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JOB TITLE: Global Advisor MEL (Programme Effectiveness)

DIVISION / DEPARTMENT: International Division, IFIS



JOB FAMILY: Programme

SALARY: £33,700 - £41,710


This role is open to candidates world wide.

OXFAM PURPOSE: To work with others to overcome poverty and suffering.

TEAM PURPOSE: The purpose of the Programme Performance & Accountability Team is to
contribute to the overall improvement in the quality and impact of Oxfam's programme. The team
will achieve this by providing support, specialist advice and the right tools and systems to the
programme to achieve a stronger results culture, increased clarity about what difference we
make, and increased accountability to the people and communities with whom we work. The
team will also lead on providing good programme information supporting knowledge and learning
to continuously improve programme quality and impact (through both developing the right tools,
systems and processes and synthesising programme information across the whole organisation.

JOB PURPOSE: To provide specialist advice and develop and coordinate Oxfam's programme
monitoring, learning and impact assessment methods and systems in order to improve our
accountability to stakeholders, strengthen our organisational learning capacity and increase our
impact. This post will include work on developing indicators and other measures of effectiveness
in Oxfam's one programme.

REPORTING LINES: Postholder reports to: Head of Programme Performance and Accountability
Team. Staff reporting to this post: Occasional consultants.

BUDGET RESPONSIBILITY: Occasional project-specific budgets, and responsibility for cost
control with relevant projects.


       Develop long-term vision and strategic planning to achieve significant impact.
       Represent Oxfam corporately and manage and influence significant external
       Help shape organisational and divisional objectives.
       Plan and manage human and financial resources over broad spectrum of programmes or
       Produce, assimilate, analyse and use complex programme information from varied and
        diverse sources to provide in-depth analysis in the specific area of monitoring and
        evaluation, especially campaigns and advocacy.
      Decision-making is strategic and operational with a high degree of judgement based on
       specific problem solving experience and a range of external and internal factors.
      Role as a key decision maker/responsible person for programme unit.
      Direct the formulation, organisation and delivery of strategic programmes.
      In conjunction with senior managers, support the delivery of high quality and timely key
       MEL processes and reports (eg. strategic evaluations; impact assessments).
      Lead the alignment of programmes with Oxfam corporate priorities and ensure effective
       delivery to organisational commitments and responsibilities with Oxfam International.
      Ability to analyse and communicate complex information to a wide audience.
      Role is variable, lacks well-defined targets and/or minimum standards, and is both
       proactive and reactive.
      Plays an active role in lobby and advocacy on issues related to programme area through
       contacts and co-ordination of allies.
      Plan and implement fundraising plans and ensure proper reporting and accountability to

Key Responsibilities

      Focusing on the overall programme, play a leading role in the development and
       implementation of Oxfam's MEL systems and methods, contributing to a results culture
       and improving organisational capacity to measure impact.
      Provide high quality technical advice and support to programme managers and staff to
       enable impact measurement, learning synthesis and significant improvements in overall
       programme performance and programme quality.
      Working closely with the team leader, IFIS Director and others in developing and
       embedding already existing and new innovative systems and mechanisms for measuring
       the effectiveness and impact of Oxfam's programme.
      Build on key long-term global programme initiatives (eg. Raising Her Voice; agriculture
       scale up; Measuring Change) to embed new ways of working to support a results culture.
      Support OGB communications staff in developing methods and approaches at
       country/regional and global levels to enable Oxfam to communicate results effectively.
      In conjunction with senior managers, support and/or oversee the delivery of high quality
       and timely key MEL processes and internal and external reports (eg. strategic
       evaluations; impact assessments).
      Facilitate cross-programme learning, identifying opportunities for peer learning and
       communities of practice on monitoring, evaluation and learning and wider programme
       quality work.
      Ensure effective matrix working relations with other programme support
       departments/teams and key regional/country programme staff.
      Represent Oxfam corporately, liaising with government and other key stakeholders,
       including donors, academic institutions and other professional groups and agencies.
      Represent Oxfam externally, and support Oxfam senior managers, in relevant external
       debates and networks contributing to and bringing back learning and new thinking.
      In collaboration other team members, identify key quality issues in the long-term
       development and wider programme and the links with impact monitoring and evaluation
       and organisational learning.
      Develop information and accessible resources to support better monitoring and
       evaluation practice and overall programme performance.
      Work with wider team members to ensure strong links between MEL processes and other
       organisational management and information systems to ensure complementary, synergy
       and a stronger 'results' culture.
      Ensure gender and diversity are effectively integrated into all aspects of Oxfam's work.
      Ensure that OGB evaluation is 'joined up where appropriate with relevant Oxfam
       International evaluation processes, and contribute to OI change goal MEL
       processes/initiatives with other Oxfams.
      Advise on and where appropriate, take part in programme evaluations to contribute
       experience and expertise, maintain an organisational overview of MEL practice and
       identify where further investment is needed.
      With other colleagues, support stronger accountability, especially to poor people within
       OGB programmes.
      As appropriate, mentor and coach staff new to MEL and help them develop the
       necessary knowledge and skill sets to run effective monitoring and evaluation processes.

Skills and Competence

      Demonstrable understanding of long-term development, humanitarian and/or campaigns
       and advocacy work, ideally with direct experience.
      Understanding of a broad range of programme quality issues and the practical issues
       faced by programme managers.
      Strong technical competence in research, learning and monitoring and evaluation
       methods theory and practice; and, good critical grasp of latest sector thinking, codes,
       standards and practice.
      Strong conceptual, analytical and critical thinking.
      Strong operational management ability with a clear focus on results; competent to work
       with significant levels of autonomy, showing creativity and initiative and ability to prioritise
      Demonstrable experience of developing and delivering successful training and staff
       development initiatives and in coaching teams.
      Ability to identify and implement opportunities for innovation.
      Strong understanding of all aspects of programme quality and how learning, information
       and knowledge management systems and process contribute to measuring and
       achieving results.
      Proven ability to develop and manage institutional partnerships, eg with major donors.
      Excellent understanding of, and personal commitment to, promoting gender equity and
       diversity in Oxfam's one programme.
      Ability to lead and motivate others, strong self awareness and interpersonal and
       communications skills.
      Strong influencing skills, demonstrable ability to contribute to teams and to work with and
       influence people from diverse backgrounds.
      Proven experience of successful external representation and influencing on programme
       issues with key allies and networks.
      Ability to design and deliver materials and resources which are practical and accessible
       to practitioners and managers.
      Ability to travel up to 12 weeks per year.

Working knowledge of other Oxfam languages would be desirable (French, Spanish,

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