1342090355049 83130001 Global Tender by YaLHeS4A


									                                              Office of the Controller of Stores
                                              Chittaranjan Locomotive Works
                                                Chittaranjan- 713331 (W.B)

                                                 GLOBAL TENDER

                                             SCHEDULE OF REQUIREMENTS

   TENDER NUMBER                   83/13/0001
   TYPE OF TENDER                  GLOBAL TENDER
   SECTION                         83
   TENDER DOCUMENT                 2270.00
   ESTIMATED VALUE(INR)            35520849.00
   EARNEST MONEY (INR)             500000.00
   TENDER CLOSING DATE,            05/09/2012 at 11:30 Hrs. (IST)
   DELIVERY SCHEDULE               30 Sets within 60 days from the date of P.O. and balance after 01.04.13 and to
                                   be completed by 31.08.13 in two installments.
   DESCRIPTION WITH                1. Roller Bearing PE NU330 EAMCG                2. Roller Bearing CE NH324 AMCG
   DRG. NO. & SPECN. NO            188 EP6a Hitachi Works Drg No                   175 EP6a Hitachi Works Drg No
                                   10S778-707ALT.1 SPECN NO SUJ-2                  10S778-708ALT.1 SPECN NO SUJ-2
                                   to JIS: G4805 or equivalent                     to JIS: G4805 or equivalent
   UL/PL NO.                       256054220117D                                   256054340117D
   QTY                             711 Nos.                                        711 Nos.
                                   711 Sets
   ULTIMATE CONSIGNEE              SMM/RB/CLW/Chittaranjan

                                             ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA

       1. This is a RDSO controlled item. Hence, Indian Railway reserves the right to procure entire of bulk quantity from
       RDSO approved sources. Other firm will be dealt as per the tender schedule & bid document

       2. Details of Bearing as per RDSO’s L/No.E/2.2.13 Dated 08.01.2004

         Sl.No.   Supplier       Type of Bearing
         i)       M/s FAG        NU330 EM 1A P64 F1(Shoulder Guided) and NJ324EM1AP6R-155, 195F1
                                 +HJ324F1 (Shoulder Guided)
         ii)      M/s SKF        NU330 ECMA P64 VA301(Shoulder Guided) and
                                 NJ324ECMA P64 PVA301+HJ324EC/VA301(Shoulder Guided)

       3. The tenderer should quote unit prices for individual items, however the ranking shall be done based on the prices
       per set [01 Set consisting of 01 No each of both the tender items No (i) & (ii)], in INR (INDIAN NATIONAL RUPEE)
       on FOR destination basis.

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       4.CLW intends multi sourcing, hence ordering may be on more than one source

       5. Materials to be delivered at SMM/RB/Chittaranjan

       6. Validity required 150 days

       7. This is Safety Item, the tenderer shall deposit with the Railway concerned (in cash or the equivalent in
       Government Securities or approved Banker’s Guarantee Bond) a sum equal to 10 percent of the total value of the
       stores detailed in the contract for which the tender has been accepted, subject to upper ceiling of Rs 10 Lakhs
       within 14 days of written notice of acceptance of the tender.

       8. Approved Brand: a) SKF/Germany/Austria b) Schaffler KG/Germany, Romania, Italy (brand name FAG) c) NEI,
       Jaipur (brand name NBC), as per RDSO approval.

       9. Only manufacturers should quote and if they intend to quote through RIDs/Agents, authorization by
       manufacturers should be tender specific. Manufacturers are advised that we would prefer order on them therefore,
       they are advised to quote directly. They may quote on FOB basis with letter of credit paymnent.

       10. If RIDs/Agents/ Indian counter part quote principal’s invoice/ proforma/ rate authentication invoice must be
       furnished along with the quotation failing which their offer are liable to be ignored.



                                                                              For Controller of Stores

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