Summer Issue                                                                                              2007

             JUNIOR LEAGUE CELEBRATES ITS 2006-2007

                                                                          Polly Behrens had a lot to celebrate this
                                                                          year! She not only hosted the Larks’ 50th
                                                                          anniversary celebration on April 29th at
                                                                          her home in Ruxton, but she also received
                                                                          an achievement award for her commitment
                                                                          to the Junior League at the Annual Dinner.
                                                                          See page 4 for the details!

100 members gathered together on May 8th at Lillies on the Harbor
to celebrate the 2006-2007 accomplishments of the League. Read more
about this event on pages 6 & 7. League members enjoyed an incredible
view of Baltimore’s Harbor while sitting on the terrace. (Seated: Carol
Goodman (Past-President), Kristy Dickson & Shelli Adams. Standing:
Stephanie Bartal, Candy Friedman (Past-President) & Jan Shettle.

                   Read CommuniquÉ on-line at www.jlbalt.org                                                       2
Community Resource
Board 2006-2007                                                                                        Brag Board
                                                               The Junior League of Baltimore is pleased to announce that member, Cara Weikel wed Andy Musk on
Karen Adkins
Director of Social Ministry                                    April 14th . The wedding was held at the Elkridge Furnace Inn. Congratulations, as well, to Laura
Christ Lutheran Church                                         Pommett, who purchased her first house in March and started a new job in May at T. Rowe Price as a
Penny Anderson
                                                               Business Systems Analyst.
VP Community Building
United Way of Central Maryland
Julie Cox

                                                                                        Summer Calendar
Vice President Philanthropy
Sheppard Pratt Health Care
Alice Ann Finnerty
The Turnover Shop/Finnerteas                                   Tuesday, July 10th-        “Chair Training 102” and Joint Council Meetings
Elaine M. Foard
Director of Development and Special Events                                                location TBD
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
                                                               Thursday, July 19th -      Open House
Elisa Ghinger
Kenneth N. Harris, Sr.
                                                               Tuesday, July 24th -       GMM Thursday August 19th - open house
4th District, Baltimore City Council                           Tuesday, September 11th - New Member Training Class
Elayne Hettleman                                               Saturday, September 15th - 9:30-12:30 Joint Council Meeting
Executive Director
Leadership Baltimore County                                    Tuesday, September 18th - New Member Training Class
Pamela Johnson
The Wexford Group
                                                                                 2nd Tuesday of each month - Council Meeting nights
Steve Kaiser
Kaiser Associates
                                                                               3rd Tuesday of each month - Committee Meeting nights
Gail Kaplan
Director of Marketing
The Classic Catering People
The Honorable Delores G. Kelley
State Senator
State of Maryland
Thomas Kiefaber
                                                                                       BOARD OF DIRECTORS
The Senator Theatre                                                                                                2007-2008
Clem Mueller
KAWG&F                                                           President..................................................................…..................... Megan Tahboub
Erika Murray
Director, Corporate Public Relations & Community Affairs          President-Elect.............................................................…................. Heidi Bowen
MedStar Health
Bryn Parchman                                                    Community Vice President...............................................….......... Angela Murphy
President & CEO
Port Discovery                                                   Finance Vice President......................................................…........... Laura Pappas
V. Denèe Rosasco
                                                                 Secretary..........................................................................…...............Christi Barth
Robert Schaefer
Executive Director
France-Merrick Foundation                                        Communications Vice President.....................................................Tami Karwacki
William Donald Schaefer                                          Membership Vice President............................................…............ Nicole Westrick
Julie St. Marie
Personal Financial Representative                                Treasurer.....................................................................…................... Jamie Muhly
Patricia Thompson                                                Projects, Advocacy, & Research Director...............…................... Ginger Mihalik
Director of Family Services
Family & Children’s Services of Central Maryland                 Sustaining Director....................................................….................. Mona Rudnicki
The Junior League of Baltimore, Inc. is an organization          Parliamentarian...........................................................….................. Kristy Dickson
of women committed to promoting voluntarism,
developing the potential of women, and improving
communities through the effective action and
                                                                 Nominating & Placement Liaison..............................…............... Patti Engblom
leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively
educational and charitable.

 2                                                                                                                                                  Summer 2007
                     PRESIDENT’S CORNER

                                                              Making a Difference! David Schwartz, author of “The Magic of Thinking Big”, said, “Believe Big”.
                                                              The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. Think little goals & expect little
                                                              achievements. Think big goals & win big successes. Remember this too! Big ideas & big plans are often
                                                              easier, certainly no more difficult than smaller ideas & smaller plans”.

                                                              This year we celebrate 95 years of community service in Baltimore, doing volunteer work that in many
                                                              cases others ignored or neglected to do. It has been powerful listening to the stories Sustainers have
                                                              told us about their experiences in the Junior League and the projects the League was involved in over the
                                                              years. The JLB focus has included sports programs for school children, homelessness, schools & libraries,
                                                              museums, children centers, seniors programs, literacy & mentoring and advocacy. So many people that we
                                                              have interviewed have echoed the same thoughts - “Who could believe that a group of young women could
                                                              make such a difference?”

                                                              Eleanor Roosevelt said, “You must do the things you think you cannot do”. How appropriate for the work
                                                              we have done this year. The Junior League has made a difference and continues to make a difference
           Anne Johnson, President                            today. This year was exciting and magical. Individuals on committees wanted to make their projects
                                                              and fundraisers more exciting while having a greater impact on the community and in the press. Ginger
                                                              Mihalik and Roberta Deupree ran with the idea of developing the Boutique Warehouse Sale; Chris
                                                              Watson suggested adding a “rap song” contest to Kid’s in the Kitchen; Cindy Galka designed windows, ads

Making a Difference!                                           & marketing materials. A friend of Maria Johnson’s, Ann Ciekot, recommended we marshal our forces to
                                                              aggressively go after the legislators to support a bond bill for the Junior League.

                                                              In every case, we utilized our network and leveraged our resources. What a team effort! These are just
                                                              some of the great ideas that were generated and are a small part of the many success stories that happened
                                                              on every committee. As we discovered, the magic truly comes from our members.

                                                              We can even think bigger in the future by analyzing our learnings and determining how to use those
experiences as a platform from which to be able to make a greater impact, while further leveraging our relationships with more partners to bring greater exposure to
the League. The School Partnership Program, Kid’s in the Kitchen, Boutique Warehouse Sale and Wise Penny are projects that have the ability to provide community
impact, provide the necessary income for the League, and provide exposure for the League in the Baltimore community.

The Junior League throughout the years has united the members by rallying around a common cause that would use their collective power to address many important
causes and issues. This year, more than 250 Leagues across the nation came together to address childhood obesity through individualized “Kids in the Kitchen” projects.
Accepting this challenge, the JLB’s Community Council again hosted our own KIK event and was able to significantly increased the size and impact of this event. By
developing strong partners and sponsors, the JLB capitalized on these relationships by creating a venue to dramatically increased our impact and also increased Port
Discovery’s attendance rate by approximately 1,000 people. We made a difference!

We are now exploring broadening our reach around this issue by making healthy eating & exercise part of the School Partnership Program. We are talking with the
AJLI, Maryland Food Bank and local fitness leaders on ways to partner to strengthen our impact. Collectively, we can make a difference in the health of children, on the
issues of childhood obesity, and proper nutrition directly and through partnerships and advocacy.

That’s making a real and meaningful impact on our communities… and we did and can make it happen!

We made a difference in New Orleans! Thinking big was demonstrated when nearly 1,000 League members, from throughout the US, Mexico, Canada and the UK,
gathered with friends and families to travel to New Orleans for the League’s “Rebuilding a Better New Orleans” project last fall. Six representatives of The Junior
League of Baltimore “made a difference” by assisting a local community and provided support to the JL of New Orleans.

Never Forget Our Mission- Promote Voluntarism, Develop the Potential of Women & Improve Communities through
the Effective Action of Trained Volunteers. Mary Harriman, founder of the Junior Leagues herself said many years
ago, “We have the responsibility to act and we have the opportunity to conscientiously act to affect the environment
around us.” In 1901, Junior League members were working to make an impact. Today, 106 years later, we are still
making an impact.

As we prepare to break ground on the renovation and expansion of the Wise Penny, it is a wonderful time to dream
about what the future will bring for the Junior League of Baltimore. Imagine a solid foundation for the League in the
community, a resource room for JL programs and community meetings, and a space that will provide revenue for the
League through the Wise Penny and the utilization of the rest of the building for fundraisers or events. The Junior
League of Baltimore Building is our opportunity to put a “flag in the ground” for members and the community to
recognize the work, spirit and commitment that the Junior League has provided to the community for 95 years and
will continue to provide for many years. The job is never complete! We have to make a further impact and dream big.
The time is now –and has to be now – because we are the Junior League.

Thank you for giving me the Opportunity to Serve as President this year!

                                                                    Junior League founder, Mary Harriman, begins the
                                                                                   Leagues in 1901 in New York City.
Anne Johnson, President

                                      The Junior League Larks hosted a terrific party April 29th
                                      celebrating 50 years of song in the Baltimore community, held at
                                      the home of Polly and Bruce Behrens. The Larks is the longest
                                      running project of the JLB and it is believed to be the longest
                                      running project of all the Junior Leagues in the United States.
                                      Former Larks, present Larks, Sustainers and Actives all had a
                                      wonderful time reconnecting and sharing memories from the
                                      past. The present Larks performed under director, Leo Wa-
                                      nenchak, and all the Larks in attendance joined their voices to
                                      sing old favorite, Blue Skies. What a sound!

                                      Five of the original Larks were present: Sally Murphy, founder,
                                      Nancy Gephart, Normie Harris, Dayle Jones and Ann King.
                                      Former directors, Jean McHale and Alice Mack joined in the fun.
                                      JLB President, Anne Johnson, presented the Larks with a citation
                                      from Governor Martin O’Malley and a letter of commendation
                                      from AJLI President, Sandi Kemmish. Three speakers from
                                      community organizations where the Larks have performed over
                                      the years spoke glowingly of what the Larks’ “gift of song” means
                                      to their clients. Susan Patry, director of the Southwest Baltimore
                                      Senior Center, presented us with a citation from Sheila Dixon,
                                      Mayor of Baltimore. The other speakers were Rita Arrington,
                                      director of the Allen Center, and Jim Hillman, director of the
                                      Gallagher Center. After the presentations, everyone gathered to
                                      enjoy a delicious buffet catered by Putting on the Ritz.

 Anne Johnson, presents Polly Beh-
 rens and The Larks with a framed
Governor’s Citation from Governor
                 Martin O’Malley.

                                     Former Larks members joined to celebrate the 50th Anniversary event! Pictured l-r: :
                                              Normie Harris, Nancy Gephart, Ann King, Dayle Jones & Sally Murphy

4                                                                                         Summer 2007
The Larks 50th Anniversary: continued

In honor of the 50th Anniversary, Polly Behrens, Larks Chairman,
announced the creation of the Larks Legacy Fund. This fund has
been established to support the Larks for years to come and will
ensure that the song will continue.

Thank you to all who made this party a success, the Larks commit-
tee, Sustainers and Actives. Special thanks to Cindy Galka, who
designed the beautiful invitation and Christi Barth, the invaluable
party organizer.

                                                                         Alice Mack, Leo Wanechak and Jean
                                                                          McHale enjoy being together for this
                                                                                                festive event!

                                                                      Current Larks members fill the Behrens’
                                                                      home with the “gift of song”.

                                                                       How many Larks (past + present) does
                                                                                  it take to fill Polly’s home?

JLB Breaks Ground
                                                                     Lyrics to Winning
on the Future!!!
                                                                     Whole Grain Gang Song
By Carol Goodman & Maria Johnson

Anything you can do needs to be done,
so pick up the tool of your choice and
get started. ~ Ben Linder
Ring the Bells! Sound the Trumpets! Shout
from the Rooftops! The time has finally come
for the Junior League of Baltimore to officially
“break ground” on our long awaited Wise
Penny Renovation & JLB Headquarters

Balloons filled the air and frivolity was in the air as JLB
members, friends, politicians, community partners and
funders gathered for the Groundbreaking Ceremony that
took place on the grassy lot behind the Wise Penny store
                                                                                                                  Tag Sale
on June 13, 2007. The highlights of the day, besides the
“Shovel in the Ground” activity, included several musical
interludes by The Larks, even one song especially created
for the Wise Penny, and a Memory Wall inside the store,
where guests were encouraged to share their favorite Wise     The Junior League of Baltimore’s Tag Sale, held on May 19th & 20th,
Penny Memory. Stay tuned…more stories and pictures            was a huge success! We reached hundreds of shoppers from the
from this special day will appear in the next issue of the    Govans community and beyond who were thankful for the great
                                                              merchandise at affordable prices. We raised over $1,600, which is
Communiqué.                                                   quite a feat considering the average purchase was under $5. We want
                                                              to thank all of the members and sustainers who brought in great items
At the Groundbreaking Ceremony, we announced                  - as well as Bella Cose and The Clearing House which donated some
that the first phase of the JLB’s Building Opportunities       pieces for this event.
Capital Campaign has been completed having raised over
$850,000! We are especially grateful to the lead donors
who helped make this project a reality. Their early support
and belief in this project allowed us to move forward with
the construction phase.

But fear not…we still need YOU! We are now in the
2nd phase of the campaign with a goal of about $500,000,
which will bring the overall capital campaign total to just
over $1.3 million. Over the next five months, we will be
calling on each of you to invest in the JLB’s future and      Is this the living room of new
to consider a stretch gift to the campaign effort. So stay     Headquarters? No, these are just
                                                              some of the items available at the
by the phone, check your email and please join us in this
                                                              JLB’s Tag Sale, which helped raise
exciting and historical JLB venture. We know you won’t        $1,600 for the League.
regret it!

 6                                                                                                          Summer 2007
   NEW MEMBER OPEN HOUSES                                               Board Bureau
                                                                        By Shelly Terranova

                                                                        A central part of the Junior League of Baltimore’s mis-
                                                                        sion is developing the potential of women. This impact
                                                                        is easy to see in the work that we do in our community
                                                                        programs, mentoring at-risk women and children. We
                                                                        also accomplish this mission within our membership
                                                                        as we develop the potential of our individual members
                                                                        -women who will go on to impact the Baltimore com-
                                                                        munity through civic leadership and service on other
                                                                        non-profit Boards and in their professional capacities.
    SUMMER OPEN HOUSE RECEPTIONS                                        Since its inception, the purpose of the Junior League
                                                                        has been to train women as leaders in our community,
Do you have a friend or know someone interested in learning about       to provide real life community service opportunities
the League? Then invite her to the Summer Open House. We will           for leadership skills development and to facilitate their
be hosting a reception for women (age 18+) interested in learning       personal growth. The Baltimore community is ripe with
how they can impact the Baltimore community, while gaining valu-        Junior League of Baltimore women whose hallmark lead-
able leadership experience by joining League as volunteers.             ership efforts on behalf of Baltimore’s most vulnerable
                                                                        citizens, in corporate board rooms and in local commu-
               Thursday, July 19th 7:00 - 9:00 PM                       nity groups has made them recognized leaders in their
                               and                                      chosen fields of interest.
              Thursday, August 16th 7:00 – 9:00 PM
                                                                        We are already informally recognized by other non-
These events will be held at the L’Hirondelle Club of Ruxton, located   profits as a resource for well-trained Board members...
at 7611 L’Hirondelle Club Road. For more information, e-mail            it is often said that a Leaguer is easy to spot at a Board
Jodie@jlbalt.org or go to www.jlbalt.org.                               table because she is so well trained. In an effort to be
                                                                        able to serve more formally as a resource for non-profits
                                                                        and to keep in touch with the trained expertise that our
                                                                        members are providing other non-profit organizations,
                                                                        the JLB is developing a Board Bureau. This Bureau is
                                                                        open to past or exiting JLB Board members who are al-
                                                                        ready or may be interested in serving on other non-profit
                                                                        Boards. Individuals simply complete a short applica-
                                                                        tion denoting their service of the JLB Board, service on
                                                                        external Boards, and interest areas. As this Bureau is
                                                                        developed we can promote our capacity to create linkages
                                                                        between our trained membership and the non-profit sec-
                                                                        tor needs for civic leadership.

                                                                        If you would like to be added to this Bureau (or have
                                                                        your past or current external leadership included in our
                                                                        records and materials), please contact Shelly Terranova
                                                                        at sterranova@jlbalt.org or by phone at 410-435-5521.

                                                                        Shelly Terranova, JLB Director, takes a Leap of Faith at a Weinberg
                                                                        Fellowship retreat to Outward Bound.

                                                                                            Annual Dinner
                                                                                            A Night of Amazing Accomplishments
                                                                                            By Christi Barth

                                                                                            Annual Dinner, as always, was a very festive night. Almost 100
                                                                                            members turned out on May 8th to celebrate the numerous
                                                                                            accomplishments of the past year. We had a new venue, Lillies
                                                                                            on the Harbor, and many people enjoyed their cocktails on the
                                                                                            balcony overlooking the downtown marina.
                                        Kathleen Gibison, Mia Walsh, Melissa John-
                                         son, Candy Friedman and Diana Hegmann
                                              enjoy (lots of) cocktails on the balcony of
                                        Lillies on the Harbor, overlooking Baltimore’s
                                                                     downtown marina.

    Megan Tahboub (incoming President), Anne Johnson (outgoing President) and
    Amy Schroeder join together with picture-perfect smiles.

                                                                                            It truly is amazing how much a dedicated group of women can
                                                                                            accomplish. The program was filled with pages of accomplish-
                                                                                            ments from each council from the past year. In addition to
                                                                                            actives, sustainers, new members and staff, we had honored
                                                                                            guests from the community: Linda Taylor, Principal at Govans
                                                                                            Elemaentary, our new partner school, Phil Holmes from Good-
                                                                                            will Industries of the Chesapeake, Jim Jennings of the Allstate
                                                                                            Foundation, Steve Vassor of the Hampden Family Center, Kim
                                                                                            Grimsley of Gordon Feinblatt, and Alice Ann Finnerty from our
                                                                                            Community Resource Board.

After dinner, we kicked off the program with news about next year’s big 95th birth-
day celebration at Port Discovery. Everyone save the date of October 6th! Presi-
dent Anne Johnson recognized three very important members of our Community
Resource Board:
          • Steve Kaiser of Kaiser Associates has been of invaluable assistance to the PR
          and Marketing committee. With his generous donation of his time, strategies,
          experience and contacts, we were able to get the League in every form of media this
          year, and greatly expanded our exposure in Baltimore.
          • Julie St. Marie of the Allstate Insurance Company has been an integral part of
          the cultivation of the Allstate Foundation for support of the Women’s Mentoring
          • Julie Cox, Vice President of Philanthropy at Sheppard Pratt, has generously
          given her time and advice over the past year. She’s opened several doors for the
          Junior League to corporate and private foundations to explore sponsorships and                         Lyn Phelps with Nastasia Bently, the recipient of the
          grants to support JLB programs and initiatives                                                                     Sustainer’s Service Award.

8                                                                                                                                        Summer 2007
Community Vice President Beth Wierzerbieniec gave special recognition to Polly
Behrens for all her years of unflagging service. Sustaining Director Lyn Phelps proudly
presented the Sustainer’s Service Award to Nastasia Bently, an outstanding senior at
Baltimore Polytechnic. The Peggy Waxter Sustainer Spirit Award was given to Alice

After a flurry of last minute ticket sales, Fundraising Events Co-Chair Michelle King
announced Barry Cohen as the winner of the Saab raffle. Then the award presentations
really got going. Every winner was praised effusively over their extraordinary contribu-
tions. The New Member award went to Elizabeth Aneckstein, the Mary Goodwil-
lie Award went to Stephanie Bartal, and the Annapolis Bowl Award went to Nicole

This year marked the inauguration of the Cross Council Award, and its first recipient
was Cindy Galka. Shelli Adams was recognized for her years of service as she leaves
Baltimore, and the President’s Award was given to Jamie Muhly. And what would a
meeting be without an appearance by the Hons? They made the exciting announce-
                                                                                               Lyn Phelps (Past-President & Sustainer Director)
ment of a date for the groundbreaking of the new Headquarters, which was held on              presents the Peggy Waxter Sustainer Spirit Award to
June 13th (more information to follow in the next Communiqué).                                             Past President, Alice Smith.

We watched a slideshow highlighting all our events this year, and then the Larks gave their musical tribute to Anne Johnson. Anne gave
a heartfelt speech as she passed the gavel to incoming President Megan Tahboub. Megan’s first official duty after some moving remarks
was to install the incoming 2007-08 Board of Directors. We definitely closed out the year in style!

                     Jodie Miller, Catherine Lawson, Ginger
              Mihalik & Laura Pappas inside the restaurant.

                                                               BIG AWARDS
Mary Goodwillie Award Recipient, Stephanie Bartal                                      Annapolis Bowl Award Recipient, Nicole Westrick

                                                  Marie Kelly presents Stephanie           Alice Smith presents Nicole
                                                  Bartal with the Mary Goodwil-           Westrick with the Annapolis
                                                  lie Award.                                             Bowl Award.

Named after our founder, Mary Goodwillie, this award goes to an active member          This Bowl was presented to the Junior League of Baltimore in honor of its 75th
who throughout her membership has performed exceptional service to the JLB,            Anniversary by the Junior League of Annapolis. The Bowl serves as a perma-
especially in the Ways and Means and Membership areas.                                 nent reminder of the close ties between the two Leagues. Each year, we award
Stephanie Bartal joined the Junior League of Baltimore in 2001 and has spent her       the Annapolis Bowl to an active member who has demonstrated an exceptional
entire League tenure in support of our Ways and Means activities . She has worked      commitment to community service beyond her League involvement.
effortlessly with the Celebrate Style events in 2001-2004. League member still say      Award recipient, Nicole Westrick, is a dedicated volunteer who has served
that you could run future Celebrate Style events from her spreadsheets alone!          a wide variety of organizations in Baltimore City. She has volunteered to
The JLB captured her talents and asked her to serve in Board leadership, serving as    promote Baltimore to prospective City residents as a member of the Outreach
the League’s Treasurer in 2004-2005. That was just a springboard for her to serve      Committee of Live Baltimore and within her neighborhood by volunteering for
the following year as the Financial Vice President in 2005-2006.                       Friends of Patterson Park. In addition, she served as a Live Baltimore Ambas-
                                                                                       sador, connecting with potential residents to tell them about the advantages
Her exemplary work has culminated in countless successes for the Ad Hoc Head-          and excitement of city living. She has volunteered for the Baltimore League of
quarters Committee this year. And, she will continue these talents with her 2007-      Environmental Voters and served as Committee Chair of the Baltimore Prosti-
2008 leadership position, as Chair of the Wise Penny. Congratulations, Stephanie!      tution Task Force, working to provide compassionate outreach and services for
                                                                                       prostituted women in Baltimore City.
                                                                                       The Junior League is very lucky to have Nicole’s skills and talents working on
NEW MEMBERS                                                                            our behalf as she has served for three years in membership training, working to
                                                                                       bring more women into volunteer service with the JLB.
By Karen Leishure
                                                                                       Nicole Westrick volunteers to make Baltimore a better place for all residents.
                                                                                       She does it because it is the right thing to do. She said it herself, “basically
Karen Leishure and Anne Johnson present Elizabeth Aneckstein with the New Mem-         when anyone calls asking for volunteers, I try to step up and squeeze it into my
ber of the Year Award at the JLB’s Annual Dinner in May.                               schedule.” Said like a true Junior Leaguer!

                                                        The 2006-2007 new member class has been very busy this year and on April 28th, these women were approved
                                                        for active membership. During the new member year, each woman was placed on one of three committees—
                                                        Better Dressed Sale, Health Fair and Kids in the Kitchen. They spearheaded the task of signing up volunteers
                                                        for all three events. As active members, we know this is no easy job. As a class, they volunteered over 2,000
                                                        hours for the Junior League.

                                                        Like all of our active members, these women are required to complete menu items as they balance other respon-
                                                        sibilities such as jobs, families and other philanthropies. In addition to volunteering their time, they donated
                                                        over $5,200 worth of merchandise to the Wise Penny and raised over $1,000 in fundraising ticket sales. They
                                                        are strong well rounded women. At the annual dinner, we honored Elizabeth Aneckstein as the New Member
                                                        of the year. Elizabeth completed her requirements by assisting the Larks at 6 performances and working more
                                                        than 30 hours for fundraising events. During the evening, Elizabeth was presented with the New Member
                                                        plaque that will hang at the new headquarters, her first JLB travel bag and a bag of M&Ms to share with her
                                                        new committee. She may have difficulty dividing her bag of chocolates because she has unselfishly accepted two
                                                        placements in 2007-2008. Elizabeth and all the newly active members have jumped into membership with both
                                                        feet and we are proud to include them in our sisterhood of volunteerism. Thank you!

 10                                                                                                                                      Summer 2007
By Kristy Dickson

Often when we form groups, whether it’s in the workplace, in our homes, or here in
the Junior League, we struggle with effectively and efficiently communicating informa-
tion. Generally when something goes wrong, we can look back at the situation and
see that the solution would have been “better communication.” In the Junior League,
the challenge of providing clear messages is ongoing as we prepare for each event. We
create a variety of documents designed to grab attention: flyers, advertisements, email
                                                                                          Cindy Galka’s talents were widely seen in the
blasts, e-vites, announcements, and banners. Each one must be created to deliver a        internal and external marketing of the League
specific, memorable message to a particular audience. This year, you may have noticed      this year. Thanks, Cindy!
that many Junior League documents had a certain polish, a professional touch, and a
creative flair.

Cindy Galka donated hours of her time and talent, working on both the Wise Penny
Committee and with a second placement on the PR & Marketing Committee. The JL
thanks her for not only her outstanding work, but also the way she effectively commu-
nicated across Council lines and to the community at large.

Last year the Board of Directors agreed to create the Communications Council in an
effort to increase the Junior League of Baltimore’s brand awareness and communica-
tions within the League. Anne Johnson, President, said her goal was to hear about the
Junior League of Baltimore in every form of media: print, radio, and TV.

We pride ourselves on being an organization of trained volunteers. The only prob-
lem was, the volunteers on the PR & Marketing Committee in particular had little or
nolimited PR training. Many of them had marketing experience at work or marketing
education from their college years, but for the most part none had ever written a press

Anne Johnson, President, said her goal was to hear about the Junior League of Balti-
more in every form of media: print, radio, and TV. We were fortunate to be able to
turn to a professional for assistance and training. This person guided our planning,
our strategies, and generously donated hours of his time to assist us with contacting
media members about our events this year. As a result, the Junior League of Baltimore
has achieved the goal set to us early in the year. We have been featured in the news-
paper several times and have participated in both television and radio interviews. We
owe much of our success to the guidance and support of our Community Resource
Board member and PR agency owner, Steve Kaiser. Thank you, Steve!

CELEBRATE 95 is Coming!
By Christi Barth

Get out your calendars and circle October 6th. That is the night the JLB takes over Port Discovery for Celebrate 95! To get in the spirit
for celebrating 95 years of history, we’ll ask you to come dressed as your favorite decade. From poodle skirts, flapper dresses and zoot suits,
to go-go boots and pastel jackets with the sleeves pushed up – use your imagination (and maybe raid your parent’s attic) and go crazy! We
don’t want this to cause stress to anyone, though, so feel free to just come dressed as someone from 2007.

When you get to the party, we’ll have pictures and memorabilia everywhere highlighting all the fun and hard work we’ve accomplished in
nine decades. Now, there’s a lot to do at Port Discovery. Of course, you can play on the rope ladders and slides of the three story urban
treehouse. We’ll have tons of food and cocktails. We’ll also have an exciting new Destination Auction full of great trips, raffles, giveaways,
and dancing. That’s right – we’ve secured a terrific band, Bobby and the Believers, so get ready to dance the night away. There will be so
much going on, it will be hard to squeeze it all in!

Tickets officially went on sale at Annual Dinner for the reduced amount of $65 to the first 50 purchasers. We received 14 paid reserva-
tions before the evening was over, with even more calls coming into Headquarters the next morning. Sales are off to a strong start and
we expect to sell all 50 reduced rate spots by the end of May. However, you can still reserve tickets at the regular price of $95 for the best
party in 95 years by calling Headquarters at 410-435-5521. Spread the word to all your friends, actives, sustainers…this is going to be a
terrific party!

  Extra! Extra!                                                         • Membership Open Houses listed in the Examiner
                                                                        • Calendar listings in multiple publications for all events
  By Tanzi Craig                                                        • Touch a Truck photo and mention in the Examiner
                                                                        • Feature story about Women’s Mentoring in the Examiner
  My League year started with (naive) enthusiasm. I was a first-         • Feature story about Hampden Health Fair in Hampden
  time chair on a newly created committee, PR & Marketing,                Happenings
  and part of a newly created Communications Council. I had,            • Radio commentary by Downtown Diane for Boutique
  in fact, suggested in a leadership survey the year prior that the       Warehouse Sale
  League should seek out a pro bono PR firm and promote our
                                                                        • Top billing in email blast for weekend events by both Downtown
  events and accomplishments to the general public. When the
                                                                          Diane and the Sun
  opportunity came to put my money where my mouth was,
  how I could I decline? But quickly my enthusiasm turned to            • Society page story about Boutique Warehouse Sale in the
  trepidation, followed by outright panic. I remember think-              Examiner
  ing, “I have no experience! What have I done?” Looking back,          • Kids in the Kitchen a #2 pick for Weekend Family Events in the
  there was nothing to worry about. Between the support of                Examiner
  the Board, the guidance of CRB Member Steve Kaiser, great             • Mention in an article about bond bill hearings in the Sun
  materials from AJLI, and the hard work and great ideas of the         • TV interview of Polly Behrens and Anne Johnson with Ron Matz
  entire committee, we had a very successful year. In case you            during Manic Monday on WJZ Channel 13 with Ron Matz.
  missed some of our media mentions this year, here are the             • Tag sale selected as Best Bet by Baltimore Messenger
  highlights:                                                           • Ch. 2, 11, and 13 interviewed Ginger Mihalik during Boutique
                                                                          Warehouse Sale
  • WMAR radio interview about Wise Penny with Shelly                   • YES committee’s Holiday Party at Enoch Pratt photographed by
    Terranova                                                             Baltimore Messenger
  • Feature story about Wise Penny and Waverly Family Center            • HFC’s Holiday Party photographed by Baltimore Messenger
    in Baltimore Messenger                                              • Ch 13 reported Boutique Warehouse Sale during News at 11

12                                                                                                                   Summer 2007
Celebrating Our Accomplishments                                                          Family Center to assist women in reaching the next step in education or in obtain-
                                                                                         ing a job. In the first year at the Waverly Family Center, the participants achieved
            for the 2006-2007 Year                                                       the following:
                                                                                                     • One Mentee received her GED.
                        By Anne Johnson, President                                                   • One Mentee is enrolled in the GNA/CNA Certification Program at
                                                                                                     the Caroline Center.
This was an amazing year for the Junior League of Baltimore and home to many                         • Three Mentees will apply for training programs starting in June
accomplishments, all the result of great cross-council coordination. As always, the                  through the Continuing Education Program at Baltimore Community
impact is greater when leveraged by shared resources and expertise.                                  College. Two of them will receive Child Care Certification in Septem
                                                                                                     ber, and one will update her computer skills.
These are the significant accomplishments that stand out from each council---
                                                                                         o At the Hampden Family Center Holiday Party, 250 people were hosted through
Headquarters Committee (Ad Hoc)
                                                                                         joint collaboration with Community Projects, In League Services and the Wise
The Building Opportunities Campaign is thrilled to be moving forward, beginning
construction in June, 2007. A key accomplishment this year was the JLB’s success
in securing a $300,000 Bond Bill funding from the State of Maryland, the largest         o A new relationship was fostered with the Govans Library by promoting literacy in
amount awarded in Baltimore City.                                                        the home with a demonstrative reading lesson and book give away.
Projects, Advocacy & Research Committee                                                  o A successful Health Fair was organized and conducted at the Hamden Family
The PAR Committee developed strong partnerships in the community leading to the          Center which reached close to 200 attendees and provided health screening and
launch of two new JLB programs. The School Project, piloting at Govans Elementary        education for 75 community residents.
School, will increase parental engagement through educational workshops in JLB’s
                                                                                         o The Larks provided 23 singing performances at a variety of locations including
expertise areas. For the Docent Project, JLB will support Port Discovery as they
                                                                                         nursing homes, senior centers, the Hampden Holiday Party, and the Govans Li-
develop and implement their volunteer program.
                                                                                         brary Sing-A-Long with Santa. The Larks performed at a Musical Gala to Benefit
Celebration                                                                              the Robert Packard Center for ALS Research in honor of Jim Kotmair where the
The Larks celebrated 50 years of song in the Baltimore community with a party on         audience was over 250. In total, the Larks touched 1,294 people with their gift of
April 29th. In attendance were 38 Larks and their guests as well as a large group of     song. The Larks performed December 19th in the St. Joseph’s Hospital chapel and
Sustainers, Actives and guests, totaling 120. Four of the original Larks were present:   were televised throughout the hospital to individual rooms.
Sally Murphy, founder, Nancy Gephart, Normie Harris, and Ann King. Susan Patry,
                                                                                         The Communications Council
director of the Southwest Baltimore Senior Center, presented The Larks with a cita-
                                                                                         The Communications Council did an outstanding job this year, cultivating new
tion from Mayor Sheila Dixon. The other speakers were Rita Arrington, director of
                                                                                         relationships with television and print mediums, including WJZ and the Baltimore
the Allen Center, and Jim Hillman, director of the Gallagher Center.
                                                                                         Examiner, leading to greater coverage than in recent years.
The Finance Council
                                                                                         Other Communications Council Accomplishments
The Finance Council launched a new fundraiser, the Boutique Warehouse Sale
                                                                                         • A live interview with Channel 13 for Kids in the Kitchen; Channel 11 and Chan-
(BWS). The first BWS, held in October, 2006, attracted more than 20 boutiques
                                                                                         nel 2 conducted interviews during spring Boutique Warehouse Sale and Channel 13
who provided end of season and clearance merchandise at prices up to 70% off. The
                                                                                         provided coverage about the sale.
first and second Boutique Warehouse Sales generated close to $60,000 in sales, net-
                                                                                         • The Baltimore Examiner generated multiple story coverage, press releases and
ting approximately $30,000 for JLB programs and initiatives as well as cultivating
                                                                                         advertising and a newly cultivated relationship with Baltimore Magazine resulting
new relationships and customers for the League.
                                                                                         in in-kind advertising for the Boutique Warehouse Sale.
Other Finance Council Accomplishments:                                                   • Continued relationship with “Downtown” Diane generated the promotion of JLB
Touch A Truck attracted more than 700 attendees from the JLB and the general pub-        events on her radio spot.
lic who climbed on and explored the trucks, racecars, and safety equipment while rais-   • Through relationship with the Baltimore Sun JLB received an e-mail blast about
ing funds for the programs and initiatives of the JLB. Individual Giving surpassed its   the Boutique Warehouse Sale and Bond Bill coverage.
goal, representing an individual increase of close to $40 per member for the Annual      • The public JLB website was redesigned and launched.
Fund drive. Fall United Way Contributions surpassed the budget goals by $5,000.          • A citation from Governor Martin O’Malley was received in recognition of the
The Community Council                                                                    Larks’ 50th anniversary.
The Community Council was able to significantly increase the size and impact of the       • The quality of internal & external advertisement was improved.
Kids in the Kitchen event due to the new relationship (and venue change) with Port       • The advertisement campaign was kicked off by highlighting the Junior League’s
Discovery and increased funding. This one-day event, which addresses childhood           95 years of service in the Baltimore Community.
obesity through interactive fitness and nutrition stations, had appeal for all JLB        The Membership Council
markets, including our clients, JLB members and their junior Junior Leaguers, and        The Membership Council welcomed new members to the Junior League of
the general public. Held at Port Discovery, the museum had more than 1,900 visitors      Baltimore, who have already donated more than 2,000 hours to the JLB and the
that day, compared to their usual 800-1,200. Additionally, this event created new        Baltimore community!
partners and sponsors for the League, including Port Discovery, Whole Foods, IWIF
and Morgan State University, which provided contributions in money and product,          Other Membership Council Accomplishments
media coverage and a rap contest. We are already looking forward to next year’s event!   • Instituted “Bring a Member Back” Ccampaign which resulted in welcoming 5 past
                                                                                         members and 4 Sustainers back into the Membership
Other Community Council Accomplishments                                                  • Providing training to the organization, which included leadership training for the
o Seven evening Literacy workshops were held at Francis Scott Key School, teaching       Board & Committee Chairs, PR& Marketing training session lead by John Maroon
12 middle school girls to be youth leaders for literacy with 15 elementary school        for full membership, training sessions for new and existing members and on de-
children. The middle school girls then mentored elementary school children during 6      mand training to the General Membership
Lunchtime Literacy workshops.                                                            • Monitored the new flexible menu options
o Eight workshops for the Women’s Mentoring Program were held at the Waverly             • Advised 130 members throughout the year on placement matters

 SMART TIPS FOR SMART WOMEN                                                                        How to Get Results By Being
                                                                                                   Powerful, Not Pushy
             Roth vs. Tradional IRAs-Which is Best for Me?                                         By Mary Ann Masur
                                                                                                   I recently attended a Harry Connick Jr. concert and was thrilled to be able to meet
                                By Katherine B. Paal, CFP®                                         him backstage. This small feat happened as a result of my passion, persistence and
                                                                                                   proactivity. After contacting his management company in N.Y. with no results, I
Roth versus traditional: Choosing your IRA type                                                    decided to talk with the usher upon arriving at the Meyerhoff. He got a manager
Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) have been a huge boom to retire-                             who told me that no one was available to authorize a backstage visit. So I gave the
                                                                                                   manager a note to give to Harry explaining my connection to him and New Or-
ment planning. Created for workers and their families who did not have
                                                                                                   leans. The manager soon returned to tell me that I could meet Harry backstage.
an employee-sponsored retirement plan, IRAs soon became a valuable tool
for everyone. When people refer to IRAs, they generally are talking about                          I was able to powerfully influence a desired outcome by being direct and asking
one of two types – the traditional IRA or the Roth IRA. With either type,                          for what I wanted. I didn’t let other people take away my power or get discour-
nonworking spouses can have an IRA in their name, providing additional tax                         aged when I hit roadblocks. In today’s world, power is about influence, not control
                                                                                                   as it was in the days of feudalism or in the military. We have to get things done
benefits to a couple. This is especially important if you have stopped out of
                                                                                                   through other people. We cannot let circumstances or others’ agendas take away
the workforce but want to continue to accumulate retirement savings.                               our power.

The biggest difference between traditional and Roth IRAs is the tax treat-                          In coaching people, I see three types of people who give up their power. With
ment of the money invested. With traditional IRAs, the money going into                            which one do you relate?
the account is deductible, and the earnings grow tax-deferred until with-                          1. Reactors: These folks react to circumstances and others’ agendas, so they never
drawn. With a Roth, there is no deduction, but withdrawals are tax-exempt.                         accomplish what they really want. They get frustrated. Their qualities include:
So, are you better off taking the tax deduction now or later?                                                    • Frequently interrupted
                                                                                                                • Don’t get important things done
Income Limitations                                                                                              • Don’t set boundaries
Your income may determination your choice. To participate in a Roth IRA,                                        • Have a victim mindset
single filers must have adjusted income of less than $95,000 or married filing                       2. Smilers: They are very nice and want to be liked. They are often frustrated
jointly less than $150,000 in 2006. For 2007 this figure changes to less than                       because they do not get the results that they desire. They tend to:
$99,000 for single filers and for married filing jointly, less than $156,000.
There are no income caps for traditional IRAs, but filers with adjusted gross                                    • Sugar coat
incomes in 2006 of over $50,000 for singles or $75,000 married filing jointly                                    • Be indirect
                                                                                                                • Avoid conflict
receive a reduced deduction. In 2007 these figures change to over $52,000
                                                                                                                • Don’t ask for what they want
for single filers and over $83,000 for filers married filing jointly. The earnings
still accrue tax-deferred, however. In both cases, the law has recently been                       3. Pleasers: They have some overlap with reactors because they want to be liked
changed to index these limits over time, and both allow “catch-up contribu-                        and do not accomplish what they want. They are frequently overwhelmed because
                                                                                                   they say yes to everything so as not to disappoint others. Their qualities include:
tions” for individuals age 50 and over.
                                                                                                                • Saying YES to everything
How to Choose                                                                                                   • Having an inability to set boundaries and honor their own
Calculating which IRA benefits you factors in your age, income, and the                                            values
                                                                                                                • Being overwhelmed
expected rate of return. Ask your financial advisor to compare the two types                                     • Doing for others constantly
for you. Comparison calculators abound on the Internet, but beware that
some may have assumptions that don’t apply to your situation or are overly                         There is hope! Here are five ways to be powerful without being pushy.
simplistic.                                                                                        1. Be proactive
                                                                                                   2. Be direct and ask for what you want
Whichever route you choose, it is important to have an IRA as part of your                         3. Set boundaries
                                                                                                   4. Communicate effectively- notice how you listen, speak, write and
overall retirement plan. Whenever you are given the opportunity to save
                                                                                                      your body language
money and get a tax break at the same time, by all means take full advantage!                      5. Eliminate tolerations (things that drain you)
                                                                                                   Power is within all of us. By noticing how our needs are impacting our behaviors,
Kathy Paal, past JLB President, is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner at
Heritage Financial Consultants in Hunt Valley, MD, and is an investment advisor representa-        we can become aware of how we lose our power and how we can become effective.
tive, registered representative, and a licensed insurance broker with Lincoln Financial Advisors   I challenge you to note where you are giving away your power and claim it to ac-
Corporation, a broker-dealer(member SIPC) and registered investment advisor. Insurance             complish your dreams and desires!
offered through Lincoln affiliates and other fine companies. Branch office address- (307 Inter-          Mary Ann Masur, PCC, CPCC is a past president of the JLB and a certified, professional business
national Circle, Suite 390, Hunt Valley, MD, 410-771-5655). Feel free to e-mail Kathy (Kath-       coach, speaker, facilitator, and author. She has over 20 years experience optimizing team dynamics and
erine.paal@lfg.com) with questions or suggestions for upcoming Communique articles. This           organizational efficiencies. She assists those “overwhelmed at the helm”™ and helps them maximize
                                                                                                   their leadership ability and potential. She is the author of Leadership Tips: 52 Weeks to Business
information should not be construed as legal or tax advice. You may want to consult a tax advi-
                                                                                                   and Personal Success. Her perspective on power appears in the book, Inspiration to Realization: Real
sor regarding this material as it relates to your personal circumstances.CRN200701-2002604         Women Reveal Proven Strategies for Personal, Business, Financial and Spiritual Fulfillment. She can
                                                                                                   be reached at www.synergy-consultants.net or 410-377-7323.

14                                                                                                                                                               Summer 2007

          Our next deadline will be
                  August 1st
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