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                   November 4th, 2010 in Nicosia, Cyprus at the Hilton Park

Time          Agenda                                            Speaker
1120 - 1130   Symposium Introduction                            Mr. Pier Massa
10 min                                                          Chairman of EMRBI – Nexus
1130-1150     The Emergence of Sovereign Wealth Funds           Dr. Ruth Rios – Morales
20 min        during the Economic Crisis                        University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
1150 – 1210   Economic Crisis – Experiences from Poland         Dr. Richard Mbewe
20 min                                                          Adjunct Professor – Lazarski University
                                                                Chief Economist – DK Notes S.A.
1210 – 1245   Who Started this Anyway, and How did we Get       Chair: Mr. Pier Massa
35 min        Here?                                             Participants: Dr. Nir Ksherti, Dr. Vasiliki
              Panel Discussion                                  Grougiou, Mr. Mavrommatis, Dr. A. Shoham
1245 – 1400   Lunch
1400 – 1420   The Global financial crisis: Evidence from        Dr. Nir Kshetri
20 min        China and India                                   Bryan School of Business and Economics, The
                                                                University of North Carolina at Greensboro
1420 – 1440   Can a Financial Crisis Shake Consumers’           Dr. Vasiliki Grougiou
20 min        Spending Patterns? Some Greek Evidence
1440 – 1500   The Cypriot Economy in the Current Global         Dr. Michael Sarris
20 min        Storm                                             Minister of Finance for Cyprus during entry
                                                                into the Eurozone
1500 – 1530   Global Economic Crisis: Is our glass half empty   Marios Gregoriou
30 min        or half full?                                     Managing Director & CIO – Elite Capital
                                                                Services, L.L.C. [USA]
1530-1545     Coffee Break
1540 -        The Savings Crisis                                Dr. Amir Shoham
                                                                The School of Business Administration,
                                                                College of Management, Israel
1620 – 1720   Finding a Sustainable Outcome – Which is it,      Chair: Mr. Pier Massa
50 min        Spending or Saving?                               Participants: Dr. Michael Sarris, Mr.
              Panel Discussion                                  Marios Gregoriou, Dr. Ruth Rios - Morales
1720 – 1730   Symposium Closing Discussion                      Mr. Pier Massa
10 min

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