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					Daniel Risis Experienced Jeweler
Daniel Risis has been a jeweler for quite some time now. He works with Kiptok jewelry store
located in New York, New York.

New York, Sep 18, 2012 -- You see many commercials for jewelry stores around the
holidays. A beautiful watch or gold earrings may be the perfect holiday gift for your
significant other. But when you look at the many styles of jewelry and decide which
one best suites your wants and needs, in the back of your mind you're probably aware
that someone had a hand in making it: a jeweler.

Daniel Risis has been a jeweler for quite some time now. He works with Kiptok
jewelry store located in New York, New York. Besides having a physical location,
Kiptok has "stayed with the times" and has a Facebook page like many businesses.

Daniel Risis is also GIA certified, so he can tell you exactly how your diamond
should be classified when you bring it in for an evaluation. And not only is he
capable of telling you the grade of your diamond, he is part of two other jewelry
organizations: the National Jeweler Network and the JBT Jewelers Board of Trade.

His company has provided Daniel Risis with the knowledge of hand-making jewelry.
His company not only sells jewelry, but they also make high-end custom made
jewelry. Having custom-made jewelry truly speaks to the effort and dedication put
into a gift for your loved one.

Daniel Risis has much experience as a jeweler and that led to his being invited to the
Bernie Madoff auction in New York City. Daniel Risis had been interviewed by
News 4 New on Ruth Madoff's collection of jewelry. Not only has he appraised and
inspected jewelry belonging to notable figures in the public eye, but Daniel Risis has
also worked with brand name jewelry closeouts as well.

Daniel Risis is a very talented man. He has an eye for jewelry, and he can very
accurately determine what the precious stones are, or the amount of gold, in a piece
of jewelry. As a jeweler, Daniel Risis is very skilled and his skills will keep him
working as a successful jeweler for years to come.

More information can be found online at http://risis.virb.com/.

Contact Information:
Name: Liza Milan
Company: Kiptok Jewelry

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                                   Email: as.seo2009@gmail.com

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