IGF2010 UNCTAD closing statement by tyC9OW


									             IGF2010. UNCTAD closing statement.

° UNCTAD believes that the main achievement of this session of the
Forum was that members finalized the Mining Policy Framework that
will be tabled in the course of CSD 19. We consider it as a very good
comprehensive approach framework for the good governance in mining
sector. The Forum also defined its strategy to be an active participant in
the mining discussions of the CSD 19.

° We noticed more observer countries attending the Forum this time. The
presence of observer countries - France, Germany, Panama, Portugal and
Turkey indicated the growing interest of the countries in the work of the
Forum. Of particular value was the presence of the Vice Chair of the CSD
19 His Excellency Ambassador Andrew Goledzinowski, as well as of
David Leblanc from UN DESA. Their participation underlined the
linkages between the Forum and organizations of the UN system.

° In course of this session the WEF held, jointly with the Forum, the
Workshop on the Mineral Development Initiative. This workshop is the
other indication of the growing recognition of the role of the IGF in the
global mining policy debate.

° An important decision of the Forum was the creation of the Committee
to expand the number of organizations that may decide to provide future
support to the Forum.

° Overall, UNCTAD sees this session of the Forum a s a success and the
further step towards better mining policies and practices. As required by
its terms of reference, the members discussed the future of the Forum.
They reviewed the recent experience, objectives, structure, functions,
funding and work priorities. Having analyzes the usefulness of the Forum
the members have concluded that the forum must continue. UNCTAD is
pleased to hear that the Terms of Reference of the IGF were extended for
another year in order to determine the manner in which it will do so.

° UNCTAD invites the next session of the Forum to take place again in
Geneva in the autumn 2011. We understand that the members will agree
on the exact dates among themselves and the Forum secretariat will let us
know them in due course.

                          Palais des Nations, Geneva, 4 November 2010.

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