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									2009: iPhone vs. Android
Since 2005, Myxer has been delivering mobile entertainment to
consumers on every major mobile device platform and carrier network.
To date, we’ve delivered nearly a billion ringtones, wallpapers, videos,
games, and applications over the mobile internet to an active community
of millions.

                                                                               MYXER’S BOOMBOX REPORT | 2009: iPhone vs. Android
This monthly report provides a transparent view into the behavior of our
users in order to reveal trends and consumer preferences we believe
are relevant to those involved in the quickly evolving mobile, music, and
advertising industries.

We hope you enjoy, and are able to gain a great deal of insight from this
and the coming reports we will be publishing. This truly is an exciting time
for the many industries involved in the rapidly changing mobile landscape
and Myxer is pleased to contribute to the ever growing pool of knowledge
in the space.

-Myk Willis
Founder and CEO, Myxer

Table of Contents

                                                                                                           MYXER’S BOOMBOX REPORT | 2009: iPhone vs. Android
Overview / Report Insights ....................................................................... 2

Android / iPhone Comparison - Downloads ........................................... 3

Android / iPhone Comparison - Mobile Traffic.......................................... 4

Android / iPhone Comparison - Handset Mix ........................................... 5

Android / iPhone Comparison - Ringtone Downloads by Genre ............... 6

Year in Review - Smartphone OS Breakdown.......................................... 7

Year in Review - Top 20 Handsets............................................................ 8

About Myxer and Methodology ................................................................. 9


For our inaugural report we will take a look at two of the world’s fastest growing digital media platforms,
the Android and iPhone operating systems. Despite being in existence for only a little over a year, the
Android OS has already gained significant traction within the Myxer community and has, in many key
metrics, surpassed the iPhone in terms of content consumption.

In Q4 2009 Myxer tracked almost 500,000 unique registered visitors initiating downloads of mobile
content across the iPhone and Android platforms. A total of seven million downloads were completed
on these two operating systems in that three month period. While together comprising a relatively small
percentage (3%) of downloads from Myxer, a comparison between Android and iPhone user behavior
leads to some interesting findings detailed in the report that follows.

                                                                                                                     MYXER’S BOOMBOX REPORT | 2009: iPhone vs. Android
Also included in this report is a ‘Year in Review’ section that highlights trends observed in the distribution
of handsets seen by Myxer over the course of 2009, including changes in the mix of operating systems,
manufacturers, and handset models.

Reports Insights
  Android / iPhone

     •   In total, Myxer delivered seven times more downloads to Android devices than iPhone devices
         in Q4 2009.

     •   Visits from users on the Android operating system grew almost 350% from December 2008 to
         December 2009, compared to iPhone visits which grew 170%.

     •   Roughly 70% of the ringtone downloads made by Android users, and 48% of downloads
         initiated by iPhone users, came from the Hip-Hop/R&B genre.

  Year in Review

     •   RIM’s Blackberry Curve remains the #1 phone on Myxer’s mobile site for the second year in a
         row, garnering close to 10% of visits in both 2008 and 2009. The Blackberry Curve is just one of
         the 1,500 different handsets that Myxer delivered content to in 2009.

     •   Windows Mobile and Palm both lost ground in 2009, combining to give up 24% of the smart
         phone traffic on Myxer’s mobile site to the Android, iPhone, and RIM operating systems.

Android / iPhone comparison – Downloads
 • Myxer delivered seven times more total downloads to Android devices than iPhone

   devices in Q4 2009.

 • In December the average registered Android user downloaded 8 items from Myxer’s
   catalog, compared to the average iPhone user who downloaded 4 pieces of

                       Mobile Entertainment Downloads
                              Myxer Platform - Q4 2009

                                                                                                  MYXER’S BOOMBOX REPORT | 2009: iPhone vs. Android




                          October                         0

                                               *Mobile entertainment consists of ringtones,
                                               wallpapers, videos, games, and applications

Android / iPhone comparison – Mobile Traffic

 • Monthly visits from users on the Android operating system grew almost 350% in 2009,
   compared to iPhone visits which grew 170%.

                    Monthly Visits to Myxer’s Mobile Site


                                                                                             MYXER’S BOOMBOX REPORT | 2009: iPhone vs. Android




Android / iPhone comparison – Handset Mix

 • In December ‘08 only one handset, the HTC Dream/G1, was operating on Google’s open
   source Android operating system. By December ‘09 Myxer had seen 9 different handsets
   running the Android OS.

 • The HTC Dream remained the leader throughout 2009 garnering 35% of the unique users
   completing downloads on Android handsets in December.

 • The HTC myTouch, Motorola CLIQ, and Motorola Droid each gained significant traction
   by the end of the year, used by 18%, 11%, and 7% (respectively) of total unique Android
   users on Myxer in December.

 • Phones in use on the iPhone operating system were first seen by Myxer in June 2007

                                                                                                                    MYXER’S BOOMBOX REPORT | 2009: iPhone vs. Android
   and to date there is only one cellular device supporting Apple’s operating system; the

                                   Android Handset Mix(1)
                                     Unique Visitors - Q4 2009
                  0%               25%
                                                       50%                    75%

   Dec 09              35%
                                          18%         11%
                                                                        11%   8%     7%
                                                                                               7%    1%

     Nov 09
                                                     21%       1%   1% 7%
      Oct 09

                                                                                    11%   1%   6%1%

                             HTC Dream/G1                  HTC myTouch
                             Motorola CLIQ                 HTC Hero
                             Samsung Moment                Motorola Droid
                             Generic Android (2)           Samsung Behold II
                             HTC Magic                     Samsung Galaxy

                                               (1) Handset mix determined by unique users downloading content

                                                (2) When Myxer can’t determine the particular model of an Android
                                                device, it’s categorized as a ‘Generic Android’ device

Android / iPhone Comparison - Ringtone Downloads by Genre

 • Users on both operating systems consume a large percentage of Hip-Hop/R&B content,
   with Android users consuming a much higher percentage (77%), compared to iPhone

 • iPhone users are slightly more diverse when it comes to downloading different genres,
   with 53% of their downloads coming from the Rock, Pop, Comedy, Country, and
   Other categories.

                            Ringtone Downloads by Genre
                                 Myxer Platform - Q4 2009

                                                                                                           MYXER’S BOOMBOX REPORT | 2009: iPhone vs. Android
                                                      4%   11%
               25%                                2%

          5%                   47%

                           Hip-Hip/R&B        Rock               Pop
                           Comedy             Country            Other

           Myxer has a total of 35 different categories of mobile entertainment.
           Some of the categories that make up the “Other” Category include: Latin,
           Holiday, Dance, Love, Sound Effects, Blues, and Jazz.

                                          *Downloads by category are based off of almost 7 million
                                          downloads across both the Android and iPhone operating systems
                                          in Q4 2009.

Year in Review - Smartphone OS Breakdown
 • While we have seen the Android OS emerge as a significant part of the platform mix, RIM

   still dominates on Myxer, growing from 52% of the smartphone visits in 2008 to a massive
   67% in 2009.

 • Windows Mobile and Palm have taken the largest hit over the course of 2009. These two
   operating systems accounted for 40% of the overall smartphone market on Myxer in
   December ‘08, and by the end of ‘09 they only accounted for a combined 16% - losing a
   sizeable 24% to RIM, Android, and iPhone.

 • In December 2008 Myxer saw 5.4 million visits to our mobile site from smartphone users,
   by December 2009 this number had grown to 9.9 million visits. (Smartphones account for
   28% of the visits to Myxer’s mobile website)

                                                                                                                          MYXER’S BOOMBOX REPORT | 2009: iPhone vs. Android
                          Smartphone Operating System Share
                                        Visits to Myxer’s mobile site





                    67%                                                                      30.0%



                                  11%                        12%
                                                5%      5%            3%   4%
                                                                                   1%   1%
                 RIM       Windows          Palm       Android       iPhone       Symbian

                                   December 2008                   December 2009

                                                * Feature phones have not been included in order to isolate changes
                                                 occurring within the smartphone market

Year in Review - Top 20 Handsets

 • RIM’s Blackberry Curve remains the #1 phone on Myxer’s mobile site for the second year in a row,
   garnering close to 10% of visits in both 2008 and 2009.

 • Samsung handsets have seen a great deal of growth in 2009 jumping to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th
   most active handsets on Myxer’s mobile site, and with a total of 8 phones in the top 20.

                 Top 20 Handsets Visiting Myxer’s Mobile Site
                                        December 2009

                                                                                                          MYXER’S BOOMBOX REPORT | 2009: iPhone vs. Android
                     Rank          Model             % of Visits   Visits
                                                                             Dec 08
                       1    RIM / Blackberry Curve         8.98% 3,147,081      1
                       2    Samsung / Messenger            4.74% 1,659,083      7
                       3    Samsung / Instinct             2.95% 1,034,288      4
                       4    Samsung / Cricket              2.61% 913,723        -
                       5    Kyocera / Melo                 2.61% 913,100        -
                       6    Samsung / Messager II          2.28% 798,610        -
                       7    Sanyo / SCP-2700               2.00% 699,032        -
                       8    LG / Rumor2                    1.67% 585,161        -
                       9    RIM / Pearl                    1.66% 583,065        2
                      10    Cricket / CAPTR A200           1.64% 573,161        -
                      11    LG / Vu                        1.57% 549,158       14
                      12    RIM / BlackBerry Storm         1.56% 546,212        -
                      13    Samsung / Rant                 1.53% 536,937       20
                      14    HTC / Dream / G1               1.38% 483,772        -
                      15    ZTE / C78                      1.37% 478,968        -
                      16    LG / Xenon                     1.33% 465,232        -
                      17    Samsung / Impression           1.25% 436,643        -
                      18    Apple / iPhone                 1.23% 429,873       19
                      19    Samsung / Finesse              1.21% 425,339        -
                      20    Samsung / Behold               1.06% 372,732       13

BoomBox Methodology
Since 2005, Myxer has cataloged demographic, handset, and carrier data for downloads served by our

platform. This data set covers approximately one billion downloads and 30 million unique individuals,
and is currently growing by some 85 million downloads each month. The overwhelming majority of
Myxer users are in the US. By mining this data, we are able to uncover what we believe to be interesting
trends in user behavior and preferences, demographic changes, and carrier and handset usage. Myxer’s
BoomBox Report is our way of sharing this information with the industry as a whole.

Visitors to Myxer do not need to supply demographic information such as age and gender to use our
service. In instances where demographics are given in BoomBox, they refer to the pool of registered
users for whom that information is available.

Mobile entertainment downloads consist of ringtones, wallpapers, videos, and games delivered by the
Myxer platform.

                                                                                                               MYXER’S BOOMBOX REPORT | 2009: iPhone vs. Android
About Myxer
Founded in 2005, Myxer has become a go-to consumer destination for mobile entertainment and
personalization– with one of the world’s largest catalogs of ringtones, wallpapers, videos, applications
and games. At www.myxer.com there are no hidden costs, no subscription fees and no surprises.
For content providers and consumers, Myxer’s mobile platform enables radically simple and quick
delivery of content. And for advertisers, Myxer offers a variety of high-impact offerings across the web
and mobile web, including the ability to deliver branded content. Named a Top Wireless Company
in 2009 by FierceWireless, as well as Best Music Service at the 2008 Mobile Entertainment Forum
and Best Consumer Messaging Application at the Global Messaging Awards 2008, Myxer’s unique
solutions continue to capture global and national attention. To learn more and see some of the exciting
applications, go to demo.myxer.com.

Email questions and comments to boombox@myxer.com, or

visit boombox.myxer.com for more information and to subscribe to our newsletter.

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