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									                                            Seven Kings High School Project Bid (Global Gateway: London- Beijing Links)

         1. Rationale – Why does your school wish to participate in this project?
         Seven Kings High School has earned a reputation for excellence in recent years, as shown by consecutive OFSTED reports. GCSE performance in 2004
         was 84% for 5A*-C and A Level results are similarly impressive. The School is a Technology College and has been awarded Beacon and Leading Edge
         status. The school is proud to be involved in a wide range of high profile national initiatives and is committed to collaborating to raise standards both at Seven
         Kings and into the wider educational community. We believe that we do some things very well and we are eager to share our successes to raise standards
         elsewhere; conversely we are a learning institution and always looking to explore and research how learning is successfully facilitated elsewhere. The
         London-Beijing link is an exciting collaborative curriculum project that can benefit staff and pupils both here and in China. It is anticipated that ICT will be
         used as the tool to facilitate the links that we look to forge. The school has invested heavily in ICT as a tool to raise standards and the school has received
         much praise and acknowledgement for the effective use of ICT across the curriculum; Seven Kings has been awarded ICT Focus School status and will be
         working as the lead school for London as part of the ICT Register Schools initiative. We are therefore confident that we have the facilities, infrastructure and
         expertise to utilise ICT to facilitate our links. We believe that we are ideally placed to contribute imaginatively and effectively to a Redbridge Beijing link that
         could be meaningful and sustainable. Our bid is based around the potential of Assessment for Learning (AFL) and the exciting possibility of adding an
         International dimension to our work in this field. However, the proposal for Key Stages 4 and 5 would also provide opportunities for some of our most able
         students to share ideas and approaches to learning with the possibility of a specific focus upon aspiring medical students.

         2. Theme(s) of project

                                                                                                                                         Professional                 How will the impact on
  Theme &       Participating       Participating                                                                   Curriculum
                                                     Key learning objectives, activities and outcomes                                  development and                 pupils’ standards be
lead teacher       pupils                                                                                              links
                                                                                                                                     pedagogical research                  measured?
    AFL          Key Stage 3            To be        Seven Kings is committed to expanding the effective use           (RACS)        Seven Kings has been a         All Year 7 and Year 8 pupils at
 Joe Byrne         Year 8             confirmed      of AFL across the curriculum to raise standards of              Research and    lead     player    in    the   Seven Kings study RACS.
                  25 pupils                          achievement. Much excellent work has been done over            Communications   Redbridge           Network    RACS         is   an      innovative
                                                     the last two years and our teachers are becoming                   Skills       Learning Community with        programme          designed       to
                                                     increasingly skilled in utilising related techniques across                     particular emphasis upon       improve pupils access to
                                                     the curriculum. Our pupils have benefited form the range                        AFL.      The experiences      curriculum by developing their
                                                     of teaching styles and experiences that have emerged                            and gains from this work       core skills of research and
                                                     and are confident talking about their learning. We would                        infuse all areas proposed      communication          linked     to
                                                     like to share these experiences with pupils and teachers                        here.         Tracy Smith      exploring how they best learn.
                                                     in another setting and explore how pupils learn and                             (Deputy Head) as co-           RACS has been recognised as
                                                     teachers support this in a different cultural setting. There                    leader has taken a lead        a driving force of the schools
                                                     is already a great deal of dialogue going on with our                           role and has provided Inset    success at Key Stage 3 and
                                                     students about how they learn. To extend this to an                             to other schools on AFL.       beyond.          The course is
                                                     International area and would be very exciting and                               Seven Kings has also been      currently being re-written and
                                                     potentially powerful for all concerned. Therefore, as a                         involved in the ESRC           the       China       links     are
                                                     result of being involved in this project, pupils in both                        “Learn How to Learn”           provisionally being included in
                                                     contexts will have had an opportunity to explore                                project     working    with    lieu and anticipation of the
                                                     respective cultures and to discuss and share ideas on                           Cambridge University and       exciting opportunities it could
                                                     how they learn. They will then be better placed to reflect                      Kings College on this          offer. However, as the project
                                                     upon their own learning style. This may help them to be                         issue. The results from this   will initially only be available to
                                                     more effective learners.                                                        project could be shared        some RACS students, it will be
                                                                                                                                     with these groups.             possible to map outcomes of
                                                                                                                                                                    our China group against the
                                                                                                                                                                    non-China groups to explore
                                                                                                                                                                    the impact of the project.
                                                                                                                                 Professional                  How will the impact on
  Theme &       Participating      Participating                                                                Curriculum
                                                   Key learning objectives, activities and outcomes                            development and                  pupils’ standards be
lead teacher       pupils                                                                                          links
                                                                                                                             pedagogical research                   measured?
    AFL          Key Stage 4      To be            Seven Kings has a stable and high achieving Maths              Maths      The Schools work on AFL         As with the RACS group, we
  Margaret         Year 10        confirmed        department that is delivering excellent results at all key                will inform this as explained   would look to compare pupil
  Quinney          Maths                           stages. We have been collaborating successfully with                      above. In addition, the         performance, attitudes and
                  24 pupils                        other schools to raise standards elsewhere through our                    collaborative work with         understanding with a control
                                                   leading edge and specialist school work. We have also                     other schools through our       group not involved in this
                                                   been working on the “Motivate” project with Cambridge                     Specialist             school   project.  Questionnaires and
                                                   University that involves video conferencing. We would                     programme has developed         other qualitative information
                                                   like to extend this project to embrace Beijing. This could                professional expertise and      will be used to explore the
                                                   benefit teachers and pupils in both locations, with both                  impacted                upon    impact of the experience on
                                                   sides able to explore how mathematical problems can be                    achievement, both here          students’ perceptions, and
                                                   successfully dealt with in different ways. Pupils could                   and at other schools.           broader understanding.
                                                   benefit from the exciting experience and demonstrate
                                                   enhanced problem solving skills. Also the dialogue about
                                                   learning will enhance pupil understanding about their own
                                                   preferred learning styles.
    AFL          Key Stage 5      To be            Seven Kings has an outstanding track record of Science        Science     The Schools work on AFL         This project will afford an
   Rosie         Year 12 & 13     confirmed        results at Key Stage 5. Science is extremely popular and                  will inform this as above.      exciting           collaborative
Duckmanton         Science                         there are currently 165 students studying Chemistry, 157                  In        addition,       the   experience of an intellectual
                   24 pupils                       for Biology and 53 for Physics in the sixth form.                         collaborative work with         and       vocational     nature
                                                   Collaborating with Beijing schools would allow some of                    other schools through out       particularly if we are able to
                                                   our brightest students to share ideas and discuss                         Specialist school work has      link the aspiring medics. Hard
                                                   concepts with a similar group of students in Beijing. Many                developed        professional   edged quantitative data about
                                                   of these students go on to dentistry, medicine or                         expertise here and at other     outcomes may be difficult to
                                                   pharmacy. The link could explore approaches to teaching                   schools.                        obtain. However, qualitative
                                                   and learning in science and the routes taken by such able                                                 outcomes are no less valid,
                                                   students in their respective locations.                                                                   and potential changes in
                                                                                                                                                             attitudes through exposure to
                                                                                                                                                             this experience could be very
                                                                                                                                                             exciting and formative.

         3. School context
         Seven Kings High School is a high achieving, high profile school with the capacity, will and expertise to contribute meaningfully to this project. As a
         Specialist, Beacon, Leading Edge and now ICT Focus School, we are experienced in developing meaningful cross-school links and collaborating

         4. Sustainability
         All of the above projects are linked to pupil understanding of learning and our work on Assessment for Learning (AFL). AFL is embedded into the school
         culture and is an integral part of our learning and teaching policy, informing the school development plan and priorities. Seven Kings’ commitment to
         collaboration and AFL ensure that we will quickly establish and maintain momentum with this project. However, whilst, this project is significantly informed by
         our current work in AFL, we would view this as very much the beginning of a long term relationship, rather than a short term initiative. We would look to
         extend this to other curriculum areas that we have not yet considered as the relationship develops. The reciprocal cultural and educational benefits from this
         link are very exciting and could enhance the learning experience in all curriculum areas. This is a very exciting time to link with China as a country of
         heightening global presence through its burgeoning economic influence and the associated profile from hosting the next Olympic Games. The challenge for
         us has been to narrow the bid down to two or even three areas – we could have invited any curriculum area in the school to participate. Furthermore, if
         accepted we would look to explore how we could extend the exchange to pupils as well as teachers in future years.
5. Plans for publishing the project content on LGfL
The school has strong ICT culture and all of our work will be celebrated through our website and will be linked to the LGFL. Similarly, pupils already enjoy
remote digital access to our learning resources and we could explore sharing our digital curriculum with our partner school in Beijing.

6. Names of Teachers participating in the visit
None of the above proposals are dependent upon individual teachers; Seven Kings is frequently involved in a range of collaborative projects and it is an
established part of the teaching culture here. We believe that this is an exciting project and would relish the opportunity to be involved at Key stages three,
four and five. There is no shortage of teachers willing and able to contribute to this project and if accepted we will nominate specific named teachers – this
will not be a problem!

Clive Rosewell
Deputy Head, Seven Kings

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