transgenic by ajizai


									  T.L.B. Work
 EsaT Project:
Transgenic Food
     The objectives of this work are:

      ► To study the level of knowledge of a population (students of Escola
Secundária da Amadora) about transgenic and biological food. It was made an
inquiry to 116 elements of our population.

     ► To inform the students about transgenic and biological products.
                               3. Did you ever consume transgenics?
        1.Do you know what transgenic
                 food is?


                               4.Did you ever consume biological products?   Yes
                                                    Yes          11%
      2.Do you know what biological food is?
       The answers to the inquiry were:

                                                                             Don’t Know


                                                     Yes                     Yes

                                                     No                      No

                                                                             Don’t know
            After the study of this results we came to the
conclusion that almost half of the students asked don’t know
what transgenics are. Even those who indeed know, still can’t
  tell whether they’re consuming them or not. It is certain,
however, that these numbers would increase if this questions
                   were applied outdoors.

                         Nevertheless, it seems everyone
                       knows what biological food is. So, we
                          decided to only approach the
                                transgenic theme.
► Trangenics are composed aliments, that contain genetically
modified organisms or genes.

         ► They are organisms made in laboratory with genetic engineering
techniques that allow the scientists to isolate a gene from another species
that contains the characteristic we want our organism to have and insert it in
the plant in study, manipulating its natural structure.
The answer to this questions is very complicated and there is no consent about it yet.

            - The aliment can be enriched with a nutritional component.

            - The aliment will be able to prevent, reduce or avoid disease risks.

            - The plant can resist to an insect attack, seca or geada.

            - Increase of agricultural productivity through the development of more
 productive lavouras..
         - Increase of toxic substances

         - Increase of antibiotic resistance

         - Risks to the environment

         - Increase of allergies

          - There is no knowledge of the GMO’s effects at a long term; they can cause
allergies and diseases only identifiable after a long consume.

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