Overview of the Themes by tyC9OW


									                             Overview of the Themes

Name of Theme                         Summary of Contents Forecast
                       Historic overview and time line; Eyam - the plague village; Wigan
    Past times         Pier (or similar) – a taste of Victorian life; Disastrous events of the
                       20th Century - the sinking of the Titanic, the Stockport air crash and
                       Hillsborough; Britain at war – how Stockport was affected; Post war
                       Britain – life in the 1950’s; ‘In your time’ –major events of the 1990’s
                       until the present

                       Finding somewhere to live; adverts and estate agents; budgeting;
                       banking and paying bills; making economical and healthy meals;
   Homes and           basic social etiquette with visitors; getting on with neighbours;
   Hospitality         simple sewing skills and textiles; safety and first aid; hygiene in the
                       home; washing, ironing and using a launderette; understanding
                       electricity; basic practical skills e.g. wiring a plug; Christmas project;
                       the homeless - visit to Wellspring and church; charity work

                       Appreciating ‘the arts’ – books, music, dance and drama; study of
                       an artist; visiting an art gallery; maths puzzles, problems and
      Culture          games; fashion; the media; the world of Internet; cultural changes
                       and dress codes; ethnic diversity – different beliefs and values;
                       festivals and foods from other cultures; redesigning a room;
                       spending on entertainment and going out; using the library

                       Food and diet; food shopping; local food co-operatives; exercise,
                       sport and fitness; personal fitness programme; hobbies and leisure;
Healthy Lifestyles     time management; the effect of smoking, alcohol and drugs; sleep;
                       sun and skin care; dental hygiene; good grooming and hair care;
                       personal hygiene; health checks; interpersonal communication; sex
                       and relationships

                       Habitat and environment; food chains and webs; local wildlife;
                       Cedars’ gardening project; bird boxes; conserving valuable
The Environment        resources; rubbish disposal and recycling; fresh water management;
                       alternate energy sources; carbon footprints; traffic survey;
                       environmentally friendly products; pollution; global warming; global
                       population: food shortages and famine; fair-trade; ‘hate it, change it’
                       project; local government; social issues and crime; the police and
                       fire service

                       Different types of transport; using transport; travel timetables and
                       the 24 hour clock; visit to the airport; maps and scales; planning a
   ‘Going Places’      journey; planning days out; ; Local places of interest to visit, parks
(travel and tourism)   and country walks; planning and costing a holiday; using different
                       currency; general knowledge – where places are; famous wonders
                       of the world; stories from around the globe

‘Breaking News’ and Festivals will be included through the programme.

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