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									Response to Technology Needs
Assessments: Utilizing National
 Information Clearinghouses

            Susan Wickwire
 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
             June 6, 2003

• Introduction to U.S. national information
  clearinghouse - the US-CTC Gateway
• Response to needs assessments working
  with international information systems
    U.S. Climate Technology Cooperation
        (US-CTC) Gateway Overview
• Online clearinghouse to
   – showcase U.S.-sponsored international technology
   – provide easy access to needed information and tools
• Focus on partnership activities with developing
  and transition countries
• Developed by the Global Environment &
  Technology Foundation in partnership with the
  U.S. EPA and U.S. AID
• Links to ongoing international activities including
  those under the UN Framework Convention on
  Climate Change
 Demonstrating Linkages Between National
       and International Systems

• US CTC Gateway–
  – A National Clearinghouse
  – Actively Linked to TT:CLEAR and other
    International Systems
    •   CTI
    •   GNESD
    •   SANet
    •   Regional networks – e.g., iACTT
       Response to Needs Assessments

• Gateway can facilitate links to US private sector
  – Access, repackage and disseminate technology
    needs assessment information from TT:Clear site
    through existing US networks
      • US government – e.g., DOC systems
      • Business networks – GETF Ecolinks, Global
        Technology Network
  – Identify potential partners
      • Facilitating connection to U.S. businesses –
        matching technology assessment needs with
        potential suppliers
      • Feedback from business – barriers, incentives
      Tools and Links to Facilitate Enabling

• Searchable Directory of Technology Expert
  Centers in Developing Countries –access to
  local expertise
• Private and public sector case studies – models
  of market transformation
• Technical Assistance
  –   Climate Technology Initiative
  –   SANet
  –   USAID – GVEP, adaptation
  –   UNIDO, UNEP, etc
        Linking to Financing Resources

Gateway will provide links to:
• US programs
   – TDA, EXIM Bank, OPIC
   – Commercial Funds, NGOs
• International
   – GEF
   – IFIs
   – Private Finance
       Contact Information

Please visit the US-CTC Gateway

               Susan Wickwire
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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