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									Steel industry: a steady growth in India

Steel industry: Steel Industry has a major role to play in the economic growth of
India. Steel has been and will be basic to the India’s industrial economy. Steel
plays a vital role in building the infrastructure.

Perforated Stainless Steels Sheets Perforated Steel Sheets are lightweight,
attractive, economical, and is easily customizable. A variety of hole patterns,
materials and gauges are available for the choice of customer. Perforated Steel
Sheets are used in many different applications such as screens, diffusers,
guards, ventilation, and even for decoration. Stainless steel perforated sheets are
perfect for ventilation, protection and decoration. It is manufactured from
stainless steel sheets that are pressed through a die with the appropriate hole
size pattern.

Some other Products: We comprises an number of products targeting our
customers need and satisfaction

CRCA Sheets: CRCA means "cold rolled close annealed". This means that after
hot rolling and pickling, the steel is cold rolled to a reduced thickness (which
makes it brittle and not too useful), which is then followed by annealing in a
closed atmosphere of nitrogen or other non-oxidizing gases (which softens it
back up while protecting it from oxidation).

Galvanized Sheets: A galvanized steel sheet is a sheet of steel that has been
galvanized in order to help prevent corrosion .Galvanized steel sheets can be
used in a variety of applications including in furniture, cars, or in making tool
boxes. The process is done in order to help steel save off corrosion caused by
exposure to other metals in the presence of an electrolyte or to oxygen and
water. By putting on a barrier to coat the steel, a galvanized steel sheet is able to
better resist the destructive forces acting against it.

HR Steel Sheets: rolling is a metal forming process in which metal stock is
passed through a pair of rolls. Rolling is classified according to the temperature
of the metal rolled. If the temperature of the metal is above its re-crystallization
temperature, then the process is termed as hot rolling.
Hot Rolled Sheets have wide spread application in making tubular products like
hot rolled coils, pipes, LPG cylinders, shuttering plates and off late in the
construction sector. Moreover, they are also an important component in the
making of pressure vessel, in buildings, hull and steel structures as well as in
boiler usage. These sheets are nowadays used for making critical safety parts
and automobile suspension.

Steel Perforators India - Steel Perforators India is a leading organization
maintaining its name and fame globally since 1953.Steel Perforators (India)
works as professionally managed organization achieving new heights with its
quality products. Our stress is primarily targeted towards total customer
contentment. Therefore, all the products and services rendered by us are of
perfect quality. We are a certified company recognized by the government of
India. We have been recognized as a leading manufacturer and Metal Exporters
for perforated metal, perforated sheets in various shapes, dimensions, Holes and
sheet materials. Our SPI-EAGLE Brand is the most reputed and esteemed brand
all over India in Metal Perforated Sheets. We work in close synchronization with
our clients to understand their exact specifications and provide products

Our Perforated Steel Sheets are in various hole patterns round holes,
Long/Rectangular holes, Hexagonal Holes, Oblong holes, Diamond holes,
Square Hole and Dimple Holes.

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