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					AP Human Geography

               Matt Crawford, Joe
            Blount, Kiersten Chaffee,
             Jamie Jacobsen, Brad
    Webquest for Mr. Crawford's Human Geography
                   Class: Religion

This webquest aims to help students to gain a better understanding of
the following: relationships between religion and geography; how
religions shape the geographical landscape; and how geography affects
religion. This activity is based around the key issues in Chapter Six of
your Human Geography textbook: Distributions of Religion, Diffusions
of Religion, Religious Spaces, and Religious Conflict.


The class will be divided into five groups--one for each major world
religion. You will be given a religion to examine for which you will
have specific questions to answer. The questions will be given to you at
the start of class. Use the links to your religion below to help you
complete the assignment. Please write out complete answers.
                       World Religions Webquest


Section One: Religious Distribution
Where do the adherents of this religion live?

Section Two: Religious Diffusion
What and where is the origin of your religion?

Section Three: Worship Spaces
Does your religion have a pilgrimage site? Where is it? What is the
significance of that location?

Section Four: Religious Conflict
Who or what is your struggle? Is it the government, a rival religion?

How would you (the student) solve this conflict?
Creating the Webquest


Hinduism On-line

The Hindu Universe

Religious Tolerance

Hindu Resources Online

Links to Other Sites

Holy Places

Disposal of the Dead


Link to AP Geography Web Quest
                             100%-90%                        89-80                        79-70                            <70
Content of           Presentation answered all        Presentation answered    Presentation answered Most       Presentation failed to
Presentation         the questions in the             all the webquest’s       of the Webquest’s questions.     answer the questions
35pts                webquest thoroughly.             questions, but some      The Presentation was below       adequately. Presentation
                     Presentation expanded            had skimpy answers.      instructors’ expectations.       lacked several key
                     everyone’s knowledge of the      Presentation met the     Presentation lacked a few key    concepts about that
                     religion and went beyond         instructor’s             concepts.                        religion.
                     the instructors’ expectations.   expectations.
                                                      Essential Knowledge
                                                      of the religion was

Length/Organizati    Presentation was well            A well-organized         Presentation lacked logical      Presentation lacked logical
on of Presentation   organized and was neither        presentation that        organization but still           organization and went on
15pts                too long nor too short.          maybe ran a bit long     presented the material.          tangents.
                                                      or short.
Group Dynamics       Group worked well together       Group worked well        One person did most the          Group showed lack of
15pts                and shared enthusiasm.           together. A few          work.                            cohesion or enthusiasm.
                     Everyone shared the              people did most of the
                     workload.                        work.
Presentation         Presentation showed              Presentation was         Presentation lacked creativity   Presentation was sloppy,
Creativity/Power     creativity and original          creative and solid. A    and had several errors.          and unoriginal.
Point                thinking. The presentation       few errors existed in
35pts                showed an excellent              the PowerPoint.
                     knowledge of PowerPoint.
                     The presentation had no
                     typos/spelli ng/grammatical
     World Religions Webquest

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