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									Laboratory Safety
What’s Wrong with this Picture?

                      What is going on this

                      What are some
                      things you know are
                      unsafe to do during

                      What are some
                      things you feel
                      might be unsafe to
                      do during lab?
      Playing Safety Symbol Bingo
• In the following slides, you will see a safety symbol that is
  represents an element of laboratory safety.
• Guess the symbol as a class and then record the picture on
  your bingo sheet.
   • Place a bean or item provided to you.
     Please do NOT mark on the bingo sheets!
   • You only really need to know what the symbol means, the rest is
     common sense. (You can download all these slides from my
     webpage if you want to know all the information later.)
   • If You have Bingo, please wait until the end and we’ll check it.
   • We’ll keep going until we go through all 10 lab safety symbols.

• Afterwards, we’ll recap by examining photographs and
  determining what laboratory safety rules are being broken!
• Get ready and good luck!
What am I?
Safety Goggles
       • Used for Eye protection.
       • The most common used
         safety item in the biology
       • Use when there are
         Chemicals, Flames or
       • They give you protection
         against flying objects or toxic
       • If your eyes come into
         contact with a substance, use
         the eye wash immediately.
What am I?
 • Do not let it on your skin or
   inhale its vapor.
 • Wash your hands after
 • Can cause death if eaten or
 • Let your teacher know
   immediately if you come into
   direct contact.
 • Always hold test tubes or
   flasks away from your nose
   and face and waft odors
   towards you.
What am I?
               Fire Hazard
• Wear safety goggles
  with fire hazards.
• Tie back loose hair
  and clothing.
• Ask your teacher
  about lighting and
  extinguishing fires
  during a lab.
What am I?
Physical Safety
           • This activity involves
             physical activity.
           • Use caution to avoid
             injuring yourself and
           • Follow all
             instructions from
             your teacher.
           • Alert your teacher if
             there is any reason
             you should not
             participate in this
What am I?
              Glassware Hazard
• Glassware is present
  and can cause injury.
• Glassware should be
  cleaned with each use
  to avoid
• Alert your teacher if
  there is any broken
• Broken glass goes in a
  special “sharps”
  container, not in the
  regular trash.
What am I?
Sharp Object
     • Scissors, scalpels, razor
       blades, pins, and knives are
       sharp so use care.
     • Always direct sharp edges
       and points away from
       yourself and others.
     • If you are cut or bleeding,
       let your teacher know
     • Use only as directed.
What am I?
• Use an oven mitt or gloves when
    handling hot materials.
•   Use clamps or tongs to hold       Heat Hazard
    hot objects.
•   Always heat objects in a test
    tube away from you and
•   Hot plates, hot water and hot
    glassware can cause burns.
•   Glassware looks the same
    when hot or cold, so use care
    when heating any type of glass.
•   Rapid changes in glass
    temperature can cause it to
    expand, crack and/or explode!
•   Plastic tools should never be
    heated on a hot plate!
    – They will melt!
• Never touch hot objects with
  your bare hands.
What am I?
             Corrosive Chemical
• Indicates an acid or
  other corrosive
• Wear gloves at all
  times and safety
• Avoid getting in skin or
• Do not inhale vapors.
• Wash your hands after
  lab activity.
What am I?
Electrical Hazard
     • Avoid electric shock.
     • Never use electrical
       equipment around water
       or when your hands are
     • Be sure cords are
       untangled and unplugged
       when not in use.
What am I?
               Animal Safety
• Treat live animals
  with care.
• Be careful when
  dissecting preserved
  – Wear safety goggles!
  – Wear latex gloves!
• Wash your hands
  after lab.
            Now it’s your turn!
• Determine the following reasons these people are
  violating laboratory safety rules.
• Try to use terms you have already learned
  through the 10 basic safety symbols.

• Check your Bingo sheet;
  does anyone have Bingo?
What’s wrong with this picture?
What’s wrong with this picture?
What’s wrong with this picture?
What is wrong with this picture?
What’s Wrong with this Picture?

                     As a class, let’s review some
                     of the safety violations that
                     we can see.

                     What were some things you
                     saw at the beginning?

                     What are some things you
                     see now after learning about
                     lab safety?

                     Any Questions about
                     Lab Safety and
                     Safety Procedures?
            Now let’s play a Game…
• In efforts to get to know another and make good
  observations/inferences, I’m going to give your lab bench a
• The first person reads the phrase I wrote and draws a
  picture of how they would communicate it to the next
   – They fold down the phrase and pass it down.
• The next person looks at the picture and writes a
  description of what is happening.
   – They fold down the picture and pass it down.
• Continue in this pattern until you reach the end of the row.
   – We’ll share our results! And NO PEEKING!
           Lab Safety Video

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