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									         Key Vocabulary                                                                                                             Key Events
Allies                                                                                                                             *Assassination of
                                                                                    WORLD                                      Archduke Ferdinand
Armistice                                                                                                                        *Battle of Verdun
Central Powers                                                                      WAR I                                         *Battle of Marne
Fourteen Points                                                                                                              *Sinking of the Lusitania
                                                                                                                                *Russian Revolution
League of Nations
Militarism                                                             Long-term                                              Essential Question:
Propaganda                                                          Causes/Results                                            What were the long-term
Rationing                                                       a. World War II                                               causes of WWI?
                                                                                                                              What role did alliances play in
Schrieffen Plan                                                 b. Expansionist ideas                                         the “taking sides” of WWI?
Total War                                                       in the 30s                                                    What were the differences
Treaty of Versailles                                            c.Desire by the U.S. to                                       (characteristics) in the two
Trench Warfare                                                  Remain Isolated                                               fighting fronts?
Triple Alliance                                                 d. The formation of                                           What were new
Triple Entente                                                  Soviet Union                                                  inventions/technologies that
Unrestricted submarine warfare                                          Immediate                                             were used in WWI for the first
                                                                      Causes/results                                          What were the causes for
        Key People                                               a. Inflation in Europe                                       America joining WWI?
          Georges                                                b.Formation of the                                           What is the date of WWI
       Clemenceau                                                League of Nations                                            armistice?
     Kaiser Wilhelm II                                           c.Formation of                                               What was the “flaw” of the
                                                                 Democratic Nations                                           League of Nations?
     Woodrow Wilson
                                                            Western Front vs Eastern Front

                  SSWH16 The student will demonstrate an understanding of long term causes of World War I and its global impact.

                                a. Identify the causes of the war including Balkan nationalism, entangling alliances, and militarism.
                                       b. Describe the conditions on the war front for soldiers including the Battle of Verdun.
       c. Explain the major decisions made in the Versailles Treaty including German reparations and the mandate system that replaced Ottoman control.
                   d. Analyze the destabilization of Europe in the collapse of the great empires including the Romanov and Hapsburg dynasties.

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