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									                          PHENIX CITY ATHLETICS
                         EMERGENCY PROCEDURES
                         MISCELLANEOUS INCIDENTS

INCIDENT                PROCEDURES                           NOTES
Altercation on field of    Remain calm                      If altercation has
play (all sports)          Keep players on bench            excited the crowd
                           Alert security                   to the point of
                           Attempt to stop altercation      escalation,
                           If injuries begin emergency      remove the
                             procedures                      offenders from
                                                             the premises.
Altercation in               Remain calm                    Remove the
bleachers, stands, or        Keep players on bench          offenders from
parking lot                  Alert security                 the premises
(all sports)                 Attempt to control crowd       immediately.
                             Focus on safety of
                             Attempt to stop altercation
                             If injuries begin emergency

Gun shots fired in any       Remain clam                    If egress is not
athletic venue               Remove players from            possible, have
(all sports)                  immediate danger               players drop to
                             Alert security                 the ground or
                             Attempt to control crowd       floor.
                             Focus on safety of
                              spectators                     Do not approach
                             Use judgment in regard to      if eminent
                              approaching gunman.            danger.
                             If injuries begin emergency
Unruly or                    Remain calm                    Remove offender
threatening spectator        Focus on the safety of         from the
                              players, officials and other   premises
                              spectators                     immediately.
                             Alert security
                             Use judgment in regard to
                              approaching perpetrator
                             If approachable, attempt to
                              calm perpetrator

INCIDENT                PROCEDURES                         NOTES
Objects thrown or          Remain calm                    At no time should
fired at school bus        Have passengers duck and       you attempt to
                             cover heads                   pursue the
                           Driver should flee             perpetrators. Get
                             immediate danger if it can    the passengers to
                             be done safely                a safe area as
                           Once determined safe, pull     soon as possible.
                             bus over in a well lit and
                             secure location
                           Survey passengers for
                           Use cell phone to alert
                           Follow law enforcement
                             officials instructions from
                             this point
                           If injuries, begin emergency
Fire or gas explosion      Remain calm                    Always have fire
in or near concession      Evacuate the immediate         extinguishers
stand, gymnasium,            area                          near flammable
etc.                       Remove bystanders from         area or materials.
                             immediate area
                           Alert safety officials
                           Extinguish fire if possible
                           If injuries begin emergency
Lights go out in the       Remain calm                    Check light or
gymnasium or on the        Do not move                    breaker panel.
playing field(s)           Attempt to calm spectators
                           Open exit doors if possible
                           Investigates or determine
                           If blackout persists, begin
                             evacuation procedures
Vehicle strikes a          Remain calm                    Focus on crowd
bystander                  Evacuate the immediate         control.
                           Remove bystanders from
                             immediate danger
                           Alert safety officials
                           Begin emergency
                           Determine status of driver
                             and approach accordingly

INCIDENT                 PROCEDURES                            NOTES
Inclement Weather           Remain calm                       Listen to the
(If event is outdoors)      Get teams to shelter              radio or weather
                              immediately                      warning system if
                            Assist spectators with            available.
                              evacuation to shelter
                            Assist wit car traffic egress
                            Consult with game officials
                            Consult with weather
                              officials if possible
Inclement Weather           Remain calm                       Lobby,
(If event is indoors)       Get Teams to locker rooms         restrooms,
                              or interior rooms                weight rooms,
                            Assist spectators with            classrooms, etc.
                              evacuation to designated
                              shelter areas                    Listen to radio or
                            Encourage spectators to           weather warning
                              remain inside                    system if
                            Consult with game officials       available.
                            Consult with weather
                              officials if possible
Medical Emergency           Remain clam                       If on field, keep
(all sports)                Alert emergency                   teams a distance
                              responders                       away from the
                            If in gym get teams to locker     medical
                              rooms                            emergency.
                            Begin first responder
                              emergency procedures
                            Maintain crowd control
                              including media
                            Consult with school and
                              game officials

Uncooperative Media            Remain calm                    Always be
                               Appeal to media to keep        mindful of the
                                distance                       privacy rights of
                               If media person does not       injured or
                                cooperate, alert security      affected party.
                               Designate a spokesperson
                                for dissemination of
                               Protect media from irate or
                                distraught spectators
                               At last resort, escort media
                                from venue

INCIDENT               PROCEDURES                         NOTES
Irate parent              Remain calm                    If parent refuses
confronts coach           Move to coach’s office or      to go to coach’s
                            private area                  office or private
                          Ask an assistant coach or      area, ask players
                            administrator to be present   to leave
                          Listen attentively to parent   immediate area.
                          Acknowledge parents
                          Schedule a meeting with the
                            parent for the next
                            available day
Bomb Threat               Remain clam                    Use local
(all sports)              Alert security and             procedures for
                            administrators                evacuation.
                          Call 911
                          Evacuate spectators to a
                            safe and distant location
                          Focus on crowd control and
                            reduction of panic
                          Follow law enforcement
Steps for Prevention      Remain calm                    There is a fine
                          Pre-plan with security         line between
                          Alert security and             cheering for your
                            administration                team and
                          Strategically position         harassment of
                            security and administration   the opposing
                          Be alert, anticipate and       team.
                            observe “hot spots”
                          Act swiftly, tactfully and     Bench placement
                            professionally                and proximity of
                                                          vocal spectators
                                                          should be
                                                          considered and

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