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									                                         Drama III - Syllabus
Course Information: Drama III is a focus on performance theory and criticism supporting current
staging of monologues, duets and ensemble scripts in theatre and film. This course has a significant
concentration on advanced acting skills and theatre on the global stage. The classroom is located in the
Performing Arts Center (PAC) in Room H-24. The stage in the PAC is used throughout the course,
preparing the students to fill a large space.
Instructor Information: Patricia (Patti) Reeves - Master’s of Liberal Arts - LSUS
                        Office Phone: 424-4822; 286-5149
                        Planning Period: A-Days Noon-2:00: B-Days Noon-2:00.
Class Fees: $ 20.00 Bring your check made out to CMHS by August 24th .

Reading Materials: Each student will purchase two plays from the list of 100 plays given to the
students and those plays will become the property of the Drama Department to be used this year and in
the years to come. Books must be turned in for credit on August 27th .
Materials: A three-sectioned spiral notebook or three-ring binder with dividers
           A composition notebook
           Drama III – Guys – one orange highlighter
           Drama III- Girls- one yellow highlighter
Course Purpose: The arts are fundamental to the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical
development of students of the twenty-first century. The arts draw on a range of intelligence,
aesthetics, and learning styles not addressed in most educational environments.
Objectives: When students complete this course they will be able to:
       Continue their study of acting, play analysis and production theory at the intermediate to
        advanced levels
       Increase their appreciation of the multiple forms, methods and social purposes of theatre
       Demonstrate an intermediate to advanced level of play analysis and the appropriate
       Identify global trends in the art of theater
       Recognize how to be critical consumers of artistic events
Course Policies: Contained in Classroom Procedures
Attendance, lateness: Caddo Magnet Standards apply as per Student Handbook
Class participation: Class participation is vital. Wear lose fitting clothes you can move in.
Academic dishonesty: Caddo Magnet Standards apply as per Student Handbook
Available Support Services
For homework assignments http://teacherweb.com/LA/CaddoMagnetHighSchool/Reeves/;
For Drama Club Activities www.caddomagnetplayers.blogspot.com

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