on a Global Outreach project should be open to other cultures and be
willing to learn from them. Project participants are asked to live in relatively simple
environments and work hand in hand with others. The activities of each project vary
considerably. They range from tutoring children, to working in hospices, and building homes for
those in need. Global Outreach provides opportunities not only to help others who are in need,
but to realize one’s own potential as a person for others. In serving the needy in our country and
abroad, each individual becomes more aware of the global community in which we all live.
         Grace applied and was accepted to the Mississippi team. The team is comprised of 11
members. The project will be led by Kelly Spellman and chaperoned by Kelly Greenfield, an
Assistant Director here at Fordham. Grace will be preparing for the next several weeks by
attending weekly meetings, fundraising, and participating in an overnight retreat.
         The project will take place from June 17-27. About 2 weeks before the project I will be
sending you a detailed itinerary and all emergency contact information.
         If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please contact me at (718) 817-4506
or at Thank you for your time and consideration and congratulations on
the acceptance of your son or daughter.


Mike Kravatz
Assistant Director of Campus Ministry, Global Outreach Coordinator

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