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									KNX DALI-Gateway
The efficient interface
for lighting control
KNX DALI-Gateway

● Interlinking KNX systems with DALI
● Combining flexibility with comfortable
● Facilitating application-specific lighting
● Simplifying control and maintenance of
  lighting installations
● Saving money by automatic burn-in
● Providing different operating modes,
  individual for every ballast group or single
  ballast (=ECG, Electronic Control Gear)

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KNX DALI-Gateway

● Overview of key features                              Integrated webserver facilities

- Controls up to 64 ballasts, 16 Groups and 16 scenes
- Status messages and lamp/ECG fault detection
- Support functions for emergency lighting test
- Simple DALI commissioning via integrated webserver, accessible
   with ethernet connection or WLAN
- Individual operating hour counter & burn-in time for every ECG/lamp
- Advanced maintenance functions for comfortable ECG replacement
- Effect module easy configurable via webserver (no ETS needed)

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KNX DALI-Gateway

● ETS Application                                              Interactive plug-in

- Interactive plug-in for ETS
- ETS Application with 853 communication objects
- Synchronisation abilitiy (DALI configuration is imported into ETS-plug-in)
- Intelligent communication object Handling (displays need objects only)
- Backup-restore for DALI setup integrated in the ETS
- User specific templates for parameters

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KNX DALI-Gateway

● Product benefits
                                              Compact housing
                                              • Compact housing (4 HP) for more space in the
                                                switch cabinet: Up to 3 devices can be mounted
                                                per DIN rail.

                                              Extensive voltage range
                                              • AC/DC 100 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz for worldwide use
                                              • Also suitable for use of emergency power systems
                                                (DC emergency power backups)

                                              Integrated display
                                              • For DALI configuration without a PC

                                              IP connection
                                              • The IP connection simplifies configuration, pre-emptive
                                                and normal maintenance and effect programming

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KNX DALI-Gateway

● Application Example

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KNX DALI-Gateway

● Application Solution

- Installation of lamps fitted with DALI ballasts
- Positioning of KNX movement/presence detectors
- Emergency lighting with DALI interface in the corridor
- KNX push-buttons in each room and other components using KNX
- Connecting DALI to KNX with the KNX DALI-Gateway

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KNX DALI-Gateway

● Application Advantages

- Integrated webserver makes on-site DALI commissioning and
   maintenance extremely convenient, separate passwords for users and
   administrator avoid misfunctions
- Settings can be made on the display itself or using a PC/Smartphone
- More than KNX 850 communication objects allow advanced lighting
   control applications
- Possible to assign names to individual ballasts; specific application modes
- Up to 64 ballasts in 16 groups can be controlled

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