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					             Have Your Honeymoon in Rajasthan
Rajasthan has been called the land of love and everlasting romance. It is indeed an ideal choice for
honeymooning couples. For couples of who want the ultimate in romantic splendour there are
luxury tours you can take, and for those who want something a bit more intellectual, interesting or
historical, a honeymoon in Rajasthan can offer that too.
The mesmerizing loveliness of romantic lakes, sprawling sand dunes and other places of natural
beauty are all sought after spots for newly married couples, offering a delightful prelude to a
happy married life.
Depending on their interests and tastes, couples can have a wide variety of choices when it comes
to selecting the right venue to spend their love and fun-filled holiday. Some newly-wed couples
choose to visit royal palaces and forts. Palaces and forts which have been converted into luxury
hotels for commercial purposes. To maintain the experience you are often treated like royalty to
enhance your amazing stay.
One of the most exciting and unique options Rajasthan for honeymooning couples is The Palace On
Wheels. This is one of the most luxurious trains and the good thing about this train is that it offers
every amenity that a hotel would. The train starts its journey from Delhi and takes the visitors to
the most popular destinations like Jodhpur, Bharatpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, Sawai, Madhopur, Jaisalmer
and Bharatpur.
Then there are wildlife destinations like Keoladeo National Park and Ranthambhor National Park.
These are the two sites which animal loving married couples may enjoy. A love of nature and
animals draws many people together and what better way to celebrate life and love than to see
these animals in their natural habitat. Besides this, there are many adventure activities like camel
and horse safaris.
Jaipur, which is popularly known as pink city, is a popular centre for honeymooning couples. Those
who want to impress their beloved come here to shop. There are some of the items which are big
attractions in Rajasthan like paintings, dyed fabrics, pottery, ivory carving and precious stones.
Exploring the rich and age old heritage of this incredible region with your beloved is indeed a good
plan to make your honeymoon a remarkable experience. Apparently, forts and palaces in Rajasthan
are one of the most sought after tourist destinations for the recently married. These age old
heritage sites, show the glory of Rajasthan and as previously noted, some have been converted
into luxury hotels.
Rajasthan has always been a place frequented by tourists and a perfect place for a honeymoon
owing to its natural beauty, impressive luxury and bustling marketplaces.

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Description: Rajasthan has been called the land of love and everlasting romance. It is indeed an ideal choice for honeymooning couples.