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					Title: FCE30-discursive composition2

Language focus:

Aim(s) : Developing writing skills

Level: FCE Exam Practice - 30h

Notes: Under slide 2

Focus on planning
and organisation
      You have been talking to
   environmentalists about global
warming. You have decided to write a
 composition giving your opinion on
           the following:
    What can be done to help the
   environment and reduce global
Write a discursive composition in 120-
              180 words.
   Discuss together how these factors
    affect/damage the atmosphere ?
1- the use of fossil fuels

 2- packaging

             3- traffic pollution

    4- deforestation
  What can you do to reduce global
            warming ?
Look at the following suggestions and
          swap some ideas.
The solutions might be:

1- The use of alternative sources of energy.

2- Recycling / Buying products in
recyclable packaging.

3- Using public transport more often /
Car pooling.

4- Planting more trees.
When writing a discursive composition,

1- The style must be formal or neutral.

2- Don’t include too many points.
Three or four are enough.

3- Organise your points into clear
paragraphs and use linking words to show
the connection between your ideas.
4- When writing the introduction, use a
topic sentence and develop it.

5- Divide the body of the composition
into paragraphs. Use linking words to
list the points in your argument.

6- In the final paragraph, sum up your
argument and give a balanced personal
Introducing the topic:

It is said / believed / known that ...

... is said / believed / known to ...

Expressing opinion:

In my view / opinion, ...

It seems to me that ...

I think / feel ...
Sequencing ideas:

In the first place, / Firstly, / To begin
with, ...

Secondly, ...

Finally, / Last, but not least, ...
Expressing contrast:

In spite of / Despite...

On the one hand, ... on the other hand ...

However, / Nevertheless, ...

Although / Even though ...

Summing up:

In conclusion, / To sum up, ...
On the whole, / All in all, / On balance, ...
              Notes from Slide 2
The composition title is presented in slide 4
  and the following slides will allow for a
  focused discussion on the issue, so that
  students can prepare for the composition
Slide 4 - composition title.
Slide 5 & 6 - focus on specific lexis and topic
   expansion for discussion. Teachers should
   jot down relevant lexis in the vocabulary
   corner on the board.
Slide 7 - presents some arguments.
Slides 9 - 10 - Tips for writing a discursive
Slides 12 - 14 - Useful language for the

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