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					Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands:
An Example of Institutional Arrangement of
   Cross-Sector Coordination in Vietnam

 83 Nguyen Chi Thanh Str. Ha Noi, Viet Nam
       Email: nchoi52@yahoo.com
       Status of Sea and Island Management

 Vietnam is a maritime state: Maritime Index = 0,01
 Like other developing countries, the sea & island
  management activities in Vietnam are overlapped and
  fragmented by using sectoral coordination
 To overcome the obstacles, the Strategy of Vietnam’s Seas
  towards 2020 has been approved by the Government in
  2007, which required establishment of powerful
  governmental organization of marine & island affairs
 And Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands (VASI) has
  been already formulated by the Prime Minister in March
  2008 through integration of existing marine-based
 The VASI is first and new agency in Vietnam responsible to
  state management of seas and islands, including coasts.
           VASI Function and Tasks

 Conducting the function
  of integrated and unified
  state management on
  seas and islands;
 Carrying out public
  services in the fields of
  the VASI appointed by
  the Government
           VASI Mission and Major Tasks

 Develop the marine policies,
  laws and legal documents and
  submit them to the
  Government for approval;
 Carry out basic surveys and
  monitoring of marine
  resources and environment;
 Carry out research in marine
  and ocean sciences,
  exploration on marine
  resources and environment;
 Control of marine and island
  environment and resources;
           Mission and Major Tasks (2)

 Make coastal, marine and island use planning
  and management;
 Undertake integrated coastal management (ICM)
  and guide local levels in implementation of ICM;
 Implement international cooperation on of seas
  and islands;
 Implement the international conventions relating
  to the marine environment and resources;
 Warning and emergency responses of natural
  and man-made hazards on the seas and coasts
       VASI Organization Chart



   SUBORDINATE                                   NON-PROFIT TECHNICAL
ADMINISTRATIVE UNITS                                    UNITS

                                                                Research Institute
      Department of                                             of Sea and Island
International cooperation,                                      Management
Sciences and Technology        Agency of Marine Resources
                               & Environment Survey and
                               Control                          Centre of Marine Geology
 Department of Planning                                          and Mineral Resources
      and Finance

                                                                     Centre of Marine
  Administrative Office                                                Hydrology
                               Agency of Sea and Island
                                  Use Management
                                                                        Centre of
 Department of Personnel                                        Marine Mapping & Geodesy

                                                                  Centre of Integrated
                                                                Coastal Management and
VASI Infrastructure
& Human Resources
- Marine Geology Lab.          Marine Geodesy Vessel
- Marine Environment Lab.
- Marine Research Harbor in
Haiphong city
- Marine Survey and Sampling
- Staff: 400 persons

 Marine Research Vessel


                               High-speed Boat
             Major Programs, Projects & Activities
                (VASI integrated coordination)

 National program on comprehensive surveys of marine
    resources and environment toward 2015 (marine-based
    institutions involved).
   National program on international cooperation of seas and
    islands toward 2020 (11 line ministries & sectors involved).
   National project on ICM in Central Vietnam (14 coastal
    provinces involved).
   National project on marine database (marine-based
    academic institutions participated).
   National project on sea & island use planning toward 2020,
    including coastal & marine function zoning and marine
    space planning).
   National projects on marine geodesy and minerals seeking
                  Major Programs,…(2)
 National project on marine policy and law: Law of
    Marine Resources and Environment; and Governmental
    Decree of Integrated Management of Marine Resources
    and Environment are in process of preparation.
   Other policy tools: tax, fine, permission, licence,…of
    marine resources and environment utilization and
    exploitation, including marine space use.
   Controlling and patrolling sea & island -use and
   Oil spill and unknown oil pollution response and
   Review of EIA, SEA reports of marine & island
    development investments
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