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  right in your own backyard

                            Our Vision
The vision of the Butterfly Pavilion is to be the premier invertebrate educational
center in the nation.
                                                                                      Dear members and Friends,
                          Our Mission
                                                                                      It is a pleasure to report that fiscal 2007 was another         Pavilion faces during these mercurial times is the creation
                                                                                      remarkable year for the Pavilion. We met our benchmark          of a steady flow of philanthropic gifts (revenue).
                                                                                      in targeted goals and are well on our way towards the           One of the challenges for the new fiscal year is to devise a
The Rocky Mountain Butterfly Pavilion exists to foster an appreciation of             completion of the mandates of the Pavilion’s strategic plan.
butterflies and other invertebrates while educating the public about the need for                                                                     plan for the acquisition of a fund development director and
                                                                                      It is a pleasure to note that we were favored as being the
conservation of threatened habitats in the tropics and around the world.                                                                              then to execute that plan. The Pavilion is in its 12th year of
                                                                                      recipient of almost $300,000 in philanthropic contributions.
                                                                                                                                                      existence and is still considered to be in the early stages of
                                                                                      Some of the funds were used to expand and or perpetuate a
                                                                                                                                                      its life cycle. The three principal sources of revenue are our
                         Core Values                                                  variety of education programs. The remaining, larger share
                                                                                      was dedicated to the creation of the Discovery Garden, an
                                                                                                                                                      visitors, our gift shop, and the Scientific & Cultural Facilities
                                                                                                                                                      District. As you can see, the chief element that is wanting
                                                                                      outdoor educational space that acts as an interface between
Education—We will share our passion for the natural world by providing the very                                                                       is that of creating an annual base for continued financial
                                                                                      classroom education and Big Dry Creek open space. It is also
best instruction and services to a diverse public. We seek to promote curiosity and                                                                   support for operations programs and capital projects.
                                                                                      a wonderful venue for reflection, introspection and marveling
discovery among our patrons, from toddlers to seniors.                                                                                                Obviously, the key to the fund development director’s success
                                                                                      at the native flora and fauna of Colorado.
                                                                                                                                                      is your engagement, involvement and generosity. Hopefully,
Environment—We will teach stewardship and conservation and embrace                    Our mission emphasizes the appreciation of butterflies and      in the very near future, you will gain the satisfaction of
sustainability and diversity locally and globally.                                    other invertebrates and the conservation of threatened          providing financial support for the wonderful education
                                                                                      habitats. We feel that the latter needs to gain a greater       programs that the Pavilion provides for tens of thousands
Inquiry—We will seek creativity, rigorous inquiry, analysis, documentation and        profile and needs to be added to our curriculum as              of school children and adults. Be assured that one or more
communication as we become a premier research center to explore the science of        environmental conservation. All life balances on the            of these youngsters will be a positive influence in our ever-
butterflies and other invertebrates.                                                  delicate fulcrum of the invertebrate world. Invertebrates       changing world. With your support, we will continue to be
                                                                                      support all other life and are first to make measurement
                                                                                                                                                      one of Colorado’s premiere educational institutions and
Service—We are ever mindful that we exist to serve the community. We will             and record changes in environment. Equally emphasizing
                                                                                                                                                      fascinating attractions. We are perennially rated by both the
honor and respect the differences of those we serve and value the confidence and      invertebrates and the environment, the Butterfly Pavilion
                                                                                                                                                      Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Business Journal to
trust of our patrons.                                                                 works toward maintaining and establishing a green
                                                                                                                                                      be in the top tier of Denver metro attractions. As a matter of
                                                                                      organization. As we encourage others to be cognizant of
                                                                                                                                                      fact, the Rocky Mountain News has us rated as number four,
Leadership—We will seek excellence in decision-making and fiscal responsibility,      the fragility of our environment and the need for people
                                                                                                                                                      and this is because of your dedicated and continuous support.
being bright and thoughtful about solutions to problems. We will constantly assess    to take action individually and collectively, we wish to be
                                                                                                                                                      Considering the stable foundations of our board, staff, and
our policies and programs.                                                            certain that the Pavilion not only acts as an inspiration but
                                                                                                                                                      financial position we anticipate continued growth, and that
                                                                                      as an exemplar of the tenants of creating a wholesome and
                                                                                                                                                      fiscal 2008 will bring about the fulfillment of new promises
Integrity—We, the leadership, board of directors and the staff of the Butterfly       sustainable environment.
                                                                                                                                                      and greater achievements.
Pavilion, will hold ourselves to the highest ethical and moral standard.              The Board of Directors continues to reinvent itself with
                                                                                      new ideas and varied perspectives. This makes for a much        Sincerely,
Pride—We will foster a sense of pride in our institution and will always              healthier, responsive and well-governed organization.
thoughtfully pursue ways to promote growth, sustainability and improvement of         The management of the Pavilion remains stable, passionate
the Butterfly Pavilion.                                                               and committed. This is felt to be very important in
                                                                                      maintaining the continuity of our environmental and             Robert J. Bonacci              Bill West
                                                                                      core values, as well as consistency in the management of        President/CEO                  Board of Directors’ Chair
                                                                                      the organization. Amongst the varied challenges that the
                                                                                                           Lifelong Learning                                          Volunteer Programs
Fun Fact                                                                                                   In addition to our success in the youth education          Volunteers continue to be the lifeblood of the Pavilion
                                                                                                           arena, the Lifelong Learning Department has                and an incredible benefit to the community.
Take-home activity                                                                                         expanded its efforts with daily visitor programs as

                                                                                                                                                                      • In 2007, volunteer recruitment continued to make
sheets teach families                                                                                      well as extracurricular learning opportunities.
                                                                                                                                                                       significant strides by increasing the total number of
how to explore the                                                                                         • Bug Talk (classroom-based) free visitor programs          volunteers by nearly 10 percent. We finished 2007
                                                                                                             grew in 2007 to provide an extensive educational          with 145 volunteers, up from 133 volunteers at the
outdoors together       Education lies at the core of the Butterfly Pavilion’s mission. Youth Education,     resource to more than 4,300 visitors in 203 groups!       end of 2006.
while learning about    Lifelong Learning and Volunteer Departments play a vital role in enlightening        Some of the highlights included weekly children’s
                        students and residents of the SCFD and the broader community about                                                                            • Pavilion volunteers contributed more than
native species and                                                                                           story time, monarch migration, Pavilion butterflies,
                        the importance of invertebrates and the conservation of habitat globally.            and Garden Bug Hunts.                                     9,165 hours at a value of $156,078! A volunteer
thier importance for    Highlights include the following:                                                                                                              survey done in 2007 helped us define areas for
                                                                                                           • Adult and Senior Class and Visit Program provided         departmental growth and ways to continue to
our environment.
                        Youth Education                                                                      63 programs serving nearly 900 people and                 improve the volunteer experience at the Pavilion.
                                                                                                             outreach programs served more than 2,000 seniors.
                        • The Butterfly Pavilion Education Department continued to expand                                                                             • We continue to make huge strides in the refinement
                                                                                                             In collaboration with the Horticulture Department,
                         its conservation education efforts in the community.                                                                                          and expansion of our volunteer training program as
                                                                                                             Pavilion Volunteers, Master Gardeners of Colorado,
                                                                                                             and Tagawa Gardens, the Senior Habitat Gardening          well as providing new opportunities for volunteers to
                        • The Pavilion served more than 36,512 students in the 2006/2007
                                                                                                             Program worked with 4 senior centers in the               expand their interests and contributions. In 2007, we
                         school year. Providing state content, standards-based educational
                                                                                                             development of habitat gardens on their sites.            were able to offer 22 different training opportunities
                         presentations, we continue to successfully meet the curricular needs
                                                                                                                                                                       with an average class size of seven volunteers!
                         of the Colorado school systems.
                                                                                                           • Collaborating with the Colorado School of Mines,
                        • Youth outreach programming has proven to be extremely strong.                      teacher enrichment workshops trained regional
                         A record number of 335 programs served more than 10,000 students                    educators on techniques of implementing much
                         with standards-based, hands-on education.                                           needed standards-based inter-disciplinary

                                                                                                             invertebrate curriculum in their classrooms.
                        • In response to a growing need for after-school education, the Youth                A survey went out to all past Teacher Workshop
                          Education Department expanded its after-school programming to                      participants in order to evaluate the content and
                          6 elementary and middle schools with Aurora Public Schools,                        impact of our program. Of the teachers surveyed,
                          Denver Public Schools, and Jefferson County.                                       78 percent of teachers stated that the reason
                                                                                                             they took Butterfly Pavilion workshops was to get
                        • We were also able to assist more than 4,000 underserved, low-income,
                                                                                                             age-appropriate science content from a reputable
                          and Title I students from 134 groups in the Denver metropolitan area
                                                                                                             source, and more than 87 percent of the responding
                          with admission assistance for classes and visits as well as transportation
                                                                                                             teachers stated that they regularly used content
                          assistance to and from the facility.
                                                                                                             from the workshops in their classroom!
                        • Youth Education also set the stage for greater impact in 2008 by
                                                                                                           • In July, we offered our third annual Insectival, which
                         developing a number of fruitful collaborative relationships. We began
                                                                                                            included fun family-oriented activities, classroom
                         a partnership with Adams County’s 50 elementary schools, developing
                                                                                                            programs and collaborations with area organizations
                         the SEED program, a standards-based, multiple-contact educational
                                                                                                            like the Museum of Nature and Science, Denver
                         opportunity through both outreach and on-site programming. We also
                                                                                                            Audubon Society, the Denver Zoo, and many others.
                         teamed up with Bug Songs to develop an auditorium-style outreach
                         program capable of serving more than 100 children at once.
Discover                                                                Explore

Butterflies and other animals are the zoological masterpieces of
                                                                        As wildlands shrink, gardens can provide necessary resources
nature that form the core of the Butterfly Pavilion’s full-immersion
                                                                        for many species of invertebrates. In 2007, the Horticulture
experiential education program. Thousands of animals are cared for
                                                                        Department continued to pursue its philosophy of bringing
by the curatorial staff, a group of superb scientists who apply their
                                                                        plants, people, and wildlife together. Whether by teaching
knowledge, skills and abilities to the maintenance of our collection.
                                                                        kids to build their own miniature rain forest or by encouraging
Highlights include the following:
                                                                        gardeners to appreciate beneficial insects, our horticulture                       Fun Fact
                                                                        staff and volunteers contributed time, hard work, and expertise
• The curatorial staff (7 staff members) manned three major public
                                                                        to the cause of habitat gardening.                                                 Zookeepers purchase
 exhibit areas at the Butterfly Pavilion as well as the behind-the-
 scenes areas: Crawl-A-See-Em (handling of Rosie the tarantula
                                                                                                                                                           captive-bred animal
                                                                        • The installation of the Discovery Garden in September 2007
 and Madagascar hissing cockroaches), Water’s Edge (marine                                                                                                 species whenever
                                                                          effectively doubled the Butterfly Pavilion’s cultivated area.
 invertebrate interactive display), Wings over the Tropics (butterfly                                                                                      possible, further
                                                                          The Discovery Garden provides habitat for wildlife and
 house), Rearing Room (care, husbandry, and preparation room),
                                                                          serves as an outdoor classroom space and an attractive                           protecting wild
 and Chrysalis Room (preparation and presentation room for
                                                                          venue for community gatherings. Educational programming
 Lepidoptera pupa).
                                                                          promoting conservation and responsible gardening practices                       populations that
                                                                          will continue to grow along with this colorful, inviting space.                  may soon become
• The curatorial team presented educational butterfly releases
 to the public twice a day throughout the year, amounting to                                                                                               endangered. Initial
                                                                        • The Horticulture Department brought more Butterfly Pavilion
 718 releases annually.                                                                                                                                    research is underway
                                                                          visitors into the gardens in the past year by offering frequent
                                                                          tours and ladybug releases. The outdoor habitat gardens                          to captive-breed key
• In 2007, the Butterfly Pavilion imported 40,183 butterfly and
                                                                          are also the site for our popular Bug Safaris—a chance for
 moth pupae. From our rates of emergence, we flew an average              people to catch, examine, and release some of our intriguing
                                                                                                                                                           tarantula species onsite.
 of 1,100 Lepidoptera each day.                                           garden denizens. In one flowerbed alone, Butterfly Pavilion
                                                                          staff found 12 different species of bees.
• 2007 also saw a realization of space for our live collection.
 Several animal cutbacks were made to create more room for new          • This past year, horticulture staff and volunteers gathered
 and different species of invertebrates. Our Rearing Room space           data pertaining to integrated pest management, butterfly
 is limited, so this effort provides us more room for growth in the       feeding patterns, and plant growth and development. By
 areas of research.                                                       applying this information to current gardening practices, our
                                                                          horticulturists will be able to achieve an environment that
• We continue to collect data in a growth study of the Chilean rose       allows plants, people, and wildlife to flourish.
  hair tarantula (Grammostola rosea). We are currently in our third
  year of data collection. This species of tarantula is slow-growing.
  Once the tarantulas become adults, we will be able to track
  Grammostola rosea reproduction.

                                                                                                                  Rocky Mountain Butterfly Consortium Statement of Activities for the
                                                                                                                  Year Ended December 31, 2007 (with comparative totals for 2006)
                                                                                                                                                                                                            2007          2006
                                                                                                                                                                         Temporarily   Permanently
                                                                                                                                                          Unrestricted    Restricted     Restricted         Total         Total
Fun Fact
                                                                                                                  Revenue and other support
                                                                                                                  Admissions                              $ 1,044,838          $-              $-     $ 1,044,838   $ 1,038,580
The Butterfly                                                                                                     Museum store revenue/concessions            636,490            -              -         636,490       620,002
                                                                                                                  SCFD                                        551,040       14,463              -         565,503       561,973
Pavilion purchases         Rocky Mountain Butterfly Consortium Statement of                                       Program fees                                184,889            -              -         184,889       163,713
recycled paper and         Financial Position December 31, 2007 (with comparative totals for 2006)                Donations                                    18,891      130,873              -         149,764       203,928
                                                                                                                  Memberships                                 149,356            -              -         149,356       140,217
environmentally-           Assets                                                        2007              2006
                                                                                                                  Investment income                            17,883            -              -          17,883        17,517
friendly office supplies   Cash and cash equivalents—unrestricted                   $ 379,273         $ 575,920
                                                                                                                  Insurance settlements (Note 8)                    -            -              -               -        24,474
                           Cash and cash equivalents—temporarily restricted            16,267           114,275
whenever possible.         Accounts receivable                                          7,485            11,681
                                                                                                                  Other                                         6,952            -              -           6,952        15,631
                                                                                                                  In-kind contributions (Note 9)                    -            -              -               -             -
                           Grants receivable                                                -            80,240
                                                                                                                  Net assets released
                           Gift shop inventory                                        219,873           167,475   from restrictions (Note 10)                323,344      (323,344)               -            -             -
                           Investments (Note 3)                                       103,147             6,368   Total revenue and other support          2,933,683      (178,008)               -    2,755,675     2,786,035
                           Net property and equipment (Note 4)                      4,477,819         4,299,551
                           Amortized bond issuance costs                               29,904            42,805
                                                                                                                  Program services
                           Beneficial interest of assets held by others (Note 7)       33,692            30,052
                                                                                                                    Admissions/Museum store                  697,056               -              -      697,056       661,792
                           Total assets                                            $5,267,460        $5,330,367
                                                                                                                    Curatorial and invertebrate science      418,486               -              -      418,486       373,928
                           Liabilities and Net Assets                                   2007              2006      Education                                408,034               -              -      408,034       314,064
                           Liabilities                                                                              Pavilion facility operations             290,571               -              -      290,571       250,888
                             Accounts payable                                        $ 29,450         $ 42,086      Horticulture                             180,615               -              -      180,615       199,524
                             Accrued payroll costs                                     47,473           31,000      Pavilion volunteer support                69,494               -              -       69,494        68,466
                             Deferred memberships                                      76,873           76,679      Total program services                 2,064,256               -              -    2,064,256     1,848,662
                             Bonds payable (Note 5)                                 1,615,000        1,856,033    Supporting services
                           Total liabilities                                        1,768,796        2,005,798     Administration                            295,334               -              -      295,334       314,025
                           Net Assets                                                                              Marketing, promotion and membership       207,134               -              -      207,134       216,954
                             Unrestricted                                                                          Fundraising                                14,856               -              -       14,856        17,240
                               Operating                                              589,720           634,437    Total supporting services                 517,324               -              -      517,324       548,219
                               Net investment in fixed assets                       2,862,819         2,465,999   Total expense                            2,581,580               -              -    2,581,580     2,416,881
                             Temporarily restricted (Note 6)                           16,267           194,275
                             Permanently restricted (Note 7)                           29,858            29,858   Change in net assets                       352,103      (178,008)             -        174,095       369,154
                           Total net assets                                         3,498,664         3,324,569   Net assets, beginning of year            3,100,436       194,275         29,858      3,324,569     2,955,415
                           Total liabilities and net assets                        $5,267,460        $5,330,367   Net assets, end of year                 $3,452,539       $16,267        $29,858     $3,498,664    $3,324,569
The Butterfly Pavilion is a multifaceted educational institution, and its operations require the efforts of a
talented, passionate, and dedicated staff. Their commitment to the mission and vision of our organization
bring life and vitality to our programs.                                                                                                                                       Fun Fact
Sandra Adams                            Kim Delashmit                            Kendra Jackson                 Amber Presti                          Charlotte Swatek
Full-charge Bookkeeper                  Marketing Director                       Sales Associate                Secretary/Receptionist                Intern: Youth Educator   A new outdoor garden
Kat Archer                              Teresa Donn                              Cynthia Killingbeck            Denise Price                          Patrick Tennyson
                                                                                                                                                                               includes a Xeriscape
Zookeeper                               Zookeeper                                Admissions & Retail Manager    Birthday Coordinator                  Director of Education    demonstration plot,
                                                                                                                & Outreach Presenter
Janay Barfoot                           Amanda Douglass                          Megan Lanning                                                        Erin Terasaki            teaching visitors how to
Outreach Instructor                     Special Events                           Outreach Presenter             Richard Pulhamus                      Sales Associate
                                        Coordinator/Sales                                                       Zookeeper                                                      landscape for both beauty
Jessica Bell                                                                     Carna Lapping                                                        John Tyler
Asst. Manager—Gift Shop                 David Ennis                              Special Events                 Jennifer Ramirez                      Zookeeper                and water-efficiency.
                                        Outreach presenter                       Coordinator/Sales              Sales Associate
Freya Berntson                                                                                                                                        Kimberly Urish
Zookeeper                               Matthew Espinoza                         Kathi Legge                    Kelly Raymond                         Membership/Donor
                                        Sales Associate                          Special Events                 Sales Associate                       Relations Manager
Nicole Bickford                                                                  Coordinator/Sales
Youth Education Manager                 Valerie Gillis                                                          Dayna Rich                            Karen Vitco
                                        Sales Associate                          Marilyn Love                   Asst. Horticulturist                  Zookeeper
Robert Bonacci                                                                   Sales Associate
President/CEO                           Carissa Goddard                                                         Jordyn Sheffler                       Kevin Vitco
                                        Zookeeper                                Kendra Lubchenco               Sales Associate                       Zookeeper
Samantha Book                                                                    Secretary/Receptionist
Sales Associate                         Alexsandra Godsil                                                       Constantin Sileki                     Robin Walker
                                        Sales Associate                          Sonia Lujan                    Custodian                             Sales Associate
Mary Broughall                                                                   Sales Associate
Zookeeper                               Kathryn Greeson                                                         Stephanie Sisnroy                     Khanh Whiteman
                                        Zookeeper                                Kelley Nieser                  Adult Outreach Instructor             Zookeeper
Nichole Bushman                                                                  Sales Associate                & Special Events Asst.
Admissions & Retail Manager             Tanya Griego                                                                                                  Kristina Williams
                                        Sales Associate                          Sabrina Orlando                Ardiana Sonka                         Curatorial Manager
Brenda Collison                                                                  Membership/Donor               Sales Associate
Outreach Presenter                      Mary Ann Hamilton                        Relations Manager                                                    Jessica Wilson
                                        Curatorial Manager                                                      Rachel St. Clair                      Full-charge Bookkeeper
Anastasia David                                                                  David Peacock                  Outreach Presenter/Fill-in Birthday
Supervisor—Gift Shop                    Lisa Hettinger                           Custodian                      Ambassador                            Amy Yarger
                                        Sales Associate                                                                                               Horticulture Director
Joann Dawe                                                                       Joey Pettit                    Marcos Stoltzfus
Adult Outreach Instructor               Heather Hodgin                           Birthday Ambassador            Education Asst.
& Youth Outreach Instructor             Horticulture Asst.

                                                                                                                                       Thank you
                                                                                 Dee Pierce
Patrick Dazevedo                        Stephanie Hollister                      Supervisor—Gift Shop
Custodian                               Zookeeper
                                                                                 Kris Pohl
Justin Deines                           Cynthia Jackson                          Adult Education Specialist
Custodian Supervisor                    Special Events Asst.                     & Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteers (by hours 1994 – 2007)
                                                                                                                                              2007 Board of Directors
The dedication of our volunteer corps is essential to our visitors’ experience. From assisting guests to hold                                 Loretta R. Cawelti               Larry Dubois                 Mindy Meiklejohn
Rosie, our Chilean rose hair tarantula, to teaching youth education classes, tending our gardens, or answering                                Chair                            Ron Cabrera                  Carole Pool
questions in our conservatory, these individuals are critical to the daily operations of our facility. We thank
                                                                                                                                              Chalmer William West             Andrea Forrest               Luanne Williams
them for their generosity, enthusiasm, and talent.                                                                                            Vice Chair
                                                                                                                                                                               Fran Haas
5,000 hours +                          Moira Jones                             Patricia Kaowthumrong                                          Mary Dambman
                                                                                                                                              Treasurer                        Ned Lidvall
Warren Fair                            Bunny Kleinhenz                         Micki Kemper
Fred Linck                             Anita Liuzzi                            Bob Krugmire
                                       Shirley McConnell                       Sandra Lins
1,000 – 4,999 hours                    Jan Milner                              Janet Lutz                                                     Scientific Advisory Board
Joann Dawe                             Lorraine Montoya                        Jeanne McAtee
Annemarie Garza                                                                                                                               Paula E. Cushing, Ph.D.                         Paul A. Opler, Ph.D.
                                       Bonnie Moore                            Judith McFadden
Francis Haas                                                                                                                                  Curator of Entomology & Arachnology,            Department of Bio-Agriculture Sciences &
                                       Amanda Noland                           Anna McNamara
Lora Kreutzer                                                                                                                                 Denver Museum of Nature & Science               Pest Management, Colorado State University
                                       Cheryl Patrick                          Jane Meyer
Ernest Merkel                          Karissa Proctor                         Angela Miller
Barbara Portz                                                                                                                                 Deane Bowers, Ph.D.                             Boris C. Kondratieff, Ph.D.
                                       Lynn Riley                              Reta Mounger
David Sherman                                                                                                                                 Professor & Curator of Entomology,              Department of Bio-Agriculture Sciences &
                                       Sherry Rubinstein                       Walter Penny
Mike Sipes                                                                                                                                    University Museum, University of Colorado       Pest Management, Colorado State University
                                       Sherry Ruby                             Amanda Pruess
William Vickers                        Diane Saucier                           Dick Pulhamus
Kenneth Williams                                                                                                                              James E. Klett, Ph.D.                           Derek A. McCracken, Ph.D.
                                       Jo Smith                                Taylor Pulhamus
                                                                                                                                              Department of Horticulture & Landscape          Retired Associate Professor of Biological
                                       Rebekah Tomsick                         Kathy Raaf
500 – 999 hours                                                                                                                               Architecture, Colorado State University         Sciences, Illinois State University
                                       Jennifer Turner-Valle                   Jo Rasmussen
Elizabeth Archer
                                       Judith Wilbourn                         Kevin Roberts
Alice Doyle
                                       Fred Yahrling                           Cory Sargeant
Cathy Fennelly
                                       BP Friends                              Jennifer Schrant
Virginia Hokenson                                                                                                                             In-Kind Contributors
                                       MetroVolunteers                         Teri Schuch
Richard Jarboe                                                                                                                                Beau Jo’s Restaurants                           Leonard Lewin
                                                                               Stephanie Sisnroy
Nancy Jessee                           99 and fewer hours                      Leah Smith                                                     Butler Rents, Inc                               The Makery
Carol McCracken
Derek McCracken
                                       Cathleen Adams
                                       Brandon Barnes
                                                                               Tim Sorensen                       Fun Fact                    Mr. Ralph E. Collister Jr.                      Michaels
                                                                               Randy Sorenson
Andrea Shelby                          Rachel Bechhoefer                       Tina Stein                                                     Fixler Davis                                    Old Chicago
John Shofner                           Priscilla Bergstrom                     Sarah Swan
                                                                                                                  By purchasing butterfly
Kathy Shofner                          Gretchen Bolivar                                                                                       Gordon Biersch Brewery                          PetSmart
                                       Elizabeth Boyd
                                                                               Paula Teeple                       chrysalides from            Mr. Mark Hannon                                 Splitz Bowling
100 – 499 hours                                                                Maureen Tooher
Kyle Andrews
                                       Bob Brown                               Kimberly Urish                     farmers in the tropics,     Mr. Jon Holmberg and                            Target—Westminster
                                       Dorothy Burhorn                         Christy Velasquez                                              Mrs. Courtney Holmberg
Pat Baldwin                                                                                                       the Butterfly Pavilion
                                       Adam Burke                              Vanessa Wanjiru
Paul Bay                                                                                                                                      Ms. Jessa Huebing-Reitinger
                                       Kyle Conrad
Samantha Bonelli
                                       Cathy & Donn Cook
                                                                               Iner Ward                          supports rainforest         and Mr. James Huebing
Mary Broughall                                                                 Virginia Ward
Yolanda Cole
                                       Alexandrea Degenstein                   Cindy Weisskopf                    sustainability worldwide.
                                       Ryan Dennie                             Kyle Wickers
Ross Echtermeyer
                                       Janet Dills                             Jody Wickers
David Ennis
                                       Nancy Dukes                             Lauren Young
David Fending
                                       Yvette Ellsworth                        RSVP Seniors
Gary Gagnon
                                       Bradford Ellsworth                      Mile High Youth Corps
Ardy Gardner
                                       Nedra Fortune                           CSU Entomology Club
Alex Gray
                                       Madeline Frey                           Mortar Board-CU
John Hoyman
                                       Nancy Gremel                            Target Volunteers
Brandon Idelberger
                                       Heather Hodgin                          JeffCo Master Gardeners
Jody Jagersky
                                       Martha Jones
SCFD                                                                                                                                        Mr. John Kinsey               Ms. Tonya Powers
                                                                                                                                            and Ms. Julie Kinsey          and Mr. Gary Seils
The Butterfly Pavilion received funds from the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District (SCFD). In 1988, voters in the Denver
                                                                                                                                            Ms. Birdie Klingensmith       Ms. Mary Read
metro area created SCFD to provide a consistent source of unrestricted funding to scientific and cultural organizations.
                                                                                                                                            Mr. Richard Koch              and Mr. Jim Read
Since then, the SCFD has funded more than 300 organizations via the 0.1% retail sales and use tax (one penny on
every $10). Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson Counties comprise the district.                            and Mr. Douglas Koch          Mrs. Carol Robison
                                                                                                                                            Mr. Kevin Koslov              and Mr. Ben Robison
                                                                                                                                            and Mrs. Gail Koslov          Rean Robl
Grantors                                                                                                                                    Ms. Sarada Krishnan           Mr. Jeff Rumbyrt
$40,000+                            $10,000+                             $1,000+                              Tagawa Garden                 and Mr. Hari Krishnan         and Mrs. Kelley Rumbyrt
Colorado Garden Show, Inc.          Anschutz Foundation                  City of Westminster                  Center & Florist              Mr. Bob Krugmire              Mrs. Holli Safron
                                    Denver Foundation                    Janus Foundation                     Target Community Relations    Mr. Carl Kuehn                and Mr. Scott Safron
Boettcher Foundation                                                     The Nice Group                       Westminster Legacy            and Mrs. JoDee Kuehn          Miss Allison Sanford
                                    $5,000+                              at Smith Barney                      Foundation
                                                                                                                                            Mrs. Beth Leuchten            and Miss Kathy Sanford
Gates Family Foundation             Arrow Electronics
                                                                                                                                            and Mr. Bill Leuchten         Mr. Paul Sanzo and
                                                                                                                                            Ms. Julia Cross Lingtsang     Ms. Maureen O’Mara-Sanzo

                                                                                                                                            Mrs. Meghan Mariner           Mr. Phillip M. Schein
Patron Level Donors                                                                                                                                                       and Ms. Jane Schein
                                                                                                                                            and Mr. Collin Mariner
$500+                               Mr. Donald Avsec                     Mrs. Carolyn Cox                     Ms. Carolyn J. Grant          Ms. Susan Marquez             Ms. Peg Schroeder
Hobby Town USA                      and Mrs. Sandra Avsec                and Mr. Cal Cox                      and Mr. Robert J. Krenz                                     and Ms. Tammy Drozda
                                                                                                                                            and Mr. Bill Marquez
Mr. Ned Lidvall                     Ms. Stacey Bahr                      Ms. Rachel Crouse                    Mr. Arthur Gutierrez                                        Mrs. Kathaleen Shaner
                                                                                                                                            Ms. Maria Matney
Ms. Mindy Meiklejohn                and Mr. Ira Bahr                     Ms. Katherine Dauterman              and Ms. Barbara Gutierrez                                   and Mr. Todd Shaner
                                                                                                                                            and Mr. Kevin Matney
Mrs. Carole D. Pool                 Ms. Charlotte Barchers               Dianka Jewelry Designs               Mr. Francis X. Haas                                         Mr. Allen E. Stanley
                                                                                                                                            Mr. Dean McFail
and Mr. Bill Pool                   and Ms. Abigail Simon                                                     and Mrs. Carol M. Haas                                      and Ms. Yvette Stanley
                                                                         Mrs. Leighann Dill                                                 and Ms. Dory McFail
Summit Bank & Trust                 Ms. Susan Bauer                      and Mr. David Dill                   Joe and Kathy Hankin                                        Ms. Tiffany Teller
                                                                                                                                            Mrs. Phyllis LB Mize
                                    and Mr. Vernon Bauer                                                      Mr. H. Michael Hayes                                        and Ms. Kim Jackson
Suzanne Piskadlo                                                         Mr. Brian Dodd                                                     Mr. Larry Moore
Taylor, Roth & Company, PLLC
                                    Ms. Susan Brandt
                                    and Mr. William Hampton
                                                                         and Mrs. Debra Dodd                  Mr. Randal Heinz              and Mrs. Nancy Moore          Binah Thillairajah
                                                                                                                                                                          and Sothi Thillairajah
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Fun Fact
                                                                         Mrs. Yvonne El-Danaf                 and Mrs. Norma Heinz          Mr. Stephen Nealley
$250+                               Ms. Shawna Busby-Hirman                                                                                                               Ms. Theresa Thorne
Explore Elementary at Bertha        and Eric Hirman
                                                                         and Mr. Mahmoud El-Danaf             Mr. Nathan Holt               and Ms. Cindy Nealley
                                                                                                                                                                          and Mr. Gerald McLaughlin   A new activity station
                                                                         Ms. Cathy Fennelly                   and Ms. Kelly Holder          Mrs. Rhonda Nelson
Heid                                Mr. Ronald Cabrera                   and Lael Moe                         Ms. Kathryn Huwaldt           and Mr. Jerry Nelson          Ms. Audrey E. Vaseen        teaches visitors about
Mr. Francis X. Haas                 Ms. Tiffany Carlson                                                       and Mr. Michael Huwaldt                                     Mrs. Julie Volckens
and Mrs. Carol M. Haas              and Mr. Brian Carlson
                                                                         Mrs. Pam Friskopp                                                  Ms. Carol A. Neustadter                                   the value of composting
                                                                         and Mr. Paul Friskopp                Mr. Todd Jacobs               and Mr. Kevin G. Neustadter   and Mr. Rob Volckens
Saira Hamidi                        Mr. Josh Carter                                                           and Ms. Naomi Beth Jacobs                                   Ms. Rebecca Wacker          and identifies
                                                                         Ms. Kathy Gauduello                                                Mr. Robert C. Newman
Michelle King                       and Mrs. Daria Carter                                                                                                                 and Mr. Paul Wacker
                                                                         and Ms. Jessica Haley                Ms. Lori Januszewski          and Mrs. Judi S. Newman                                   appropriate compost
Mr. Chalmer William West            Mrs. Mary Chady                      Ms. Shelly Gerding                   and Mr. Michael Januszewski                                 Ms. Virginia Ward
                                                                                                                                            Mrs. Carolyn O’Brian
and Ms. Judith Ann West             and Mr. Stephen Chady                and Mr. David Gerding                Ms. Sandra Jolley             and Dr. Thomas O’Brian        Mr. Chalmer William West
                                                                                                                                                                                                      material commonly
Ms. Luanne Williams                 Ms. Georgia Christensen              Mrs. Lori Giacomino                  Mr. Thomas E. Jorden          Mr. David Paul                and Ms. Judith Ann West     found in visitors’ homes.
and Mr. R. Marc Williams            and Mr. Gerald Christensen           and Mr. Jeff Giacomino               and Mrs. Tamara J. Jorden     and Ms. Sandy Paul            Ms. Luanne Williams
                                    Ms. Bobbi Close                      Mr. Richard Gordon                   Mr. Lewis Keenan                                            and Mr. R. Marc Williams
$100+                                                                                                                                       Mrs. Angelique Plath
                                    and Mr. Tim Close                    and Mrs. Jennifer Gordon             and Mrs. Barbara Keenan
Ms. Erin Arsenault                                                                                                                          and Mr. Jeffrey Plath         Ms. Jacqueline Woodrum
and Ms. Miriam Saunders             Mrs. Frances J. Coet                 Mrs. Diane Gray                      Ms. Janice Kinnin                                           and Mr. Mark Woodman
                                                                                                                                            Mrs. Carole D. Pool
                                    and Mr. John R. Coet                 and Mr. Walter Gray                  and Mr. Graham Beasley        and Mr. Bill Pool             Ms. Lori Rae Worland
                         A Sustainable Environment For Us All
                         A sustainable environment is one that maintains balance between all of its varied
                         and numerous components. The arguable question today is: Is the environment
                         being diminished and degraded by the practices of its human occupants? Can we as
                         proprietors, or more appropriately as stewards, be more sustainable in our approach
                         to the environment? From the perspective of the Butterfly Pavilion, the answer is YES.
                         For the first time in decades, mass interest in our global environment has reemerged,
                         and terms like greenhouse gas, global warming and carbon footprint have become part
                         of the “hot topic” mainstream.
 Butterfly Pavilion
                         As a driving force in the awareness efforts on deforestation or the global warming
6252 West 104th Avenue   issue, as well as countless other environmental concerns, the Butterfly Pavilion
 Westminster, CO 80020   provides one of the most valuable resources Colorado has to perpetuate environmental
                         change: Education.
   303-469-5441    We understand that with increased interest in the environment comes an increased
                         level of both “good” and “bad” information about various environmental topics.
                         As a leader in the field of environmental education, the Butterfly Pavilion’s approach
                         has always been to first identify areas of interest or concern. Then, by utilizing our
                         scientific capacity as well as our expertise in interpretation, we create tools or
                         opportunities to engage our community in dialog that provides the easiest and most
                         effective methods to address issues rationally, without fear or bias. For example,
                         the very basis of our Butterfly Conservatory’s existence revolves around a simple and
                                              6252 West 104th Avenue
                         practical method of preventing deforestation by supporting butterfly farming as a
                         sustainable agricultural practice globally.
                                               Westminster, CO 80020
                         We have had the unique pleasure of serving hundreds of thousands of visitors for over
                         12 years. In each of our exhibit areas, we have knowledgeable, dedicated zookeepers
                         and passionate, well-informed volunteers to help address your concerns, field
                         questions on environmental issues and to help alleviate incorrect information, so that
                         each of us are able to make sound, informed choices. Ultimately, these choices will
                         positively alter our children’s future forever.
                         Sustainability is not a dream. It’s a vision. Like all visions, it is a step-by-step process.
                         People like you educating themselves about how they can do a lot of little things to make
                         a very big difference. At the same time, fostering relationships with businesses and
                         legislature furthers the goal of global sustainability. Again, we believe the first step in
                         conserving our precious environment is education. Join us, and be a part of the solution!

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