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									                                  Bosch today

Robert Bosch GmbH
Postfach 10 60 50
70049 Stuttgart     Bosch today

2009 edition
The Bosch Vision
Unternehmensbereich                                                    Contents         Bosch today   3|3

Kraftfahrzeugtechnik values
Creating value – sharing
   As a leading technology and services company, we take           4   The Bosch Group at a Glance
   advantage of our global opportunities for a strong and          5   Key Data
   meaningful development. Our ambition is to enhance the          6   Business Developments
   quality of life with solutions that are both innovative and
   beneficial. We focus on our core competencies in auto-         10   Technology and Innovation
   motive and industrial technologies as well as in products
   and services for professional and private use.                 14   Automotive Technology
                                                                  20   Industrial Technology
   We strive for sustained economic success and a leading         24   Consumer Goods and
   market position in all that we do. Entrepreneurial free-            Building Technology
   dom and financial independence allow our actions to be
   guided by a long-term perspective. In the spirit of our        28   Our Responsibility
   founder, we particularly demonstrate social and environ-
   mental responsibility — wherever we do business.               34   Robert Bosch Stiftung

   Our customers choose us for our innovative strength and        36   The Bosch Group in Germany
   efficiency, for our reliability and quality of work. Our or-   38   The Bosch Group in Europe
   ganizational structures, processes, and leadership tools            outside Germany
   are clear and effective, and support the requirements          40   The Bosch Group outside Europe
   of our various businesses. We act according to common          42   Milestones in Product History
   principles. We are strongly determined to jointly achieve      44   Milestones in Company History
   the goals we have agreed upon.                                 46   Management
                                                                  47   How to Contact us
   As associates worldwide, we feel a special bond in our
   values that we live by day by day. The diversity of our
   cultures is a source of additional strength. We experience
   our task as challenging, we are dedicated to our work,
   and we are proud to be part of Bosch.
The Bosch Group at a Glance                                                 Key Data                                     Bosch today       4|5

Shareholders of Robert Bosch GmbH
                                                                              Bosch Group                               2007             2008
3 Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH | 92 % share of equity | No voting rights
                                                                              Sales revenue                            46,320           45,127
3 Familie Bosch | 7 % share of equity | 7 % voting rights
                                                                              percentage change from
3 Robert Bosch Industrietreuhand KG | 93 % voting rights
                                                                              previous year                              + 6.0            – 2.6
3 Robert Bosch GmbH | 1 % share of equity | No voting rights
                                                                              percentage share of sales revenue
                                                                              generated outside Germany                    75               74
The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and
services. In the areas of automotive and industrial technology,               Associates 1                            271,265          281,717
consumer goods, and building technology, some 283,000 associ-
                                                                              located in Germany                      112,300          114,360
ates generated sales of 45.1 billion euros in fiscal 2008. The Bosch
                                                                              located outside Germany                 158,965          167,357
Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its more than 300 sub-
sidiaries and regional companies in over 60 countries. If its sales
                                                                              Capital expenditure                       2,634            3,276
and service partners are included, then Bosch is represented in
                                                                              as percentage of sales revenue              5.7              7.3
roughly 150 countries. This worldwide development, manufac-
turing, and sales network is the foundation for further growth.
                                                                              Research and development cost             3,583            3,889
Each year, Bosch spends more than 3.5 billion euros, or eight per-
cent of its sales revenue, for research and development, and ap-              as percentage of sales revenue              7.7              8.6

plies for over 3,000 patents worldwide. With all its products and
services, Bosch enhances the quality of life by providing solutions           Profit before tax                         3,801             942

which are both innovative and beneficial.
                                                                              Profit after tax                          2,850             372

The company was set up in Stuttgart in 1886 by Robert Bosch
                                                                              Currency figures in millions of euros
(1861–1942) as “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical
Engineering.” The special ownership structure of Robert Bosch                 1
                                                                                  As per January 1, 2008 | 2009
GmbH guarantees the entrepreneurial freedom of the Bosch Group,
making it possible for the company to plan over the long term and
to undertake significant up-front investments in the safeguarding
of its future. Ninety-two percent of the share capital of Robert
Bosch GmbH is held by Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH, a charitable
foundation. The majority of voting rights are held by Robert Bosch       Additional information can be accessed at
Industrietreuhand KG, an industrial trust. The entrepreneurial           www.bosch.com.
ownership functions are carried out by the trust. The remaining
shares are held by the Bosch family and by Robert Bosch GmbH.
Business Developments                                                                                                    Bosch today     6|7

                                                                            While sales were satisfactory overall in the first half of 2008,
Like the global economy as a whole, the Bosch Group, too,                   the fourth quarter saw a significant drop. In total, sales were
was affected by the global downturn in business activity in the             down 2.6 percent on the previous year, at approximately
course of 2008. As a result, we fell far short of our sales and             45.1 billion euros. The development of sales was also im-
earnings targets. Despite the significantly worsened economic               pacted by the appreciation of the euro against the dollar and
environment, however, we were able to extend our global                     other key currencies, which was substantial at times. Disre-
market position in all business sectors. This was due both to               garding currency effects, sales were down 0.5 percent.
our innovative products and to a series of acquisitions.
                                                                            Dissimilar developments of the business sectors
                                                                            We recorded substantial losses in the Automotive Technol-
                                                                            ogy business sector, with sales falling by 6.9 percent to 26.5
                                                                            billion euros. Nonetheless, we were still able to maintain our
                                                                            position as the world’s largest automotive supplier. Sales in
                                                                            the Consumer Goods and Building Technology business sec-
                                                Bosch will invest some      tor increased only slightly, by 1.4 percent, to 11.9 billion
                                                500 million euros in        euros. With sales growing by roughly 13 percent to 6.7 billion
                                                expanding its solar         euros, Industrial Technology disclosed the strongest growth.
                                                energy activities be-
                                                tween now and 2012.
                                                                            The development of sales also varied from region to region.
                                                The construction of a
                                                new plant in Arnstadt,      Our sales in North America were down 15 percent to 5.9 bil-
                                                Germany, began at the       lion euros. Automotive Technology was hardest hit, due to
                                                end of March 2009.          the difficulties facing North American automakers. By con-
                                                Federal Chancellor          trast, sales in South America again grew at a double-digit
                                                Angela Merkel laid the
                                                                            rate, both in euros and in local currencies, rising by 12 per-
                                                foundation stone for the
                                                                            cent to a good 1.7 billion euros. In Europe, sales fell by 1.9
                                                new facility. She was ac-
                                                companied by Hermann        percent to 29.7 billion euros. This was mainly due to signifi-
                                                Scholl, chairman of the     cant reductions in call orders from automakers. In Asia Pa-
                                                supervisory council,        cific, sales grew by 3.2 percent to 7.9 billion euros.
                                                and Franz Fehrenbach,
                                                chairman of the board
                                                of management.
                                                                                                                       Bosch today   8|9

Headcount rises once again                                        The Bosch Group is active in the following fields:
By the end of the year, our global workforce had risen sig-
                                                                  3 Automotive technology            3 Power tools
nificantly by 10,400 to 281,700. This increase resulted solely
                                                                  3 Automation technology            3 Heating technology
from a large number of company acquisitions. In our estab-        3 Packaging technology             3 Household appliances
lished businesses, headcount increased again in Asia Pacific      3 Solar energy                     3 Security systems
and ‒ even if only slightly ‒ in Europe, though it fell in the
Americas in equal measure, primarily as a result of the
difficult economic situation in North America. Headcount          Strategic orientation to long-term trends
remained stable in Germany. At the end of the year, we em-        Our strategy remains unchanged despite the currently dif-
ployed 114,400 associates in Germany and 167,300 in the           ficult economic phase. It takes its lead from fundamental
rest of the world.                                                global trends, including first and foremost the urgent task of
                                                                  environmental protection. Furthermore, it remains obvious
In the Bosch Group, we invested roughly 3.3 billion euros –       that the emerging markets will continue their catching-up
640 million euros more than in the previous year – in 2008 in     process, and will eventually evolve into significant economic
order to reinforce our international position in the market       powers in the medium to long term.
and build up new areas of business. Automotive technology
accounted for around two-thirds of this total. In addition to     Innovations are a key element in our strategy. The growing
the semiconductor factory in Reutlingen, Germany, we in-          demands placed on climate protection and energy efficiency
vested heavily in production facilities for our common-rail       will be a major driver of innovation in the years ahead. We
diesel technology and gasoline direct injection technology        regard it as our task to help create an environment worth liv-
in Germany, but also in China and Turkey. In Industrial Tech-     ing in by further developing our products and creating new
nology, we expanded our capacities for components and             solutions. It is part of our strategy to significantly grow our
gearboxes for wind-power generation in Germany and                business with systems and components for utilizing renew-
China. In addition, we will invest some 500 million euros in      able energy.
expanding our solar energy activities between now and
2012. At the beginning of 2009, we began construction work        In the long term, our aim is to achieve an even better bal-
on a manufacturing facility for crystalline solar cells in Arn-   ance in our sales structure. We want our Industrial Technol-
stadt, Germany.                                                   ogy and Consumer Goods and Building Technology business
                                                                  sectors to grow faster than the group average, but without
                                                                  neglecting any market opportunities in Automotive Tech-
Technology and Innovation                                                                                              Bosch today   10 | 11

                                                                             The inventiveness of our associates is the bedrock of our
Strategic vision and innovative strength are the pillars of our              innovative strength. We filed 3,850 patent applications
business success. Our innovations originate from diverse                     in 2008, making us one of the most innovative companies
technological fields. Key areas are the improvement of energy                in Germany. Just under 40 percent of these patents were
efficiency in all applications, the further development of sensor            directed at protecting the environment and conserving
technology and photovoltaics, and the increasing use of                      resources. We spent some 3.9 billion euros on research
electricity in the drivetrain.                                               and development in 2008, equivalent to 8.6 percent of total
                                                                             group sales. We have around 32,600 associates working in
                                                                             research and development, more than 1,400 of them in our
                                                                             corporate sector Research and Advance Engineering.

                                                                             German Future Prize for sensors
                                                                             Living proof of our innovative strength: a Bosch team won
                                                                             the annual German Future Prize, Federal President’s Award
                                                 To allow the production     for Technology and Innovation 2008. Our research team
                                                 of cost-effective, highly
                                                                             developed key processes for micro-machined sensors
                                                 efficient organic solar
                                                                             (micro-electromechanical systems – MEMS) which permit
                                                 modules, we are devel-
                                                 oping printing proc-
                                                                             completely new uses of these sensors, also outside the auto-
                                                 esses that work in con-     motive area.
                                                 ditions similar to series
                                                 production. The aim is      In addition to conventional uses in automotive technology –
                                                 to speed up manufac-
                                                                             for example, as crash sensors for airbags – MEMS like these
                                                 turing and lower equip-
                                                                             are being used more and more frequently in consumer elec-
                                                 ment costs.
                                                                             tronics products. An acceleration sensor, for instance, can
                                                                             detect whether a laptop is falling from a desk, allowing the
                                                                             hard disk to be protected before impact. Another example
                                                                             is a micromechanical pressure sensor that measures altitude
                                                                             to the nearest 25 centimeters – which with corresponding
                                                                             devices makes mobile navigation possible even in multi-story
                                                                             buildings, as well as for emergency call systems. We are
                                                                             developing further uses for micromachining in the area of
                                                                             medical technology.
                                                                                                               Bosch today   12 | 13

Using energy efficiently
                                                                  To operate high-precision
One important concern of our global research activity is
                                                                  injection valves, we use
the central question of how to make energy utilization more
                                                                  piezo-ceramic actuators.
efficient. For example, we are a sustaining member of the         The performance ability
MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) at Massachusetts Institute          of the piezo actuators is
of Technology in the U.S. This initiative brings together the     largely determined by
potential and expertise of more than a dozen leading global       the composition of their
                                                                  materials. For this rea-
companies and of the renowned MIT itself. Together, for-
                                                                  son, we carry out numer-
ward-looking solutions for sustainable energy utilization are
                                                                  ous tests on material
being developed, focusing on new materials and concepts for       properties as part of our
energy conversion.                                                materials development
In one of our projects, we are using computer simulations
to investigate new materials for batteries. Another project
is concerned with thermoelectric materials: in certain semi-
conductors, large temperature differences produce electrical
voltages. With the help of nanotechnology, this effect can be
made more intense in certain alloys, making it possible to
convert heat directly into electricity. Part of the waste heat,
for example, from vehicles or homes can be utilized in this           New engineering center in Singapore
way.                                                                  We opened a new regional center for research and advance
                                                                      engineering in Singapore in 2008. The Research and Tech-
An innovation from our Thermotechnology division is also              nology Center Asia Pacific analyzes technological trends
contributing to efficient energy management. For the new              and market opportunities in the Asia Pacific region and
generation of Cerapur gas-condensing boilers, we have                 identifies and promotes issues with potential for further
developed a control unit with a special solar optimization            development. The center also coordinates the efforts of
function. In conjunction with solar collectors, the control           the two Bosch research teams that began work in Tokyo and
unit registers empirical data relating to the solar system            Shanghai in 2005.
installed and estimates whether the solar energy likely to be
captured by the collectors will be sufficient to heat the water
in the home.                                                          Corporate Research 3 www.research.bosch.com
Automotive Technology                                                                                                     Bosch today   14 | 15

                                                                              Key data                             2008
Following a slight increase in the first half of 2008, global auto-           Associates                        168,571      Currency figures
mobile production stagnated and then collapsed in every part                                                                 in millions of euros
                                                                              Sales revenue                      26,475
of the world in the fourth quarter. Viewed for 2008 as a whole,
                                                                              Capital expenditure                 2,195
production fell worldwide by some 3 percent. Our Automotive
                                                                              R & D cost                          3,250
Technology business sector was not able to escape unscathed
from this steep downturn. Compared to the previous year, its
sales dropped by 6.9 percent to 26.5 billion euros.                          Automotive Technology is the largest Bosch business sector.
                                                                             It generates some 59 percent of total group sales. The four
                                                                             largest business areas are: injection technology for internal-
                                                                             combustion engines (gasoline and diesel), systems for active
                                                                             and passive vehicle safety (brakes, ABS, ESP®, airbag control
                                                                             units), electrical machines (starters, alternators, small-power
                                                                             motors), and products for mobile communication (car radios,
                                                  In 2008, we started        navigation systems).
                                                  production of a vari-
                                                  ant of our ESP® brake
                                                                             Internal-combustion engine remains dominant technology
                                                  control system, in
                                                  which the sensors for
                                                                             Increasingly, we notice a sustained trend toward more eco-
                                                  measuring the yaw          friendly vehicles. This reinforces our conviction that prod-
                                                  rate and lateral accel-    ucts which make driving cleaner, safer, and more economi-
                                                  eration are integrated     cal will be in even greater demand in the future. To make this
                                                  into the control unit
                                                                             “Invented for life” technology available in the market, we in-
                                                  for the first time. This
                                                                             creased our research and development expenditure once
                                                  cuts the space re-
                                                  quired in the vehicle
                                                                             again last year. At 3.2 billion euros, the 2008 figure was the
                                                  and reduces the as-        equivalent of roughly 12 percent of our sales in automotive
                                                  sembly outlay for the      technology.
                                                  entire system.

                                                                             We are confident that the internal-combustion engine will
                                                                             remain the dominant automotive drive system over the next
                                                                             20 years. We believe there is still considerable potential for
                                                                             optimizing this engine. In our view, hybrid vehicles are an
                                                                                                                            Bosch today    16 | 17

interim technology en route to the long-term objective of an
                                                                                                                          Together with the
electric car. Our strategy is to advance these challenging
                                                                                                                          Stuttgart automotive
technology concepts in parallel.
                                                                                                                          supplier Mahle, we
                                                                                                                          have set up a joint
Accordingly, we are not only focusing on the further devel-                                                               venture in the area
opment of our diesel and gasoline direct-injection technol-                                                               of exhaust-gas turbo-
ogies. Last year, we also joined forces with Mahle GmbH,                                                                  chargers. Turbocharg-
                                                                                                                          ing allows gasoline
Stuttgart, Germany, to set up a joint venture company in the
                                                                                                                          and diesel engines to
area of exhaust-gas turbochargers. When used in conjunc-
                                                                                                                          be downsized without
tion with turbocharging, gasoline and diesel engines can be                                                               impairing performance.
made more compact without impairing performance. This                                                                     This saves fuel and re-
also cuts fuel consumption and CO2 emissions considerably.                                                                duces CO2 emissions.
At the same time, we have further stepped up our work to
develop hybrid technology, pooling this work in a separate
business unit. At the start of 2009, some 400 of our associates
were already working on hybrid and electrical drives.

                                                                                 Considerable advances still have to be made when it comes
                                                                                 to battery technology for both hybrid and electric vehicles.
Bosch manufactures automotive technology
                                                                                 It was for this purpose that we set up the joint venture com-
at 131 locations in 30 countries.
                                                                                 pany SB LiMotive Co Ltd together with the Korean company
Divisions                                                                        Samsung SDI. The company’s purpose is to drive forward the
3 Gasoline Systems                  3 Starter Motors and Generators              development of automotive lithium-ion battery technology,
3 Diesel Systems                    3 Car Multimedia                             and to manufacture these batteries in large-scale series
3 Chassis Systems Brakes            3 Automotive Electronics
                                                                                 production. The objective is to develop batteries with a
3 Chassis Systems Control           3 Automotive Aftermarket
                                    3 Steering Systems 1
                                                                                 much higher energy and power density, as well as a far
3 Electrical Drives
                                                                                 longer service life, at a much lower cost. We also continue
                                    1   ZF Lenksysteme GmbH (50 % Bosch-owned)   to research and develop in the area of fuel-cell technology.
                                                                                                                Bosch today   18 | 19

    Start-stop systems gaining ground                               Expanding our aftermarket activities
    One simple yet very efficient way of saving fuel is to auto-    We supply automotive workshops worldwide with spare
    matically shut down and quickly restart the engine during       parts, state-of-the-art testing and diagnostic technology,
    short stops, for example at traffic lights and in stop-and-go   vehicle-specific data, and technical expertise. As a result of
    traffic. We predict that start-stop systems will be fitted in   acquisitions, primarily in Asia and the Americas, we stepped
    every second new vehicle in Europe as early as 2012. Our        up our activities in these areas in 2008. We acquired a diag-
    cost-effective start-stop solution, which we launched in        nostic equipment specialist in China and two companies
    2007, is now in great demand, and is being used by a number     working in the areas of tire service technology and wheel
    of automakers. By the end of 2008, this system had already      alignment in the U. S. and Brazil. In September 2008, we
    been fitted in roughly 650,000 vehicles.                        acquired the brake pad business of the Morse Group in
                                                                    Chicago, IL (USA), which produces brake pads primarily for
                                                                    the U. S. aftermarket. An alliance with the Danish company
                                                                    Agramkow Fluid Systems A/S, Sønderborg, will make us one
                                                                    of the first companies in the market to offer servicing equip-
Another milestone for                                               ment for air-conditioning systems that use CO2 as a coolant.
Bosch diesel technol-
                                                                    At the start of 2008, we expanded our portfolio for remanu-
ogy – the world’s first
                                                                    factured spare parts – the Bosch Exchange program – by
common-rail system for
passenger cars with an
                                                                    acquiring Holger Christiansen A/S, Esbjerg, Denmark.
injection pressure of
2,000 bar. The highly                                               With our Bosch Service concept, we operate the world’s
flexible and precise me-                                            largest independent workshop network – the Bosch Car
tering of diesel fuel at
                                                                    Service. There are currently over 1,000 operations in
every stage of operation
                                                                    Germany and more than 14,000 worldwide. All of them
cuts fuel consumption
as well as emissions of
                                                                    offer drivers competent service that is not tied to any
carbon dioxide and                                                  particular make of car.
other pollutants, as well
as optimizing the engine’s

                                                                    3 www.bosch.de/k
                                                                    3 www.zf-lenksysteme.com
Industrial Technology                                                                                              Bosch today   20 | 21

                                                                        Key data                            2008
In 2008, Industrial Technology was the business sector record-          Associates                        42,760      Currency figures
ing the strongest growth. At 6.7 billion euros, sales were up by                                                      in millions of euros
                                                                        Sales revenue                      6,733
roughly 13 percent (15 % after adjusting for currency effects).         Capital expenditure                  662
These figures were boosted by the first-time partial consoli-
                                                                        R & D cost                           283
dation of our new acquisition ersol Solar Energy AG, Erfurt,
Germany, which operates in the photovoltaics field. We set
up a new division, Solar Energy, specifically for our activities       Our activities in Industrial Technology include automation
in this area.                                                          technology, packaging technology, and photovoltaics. The
                                                                       subsidiary Bosch Rexroth offers all major technologies for
                                                                       machine drive, control, and motion applications – hydrau-
                                                                       lics, electrics, mechanics, and pneumatics. In packaging
                                                                       technology, Bosch specializes in machinery and lines for the
                                                                       confectionery, foodstuffs, and pharmaceuticals industries.
                                                Work on the inner
                                                parts of a machine
                                                                       Strong growth in automation technology
                                                calls for reliable
                                                                       Once again, growth was driven primarily by Bosch Rexroth.
                                                safety functions for
                                                the protection of
                                                                       This division recorded excellent growth, especially in Europe
                                                the operator. Bosch    and Asia. This development was bolstered above all by a high
                                                Rexroth has end-to-    backlog of orders in industrial and mobile hydraulics. The
                                                end system solutions   business with components and gearboxes for wind-power
                                                to meet these needs.
                                                                       generation exhibited particularly strong growth. Through
                                                                       the takeover of the Swedish hydraulics specialist Hägglunds
                                                                       Drives AB, Mellansel, we expanded our product portfolio to
                                                                       include more powerful radial-piston motors of the type used
                                                                       in mining and materials handling technology. Additionally,
                                                                       we acquired K. & H. Eppensteiner GmbH & Co KG, Ketsch,
                                                                       Germany, which manufactures filters for hydraulic applica-
                                                                                                                                         Bosch today    22 | 23

Packaging technology expanded
The packaging machinery business developed positively,                                                                                 In acquiring the majority

bolstered by the international expansion of our activities,                                                                            holding in ersol Solar
                                                                                                                                       Energy AG, Erfurt,
especially in Asia and eastern Europe, and by a range of
                                                                                                                                       Germany, we aim to
innovative product solutions. We strengthened our market                                                                               further strengthen our
position by acquiring Paal GmbH & Co KG, Remshalden,                                                                                   position in the renew-
Germany. This allowed us to add systems for secondary and                                                                              able energies field.
case packaging to our portfolio.                                                                                                       Ersol is one of Europe’s
                                                                                                                                       leading manufacturers
                                                                                                                                       of solar cells, and has
Establishing new areas of business
                                                                                                                                       also set up a production
It is part of our strategy to significantly grow our business                                                                          facility for the manu-
with systems and components for utilizing renewable energy.                                                                            facture of thin-film
In view of the finite nature of fossil fuels and the need to cut                                                                       modules.
CO2 emissions, we expect that the use of renewable energies
will play an increasingly important role in the future. Decen-
tralized energy generation will also gain in significance.

                                                                                            This was also why we took over photovoltaics manufacturer
Bosch manufactures industrial technology                                                    ersol Solar Energy AG in mid-2008. We want to further
at 97 locations in 25 countries.
                                                                                            expand this area of business. In the area of renewable en-
                                                                                            ergies – activities relating to wind power, solar thermal sys-
3 Drive and Control Technology 1           3 Packaging Technology                           tems, heat pumps, and photovoltaics – we recorded sales of a
  – Electric drives and                      – Packaging machines and lines                 strong 1 billion euros in 2008.
  – Hydraulics                             3 Solar Energy 2
  – Linear-motion technology                 – Wafer-based silicon solar cells
  – Pneumatics                               – Thin-film modules
                                                                                            Drive and Control Technology 3 www.boschrexroth.com
1 Bosch   Rexroth AG (100 % Bosch-owned)   2 ersol   Solar Energy AG (96.9 % Bosch-owned)   Packaging Technology 3 http://pa.bosch.com
                                                                                            Solar Energy 3 www.ersol.de
Consumer Goods and                                                                                                   Bosch today   24 | 25

Building Technology
                                                                          Key data                            2008
Our Consumer Goods and Building Technology business                       Associates                        61,205      Currency figures
sector felt the effects of the slowdown in the construction                                                             in millions of euros
                                                                          Sales revenue                     11,897
and consumer goods industries in 2008. Nonetheless, sales                 Capital expenditure                  407
of power tools, heating technology, security systems, and
                                                                          R & D cost                           356
household appliances increased slightly, by 1.4 percent, to
11.9 billion euros. In a difficult business environment, we
were able to increase our market share worldwide.                        In its Consumer Goods and Building Technology business
                                                                         sector, Bosch operates in the areas of power tools, heating
                                                                         technology, and security systems. The business sector also
                                                                         includes the household appliances of the fifty-fifty joint
                                                                         venture BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH.

                                                                         Power tools
                                              The acquisition of the     With its strong brands Bosch, Skil, and Dremel, Bosch is
                                              Swiss abrasives manu-
                                                                         one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power tools
                                              facturer sia Abrasives,
                                                                         for the building trade, industry, and DIY enthusiasts.
                                              based in Frauenfeld,
                                              enables us to expand
                                                                         The product range also includes accessories such as drill
                                              our product range and      bits, saw blades, and gardening appliances. Innovative
                                              strengthen our posi-       strength and speed remain the main reasons for our suc-
                                              tion as one of the lead-   cess. In 2008 alone, we launched more than 100 new and
                                              ing manufacturers of
                                                                         improved products, including a great many products
                                              power-tool accessories.
                                                                         featuring lithium-ion technology. To add to our product
                                                                         portfolio in the accessories segment, we acquired the Swiss
                                                                         abrasives specialist sia Abrasives Holding AG, Frauenfeld,
                                                                         and the Italian saw-blade manufacturer Freud SpA, Milan.
                                                                         At the same time, we broadened our range of measuring
                                                                         tools by acquiring CST/berger, West Lafayette, IN (USA),
                                                                         and RoboToolz, Hong Kong.
                                                                                                                                  Bosch today   26 | 27

Bosch manufactures consumer goods and building technology
                                                                                       Security systems
at 80 locations in 26 countries.                                                       Bosch is one of the world’s leading suppliers of electronic
                                                                                       security and communications systems. The company’s chief
Divisions                                          3 Household Appliances 2            areas of activity are video surveillance, public address,
3 Power Tools                                           – Cooking, dishwashing
                                                                                       evacuation, and access control. Our security solutions are
  – Power tools for the building trade,                 – Washing, drying
                                                                                       used at many diverse locations, such as banks, city centers,
    industry, and the DIY sector                        – Cooling, freezing
  – Accessories                                         – Cleaning of floor surfaces
                                                                                       industrial complexes, retail stores, train stations, and air-
  – Garden tools                                        – Consumer products            ports. In 2008, we grew faster than the market. The develop-
                                                        – Network-compatible           ment of our video-surveillance and fire-alarm systems busi-
3 Thermotechnology 1                                      household appliances         ness was especially positive. Through the acquisition of the
  – Heating and hot-water systems
                                                                                       Canadian company Extreme CCTV, we expanded our prod-
  – Open-loop and closed-loop control systems      3 Security Systems 3
                                                                                       uct portfolio to include video-surveillance systems for use in
1 Bosch   Thermotechnik GmbH (100 % Bosch-owned)   3
                                                       Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH
                                                                                       difficult conditions.
2 BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH                (100 % Bosch-owned)
 (50 % Bosch-owned)                                                                    Household appliances
                                                                                       BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, in which Bosch
                                                                                       and Siemens each hold a 50 percent share, is one of the
                                                                                       world’s top three companies in the household appliances
Heating technology                                                                     industry. For many years now, the company has led the way
In heating technology, high energy prices and a growing                                in especially energy-efficient appliances. In 2008, BSH was
awareness of how limited reserves of fossil fuel are have                              awarded the first German Sustainability Award for its corpo-
stimulated demand for energy-efficient heating systems.                                rate strategy, which is geared to economic, ecological, and
In addition, several European governments have made it                                 social sustainability.
more attractive to invest in energy-efficient heating systems.
This development had a positive effect on our business.
Growth was driven by our resource-conserving condensing
appliances, as well as by systems for utilizing renewable
energies, such as solar collectors and electric heat pumps.                            Power Tools 3 www.bosch-pt.de
Due to the sharp rise in demand for solar collectors for                               Thermotechnology 3 www.bosch-thermotechnology.com
hot-water generation, we have increased our annual global                              Security Systems 3 www.boschsecurity.com
production capacity to 350,000 units.                                                  Household Appliances 3 www.bosch-hausgeraete.de
Our Responsibility                                                                                                     Bosch today   28 | 29

For us, corporate responsibility means maintaining a balance              Our entrepreneurial independence gives us a high degree
among business, social, and ecological concerns. We firmly                of autonomy and allows us to pursue our corporate strategy
believe this is the only way we can ensure our company’s                  over the long term. The key to this independence is our spe-
successful long-term development. This is important for the               cial ownership structure – with a charitable foundation and
way we define leadership, for our dealings with associates,               the Bosch family as shareholders, and with an industrial
for our treatment of the environment, and for our involvement             trust that carries out the entrepreneurial ownership func-
in society.                                                               tions. We enjoy a close relationship with the descendants of
                                                                          our company founder, who are actively involved in our su-
                                                                          pervisory council, in the meetings of the shareholders, and
                                                                          in the trust. This relationship is an important part of our cor-
                                                                          porate culture and strengthens the identity of our company.

                                                                          Our goal is to secure the long-term and successful continued
                                              As a member of soci-        development of our company through sustained, profitable
                                              ety, we also regard it      growth. Even in difficult times, we keep our sights set firmly
                                              as part of our respon-
                                                                          on this goal. Despite the need to make savings in the current
                                              sibility to continue
                                              boosting energy effi-
                                                                          economic climate, therefore, we believe it is essential to
                                              ciency. For this rea-       maintain forward-looking investment in key areas.
                                              son, we have been
                                              preparing for the elec-     Orientation for associates
                                              trical age in driving for   We have set out guidelines for the way we work together and
                                              some time now, even
                                                                          for our long-term road map, and compiled them in the
                                              though the internal-
                                              combustion engine
                                                                          “House of Orientation.” This guide gives us answers to three
                                              looks set to remain         key questions: What drives us? What do we have in common?
                                              the predominant drive       What do we stand for? The House of Orientation includes the
                                              system for vehicles         Bosch vision as our shared image of the future, the BeQIK
                                              for the foreseeable         mission as a guide for our daily actions, our core competencies
                                                                          for the ongoing successful development of our company,
                                                                          and the Bosch values which strengthen the bond that holds
                                                                          our worldwide operations together.
                                                                                                                Bosch today       30 | 31

In the Bosch value code, we commit to a clear future and
                                                                                                              Environmental involve-
result focus, to responsibility, initiative and determination,
                                                                                                              ment: in association
openness and trust, fairness, cultural diversity, and to reli-
                                                                                                              with the United Na-
ability, credibility, and legality. We expect all our associates                                              tions, the Bangalore
to comply with legal requirements and internal regulations.                                                   chapter of the inter-
We have compiled the key principles of our ethics policy in                                                   national Art of Living
a code of business conduct.                                                                                   Foundation had called
                                                                                                              on people to plant
                                                                                                              100 million trees
                                                                                                              worldwide during late
HR management in the Bosch Group is a matter of strategic                                                     summer 2008. Asso-
significance. It helps us to find, develop, and retain capable                                                ciates and managers
associates worldwide, and thus to achieve our long-term                                                       at our Indian site in
growth targets. A key factor in the acquisition and retention                                                 Bangalore took part
                                                                                                              in the campaign.
of capable associates is the good reputation of Bosch as an
employer. Through intensive personnel marketing, we have
raised our profile among university graduates in a number
of markets worldwide.

We were one of the first industrial enterprises in Germany
to offer a further training program designed specifically for      demographic change. We support our associates in their
graduates with a bachelor’s degree in a technical or com-          efforts to stay in peak condition in body and mind. We regard
mercial subject. The program’s aim is to allow them to gain        occupational training as an integral part of our social respon-
a year’s practical experience at Bosch before launching            sibility. Worldwide, some 6,100 young people receive high-
into their studies for their master’s degree.                      quality training.

Worldwide competition for the best talent is increasing,           Environment
driven in part by the ageing population across large areas         Environmental protection has always been an integral part
of the globe. And as associates become older, their education      of our corporate strategy. We believe it harbors enormous
and health are key to our future ability to remain a top per-      potential for our company’s strong and meaningful develop-
former in the international competitive arena. For some time       ment, since the market for environmental technology is
now, we have been taking extensive action to prepare for           growing rapidly. The opportunity for us as a global technology
                                                                                                                  Bosch today   32 | 33

and services company lies in offering products worldwide             program. By joining, we commit ourselves to reducing by
that provide technical solutions to ecological challenges.           2010 direct greenhouse-gas emissions from our business
Eco-friendly, resource-saving products account for some              activities in the United States by six percent from their aver-
40 percent of our research and development expenditure.              age 2000 level. Worldwide, our aim is to cut CO2 emissions
                                                                     at our locations by at least 20 percent from their 2007 levels
Since 2008 we have been a member of the Chicago Climate              by 2020.
Exchange, the world’s first and North America’s only non-
governmental organization to operate a legally binding               Society
greenhouse-gas emissions registry, reduction, and trading            In our social endeavors, we not only rely on our own insights
                                                                     and experience, but also seek ideas and benchmarks inter-
                                                                     nationally. We are part of a network of associations, non-
                                                                     governmental organizations, and companies working world-
                                                                     wide to eliminate differences in living and working conditions
                                                                     by bringing social and environmental conditions to a uni-
                                     Handmade articles are the       formly high level everywhere. These include the Global
                                     main source of income for
                                                                     Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact,
                                     Grupo Primavera in Campi-
                                                                     and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.
                                     nas, Brazil. The proceeds
                                     are used to support young
                                     women from deprived areas.      We also collaborate with a number of universities and research
                                     Grupo Primavera was the         institutes around the world. This collaboration takes various
                                     initial aid project of Prima-   forms, such as special teaching posts and guest lectures,
                                     vera, the association founded
                                                                     participating in and supporting scientific conferences, and
                                     by Bosch associates in 1990.
                                                                     financing endowed professorships.
                                     The association subsequent-
                                     ly took its name from the
                                     Campinas initiative. To date,
                                     it has collected more than
                                     2.5 million euros in dona-
                                     tions and cared for around
                                     200,000 children worldwide.
                                                                     Responsibility 3 http://csr.bosch.com
                                                                     Jobs and career 3 www.bosch-career.com
                                                                     Primavera 3 www.primavera-ev.de
Robert Bosch Stiftung                                                                                                Bosch today   34 | 35

                                                                         With political far-sightedness, the courage of his convic-
Since 1964, Bosch’s majority shareholder has been Robert                 tions, and a host of charitable initiatives, Robert Bosch set
Bosch Stiftung GmbH, a charitable foundation. The Stiftung               the standards for the work carried out by the Robert Bosch
carries on the charitable and social endeavors of the company’s          Stiftung. This foundation currently supports projects in
founder in contemporary form. It sees itself as a foundation             science, health, international relations, education, society,
that pursues its objectives both with programs and institutions          and culture. Each year, some 800 new “internal” and “exter-
of its own, and in the support it gives to suitable projects and         nal” projects are selected, and are supervised by a total of
initiatives proposed by others for tackling the tasks faced by           110 associates. Of the internal projects, 60 percent have an
society.                                                                 international bearing. The most important instruments used
                                                                         by the Stiftung to achieve its objectives are grants, awards,
                                                                         pilot projects, competitions, and programs for journalists.
                                                                         In 2008, the Robert Bosch Stiftung was able to draw on funds
                                                                         of more than 60 million euros for charitable projects.

                                               Tradition and moder-      Main areas supported by the Stiftung
                                               nity – The Robert Bosch
                                                                         The work of the Stiftung focuses on the challenges facing
                                               House, the former
                                                                         society, such as reforming the education system, integrating
                                               residence of the com-
                                               pany founder, today
                                                                         the migrant population, adapting to the effects of demo-
                                               is the seat of the        graphic change, promoting the European ideal, and, increas-
                                               Robert Bosch Stiftung.    ingly, the changes in the working world. From the very be-
                                               The Stiftung also has     ginning, international understanding has also been one of
                                               offices in the neigh-
                                                                         the central concerns of the Stiftung. Its commitment here
                                               boring Bosch Haus
                                                                         is geared to the long term. Many junior executives in politics
                                               Heidehof, which serves
                                               as a training and con-
                                                                         and administration, the media and culture, business, and the
                                               ference center for the    academic world receive support. The Stiftung also promotes
                                               Bosch Group.              activities to establish a sustainable health system in Germany.
                                                                         It addresses the changes in the labor market with programs
                                                                         that help to make the transition between school and labor
                                                                         market smoother, or that are intended to make better use of
                                                                         the potential and ability of older employees.

                                                                         3 www.bosch-stiftung.de
The Bosch Group in Germany
Unternehmensbereich                                                                                                                                                                  Bosch today                 37 | 37

Corporate Headquarters                 Manufacturing Locations –
Gerlingen near Stuttgart               Industrial Technology
                                       Arnstadt, Augsfeld, Chemnitz,
Research and Development               Crailsheim, Elchingen, Erbach,
Locations                              Erfurt, Fellbach, Hannover,
Abstatt, Bamberg, Bühl/Bühlertal,      Homburg, Horb, Ketsch, Lohr,
Crailsheim, Elchingen, Erbach,         Nuremberg, Oberramstadt,
Gerlingen, Giengen, Hannover,          Schweinfurt, Stuttgart, Viersen,
Hildesheim, Horb, Leinfelden,          Volkach, Waiblingen, Witten                                                              Bremen
Leonberg, Lohr, Lollar, Ottobrunn,
Plochingen, Reutlingen, Schwäbisch     Manufacturing Locations –
Gmünd, Schweinfurt, Schwieber-         Consumer Goods and Building                                                                                                                         Nauen          Berlin
dingen, Stuttgart, Traunreut,          Technology
                                                                                                                                        Hannover     Braunschweig
Waiblingen, Wernau                                                                                         Wettringen
                                       Bad Neustadt, Berlin, Bretten,                                                               Hildesheim       Salzgitter                Magdeburg
                                       Dillingen, Eibelshausen, Giengen,
Manufacturing Locations –              Leinfelden, Lollar, Murrhardt,                               Herne                                          Willershausen
Automotive Technology                  Nauen, Neukirchen, Ravensburg,                   Bochum
                                                                                                     Witten                                          Göttingen
Ansbach, Bamberg, Berlin,              Regensburg, Sebnitz, Straubing,        Viersen                                                                                                      Leipzig
Bietigheim, Blaichach/Immenstadt,      Traunreut, Wernau, Wettringen                       Düsseldorf
Breidenbach, Bremen, Bühl/Bühler-                                                Cologne                                                                        Erfurt                                           Sebnitz
                                                                                                                          Breidenbach                                       Weimar
tal, Eisenach, Göttingen, Herne,       Sales and Service Centers                                          Eibelshausen                               Eisenach
                                                                                                                                Lollar                                   Arnstadt
                                                                                                                  Wetzlar                                                                            Chemnitz
Hildesheim, Homburg, Munich,           Berlin, Bochum, Cologne, Ditzingen,
Nürnberg, Plochingen, Reutlingen,      Düsseldorf, Essen, Fellbach,
Rutesheim, Salzgitter, Schwäbisch      Frankfurt am Main, Fürth, Hamburg,                                                                           Bad Neustadt
                                                                                                                       Frankfurt am Main
Gmünd, Stuttgart, Waiblingen           Hannover, Karlsruhe, Leipzig,                                                      Rodgau              Schweinfurt
                                       Magdeburg, Munich, Nuremberg,                                                                   Lohr
                                                                                                             Oberramstadt                   Augsfeld      Bamberg
Technical Sales Offices for            Ratingen, Rodgau, Stuttgart, Weimar,                                                                       Volkach

Automotive Original Equipment          Wetzlar, Willershausen                                                                    Erbach                               Fürth
Berlin, Braunschweig, Cologne,                                                     Homburg                     Ketsch
                                                                                                                                     Abstatt                Ansbach
Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Stuttgart                                                                              Bretten      Bietigheim          Crailsheim
                                                                                                          Karlsruhe                        Murrhardt
                                                                                                                                                Schwäbisch Gmünd
                                                                                            Bühl/Bühlertal                                                                                           Straubing
                                       Total number of associates in                                                    Horb                       Elchingen
                                       Germany as per January 1, 2009:                                                                                                Munich
                                                                                             Schwieberdingen                                                                     Ottobrunn
                                       114,400                                                                                                                                         Traunreut
                                                                                          Ditzingen      Fellbach/
                                       This list includes locations with      Rutesheim Gerlingen        Waiblingen                       Ravensburg
                                       100 or more associates                    Leonberg                                                            Blaichach/Immenstadt
The Bosch Group in Europe                                                                                                                   Bosch today        39 | 39

outside Germany
Austria 2,600 associates                  Hungary 7,270 associates               Romania 840 associates                  Switzerland 3,460 associates
Manufacture of automotive technol-        Manufacture of automotive technol-     Manufacture of automation technol-      Manufacture of automation technol-
ogy, automation technology, and           ogy, automation technology, and        ogy and security systems; sales;        ogy and power tools; development;
packaging technology; development;        power tools; development; sales;       locations: Blaj, Bucharest, Timisoara   sales; locations: Beringen, Buttikon,
sales; locations: Hallein, Linz,          locations: Budapest, Eger, Hatvan,                                             Ecublens, Frauenfeld, Geroldswil,
Pasching, Ternitz, Vienna                 Kecskemét, Miskolc                     Russian Federation 2,270 associates     Solothurn, St. Niklaus
                                                                                 Manufacture of automotive technol-
Belgium 2,060 associates                  Italy 5,490 associates                 ogy and household appliances; sales;    Turkey 8,390 associates
Manufacture of automotive technol-        Manufacture of automotive technol-     locations: Engels, Moscow,              Manufacture of automotive technol-
ogy; sales; locations: Brussels, Tienen   ogy, automation technology, and        St. Petersburg                          ogy, thermotechnology, and household
                                          power tools; development; sales;                                               appliances; development; sales;
Czech Republic 8,270 associates           locations: Bari, Brembate, Cernusco,   Slovakia 710 associates                 locations: Bursa, Cerkezköy, Istanbul,
Manufacture of automotive technol-        Correggio, Milan, Modena, Modugno,     Manufacture of automotive technol-      Manisa
ogy and thermotechnology; develop-        Nonantolo, Offanengo, Pavullo,         ogy and household appliances; sales;
ment; sales; locations: Albrechtice,      Reggio Emillia, Turin, Vezzano         locations: Bernolakova, Michalovce      Ukraine 310 associates
Brno, České Budějovice, Jihlava,                                                                                         Manufacture of automotive technol-
Krnov, Prague                             Netherlands 3,850 associates           Slovenia 760 associates                 ogy; sales; locations: Kiev, Krakovets
                                          Manufacture of automotive technol-     Manufacture of automation technol-
Denmark 880 associates                    ogy, automation technology and         ogy and household appliances; sales;    United Kingdom 5,430 associates
Manufacture of automotive and             packaging technology, as well as of    locations: Nazarje, Skofia Loka         Manufacture of automotive technol-
packaging technology; sales; locations:   power tools, thermotechnology,                                                 ogy, automation technology, power
Ballerup, Esbjerg, Sandved                and security systems; development;     Spain 7,390 associates                  tools and thermotechnology; sales;
                                          sales; locations: Amsterdam, Boxtel,   Manufacture of automotive technol-      locations: Alfreton, Cardiff, Cirencester,
Finland 230 associates                    Breda, Buinen, Deventer, Eindhoven,    ogy, automation technology,             Clay Cross, Denham, Glenrothes,
Sales; location: Vantaa                   Hoevelaken, Schiedam, Tilburg,         and household appliances; sales;        Greetland, Kidderminster, Milton
                                          Weert                                  locations: Aranjuez, Barcelona,         Keynes, St. Neots, Stowmarket,
France 9,460 associates                                                          Buelna, Castellet, Esquiroz, Huarte,    Worcester
Manufacture of automotive technol-        Norway 230 associates                  La Cartuja, Lliça, Madrid, Montañana,
ogy, automation technology, thermo-       Sales; location: Ski                   San Sebastian, Santander, Treto,
technology, and household appliances;                                            Vigo, Vitoria
development; sales; locations:            Poland 1,880 associates
Angers, Beauvais, Bonneville, Chelles,    Manufacture of automotive technol-     Sweden 1,990 associates
Drancy, Forbach, Lipsheim, Marignier,     ogy and household appliances; sales;   Manufacture of automation technol-
Mondeville, Moulins, Rodez, Saint-        locations: Lodz, Warsaw, Wroclaw       ogy and thermotechnology; sales;
Ouen, St.-Thégonnec, Tremblay,                                                   locations: Kista, Mellansel,            As per January 1, 2009
                                                                                                                         This list includes countries and locations
Vendôme, Vénissieux                       Portugal 3,580 associates              Stockholm, Tranås, Vagnhärad
                                                                                                                         with 100 or more associates, as well as
                                          Manufacture of automotive technol-                                             locations of non-consolidated subsidiaries.
Greece 590 associates                     ogy, thermotechnology, and security
                                                                                                                         Further companies operate in Belarus,
Manufacture of household                  systems; sales; locations: Abrantes,                                           Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,
appliances; sales; location: Athens       Aveiro, Braga, Lisbon, Ovar                                                    Luxembourg, Malta, and Serbia.
The Bosch Group outside Europe                                                                                                               Bosch today       41 | 41

Argentina 710 associates                China 22,700 associates                   Korea 2,190 associates                   Thailand 780 associates
Manufacture of automotive technol-      Manufacture of automotive technol-        Manufacture of automotive technol-       Manufacture of automotive technol-
ogy and automation technology; sales;   ogy, automation technology,               ogy and automation technology;           ogy; sales; locations: Amata City,
location: Buenos Aires                  packaging technology, power tools,        sales; locations: Buyong, Daejoen,       Bangkok, Rayong
                                        thermotechnology, security systems,       Gunpo-Si, Yongin
Australia 2,250 associates              and household appliances; sales;                                                   USA 17,350 associates
Manufacture of automotive technol-      locations: Beijing, Changsha,             Malaysia 2,740 associates                Manufacture of automotive technol-
ogy and automation technology; sales;   Chuzhou, Dalian, Dongguan City,           Manufacture of automotive technol-       ogy, automation technology, packaging
locations: Clayton, Melbourne, Sydney   Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Nanjing,             ogy and power tools; sales; locations:   technology, power tools, security
                                        Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou,               Penang, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam         systems, and household appliances;
Brazil 13,360 associates                Wu Jin, Wuxi, Xian, Zhuhai                                                         sales; around 80 locations, including
Manufacture of automotive technol-                                                Mexico 6,900 associates                  Anderson/SC, Bethlehem/PA,
ogy, automation technology, packaging   India 18,450 associates                   Manufacture of automotive technol-       Broadview/IL, Burnsville/MN,
technology, power tools, and house-     Manufacture of automotive technol-        ogy and power tools; sales; locations:   Charleston/SC, Clarksville/TN,
hold appliances; sales; locations:      ogy, automation technology,               Aguascalientes, Juarez, Mexicali,        Farmington Hills/MI, Fayetteville/NC,
Aratú, Atibaia, Belo Horizonte,         packaging technology, and power           México DF, Saltillo, San Luis Potosí,    Fountain Inn/SC, Fayetteville/NC,
Campinas, Curitiba, Hortolandia,        tools; sales; creation of software;       Toluca                                   Knoxville/TN, Lincolnton/NC,
Pomerode, São Paulo                     locations: Ahmedabad, Bangalore,                                                   Mount Prospect/IL, New Bern/NC,
                                        Bommanahalli, Chakan, Coimbatore,         Peru 130 associates                      Plymouth/MI, Somerset/PA,
Canada 620 associates                   Jaipur, Jalgaon, Koramangala,             Manufacture of household app-            South Bend/IN, St. Joseph/MI
Manufacture of automation technol-      Naganathapura, Nashik, Pune               liances; sales; location: Callao
ogy and security systems; sales;                                                                                           Venezuela 140 associates
locations: Burnaby, Mississauga,        Japan 7,970 associates                    Singapore 520 associates                 Sales; location: Caracas
Welland                                 Manufacture of automotive technol-        Sales; location: Singapore
                                        ogy, automation technology, and
                                        packaging technology; sales; locations:   South Africa 840 associates
                                        Higashi-Matsuyama, Kawamoto,              Manufacture of automotive technol-
                                        Misato, Musashi, Nagoya, Odawara          ogy; sales; locations: Brits, Midrand
                                        City, Ota-City, Oura, Takasaki,
                                        Tochigi, Tokyo, Tomioka, Tsuchiura,       Taiwan 170 associates
                                        Yokohama, Yorii                           Manufacture of automation technol-
                                                                                  ogy; sales; location: Taipei

                                                                                                                           As per January 1, 2009.
                                                                                                                           This list includes countries and locations
                                                                                                                           with 100 or more associates, as well as
                                                                                                                           locations of non-consolidated subsidiaries.

                                                                                                                           Further companies operate in
                                                                                                                           Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Israel,
                                                                                                                           Kazakhstan, New Zealand, the Philippines,
                                                                                                                           the United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam.
Milestones in Product History                                                                                                         Bosch today      43 | 43

1887                                  1967                                   1996                                     2004
Construction of the first Bosch       Bosch Jetronic injection system goes   Series production of the VP44            Introduction of contact-free
low-voltage magneto for stationary    into series production                 high-pressure diesel injection pump      optical axle measurement system
internal-combustion engines
                                      1974                                   1997                                     Series production of the
1897                                  Introduction of the ARI traffic        Series production of the                 Denoxtronic fuel-metering system
First installation of an ignition     information system                     common-rail high-pressure                for exhaust gas treatment in
device in a motor vehicle                                                    diesel direct-injection system           commercial vehicles
1902                                  Production of lambda sensors           1998                                     2005
Delivery of the first spark plugs     Development of the world’s first       Series production of UIS,                Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2005
and the first high-voltage magneto    swivel-arm industrial robot            the single-cylinder unit injector        (together with Siemens) for the
ignition system                                                              system for diesel engines                development of piezo-injection
                                      1978                                                                            technology
1927                                  Market launch of ABS, the world’s      2000
Series production of Bosch diesel     first series-produced antilock         Series production of adaptive            Series production of the
injection pumps                       braking system                         cruise control (ACC)                     active night vision system for
                                                                                                                      passenger cars
1928                                  1979                                   Series production of the DI Motronic
First Bosch power tool                Series production of Bosch Motronic    gasoline direct-injection system         2006
                                      (digital system to control gasoline                                             Development of a gasoline
1933                                  injection and ignition)                2002                                     direct injection system with
Bosch refrigerator marks the start                                           First series application of electronic   piezo elements
of household appliance manufacture    1986                                   battery management (EBM)
                                      Series production of traction                                                   2007
1951                                  control system (TCS)                   Introduction of the Wallscanner          Introduction of the start-stop
Rollout of gasoline injection         Market launch of electronic            (instrument to locate invisible          system
pumps for vehicle engines             diesel control (EDC)                   installations in walls)
1957                                  1989                                   2003                                     Series production of the parking
Production of car transistor radios   Market launch of the Travelpilot       Series production of the                 assistant
                                      navigation system                      third-generation common-rail
1958                                                                         system, with piezo inline injectors
The first Bosch washing machines      1995
are manufactured                      Market launch of vehicle navigation    Market launch of the Ixo,
                                      systems with voice guidance to         the first power tool with lithium-ion
1964                                  destination                            rechargeable battery
The Bosch dishwasher is launched
                                      Introduction of electronic
                                      stability program (ESP®)
Milestones in Company History                                                                                                         Bosch today     44
                                                                                                                                                      45 | 45

1861                                    1933                                    2001
Robert Bosch born in Albeck             Acquisition of Ideal-Werke für          Acquisition of Detection Systems      Acquisition, together with
near Ulm                                drahtlose Telephonie AG                 Inc, Fairport, NY (USA)               Mann+Hummel, Ludwigsburg,
                                        (later Blaupunkt GmbH, now Robert                                             Germany, of the Purolator filters
1886                                    Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH)              Industrial leadership of Mannesmann   business from ArvinMeritor Inc,
At the age of 25, Robert Bosch                                                  Rexroth AG, and its merger with       Detroit, MI (USA)
opens his “Workshop for                 1942                                    the Automation Technology division
Precision Mechanics and Electrical      Robert Bosch dies, aged 80              to form Bosch Rexroth AG              2007
Engineering” in Stuttgart                                                                                             Acquisition of the electrical heat pump
                                        1967                                    2002                                  manufacturer FHP Manufacturing
1898                                    Bosch-Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH           Acquisition of the subsidiary         Company, Fort Lauderdale, FL (USA)
First sales office outside Germany      joint venture set up                    Communication, Security, & Imaging
opens in the U. K.                      (known since 1998 as BSH Bosch          from Philips BV, Eindhoven (Bosch     Assumption of industrial leadership
                                        und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH)            Security Systems BV since 2003)       of Pacifica Group Ltd, Melbourne,
1905                                                                                                                  Australia
First manufacturing site                1995                                    Establishment of a company pension
outside Germany opens in France         Five joint ventures set up in China     scheme for Bosch associates           Acquisition of Pharmatec GmbH,
                                                                                                                      Dresden, Germany
1912                                    1996                                    2003
First manufacturing site in the U. S.   Acquisition of the brake operations     Acquisition of Buderus AG, Wetzlar    2008
                                        of AlliedSignal Inc in the U. S. and                                          Acquisition of majority shareholding
1913                                    Europe                                  2004                                  in the photovoltaics manufacturer
Foundation of an independent                                                    Opening of our engineering center     ersol Solar Energy AG, Erfurt,
apprentice training department, with    1998                                    in Abstatt                            Germany
an industrial apprentices’ workshop     Opening of a test center and test
                                        track in Boxberg                        Acquisition of Sigpack, the Swiss     Acquisition of majority shareholding
1919                                                                            packaging machinery manufacturer      in the Swiss abrasives manufacturer
Establishment of the in-house           1999                                                                          sia Abrasives Holding AG, Frauenfeld
newspaper “Bosch-Zünder”                Steering systems joint venture set up   2005
                                        with ZF Friedrichshafen AG              Acquisition of the Swedish company    Joint venture for exhaust-gas turbo-
1921                                                                            IVT Industrier AB, Tranås             chargers with Mahle GmbH, Stuttgart
Establishment of an after-sales         Acquisition of a majority stake
organization: the first Bosch Service   in the Japanese Zexel Corporation       Acquisition of majority holding in    Joint venture with Samsung SDI to
agents start work                       (known since 2000 as Bosch              Oil Control Group SpA, Milan, Italy   develop and manufacture lithium-ion
                                        Automotive Systems Corporation)                                               batteries for vehicles
1932                                                                            Bosch-Zünder published worldwide
Acquisition of the natural              2000                                    in eight languages                    2009
gas-fired appliance manufacturer        Sale of the public networks and                                               Groundbreaking ceremony for the
Junkers & Co GmbH                       private networks telecommunications     2006                                  construction of a facility to
                                        divisions, and of mobile telephone      Acquisition of Telex Communications   manufacture crystalline solar cells
                                        operations                              Holdings Inc, Minneapolis, MN (USA)   and modules in Arnstadt, Germany
Management                                             How to Contact Us                                 Bosch today     46 | 47

Board of Management    Supervisory Council             For information on the Bosch Group   Corporate Headquarters of the
                                                       product line, contact Coordination   Bosch Group can be contacted
Franz Fehrenbach       Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Scholl   Sales and Marketing Consumer         at the following address and
Chairman               Chairman                        Goods and Industrial Technology      numbers:
Dr. Siegfried Dais     Alfred Löckle                                                        Robert Bosch GmbH
Deputy Chairman        Deputy Chairman                 For product brochures, contact       Postfach 10 60 50
                                                       Marketing Communication and          70049 Stuttgart
Dr. Bernd Bohr         Dr. forest. Christof Bosch      Brand Management (C/SMC)
Dr. Rudolf Colm        Christian Brunkhorst                                                 Phone +49 711 811- 0
Dr. Volkmar Denner     Hartwig Geisel                  For articles and lectures by Bosch   Fax +49 711 811 - 66 30
Gerhard Kümmel         Hans-Peter Gräther              Group associates, contact the
Dr. Wolfgang Malchow   Dr.-Ing. Rainer Hahn            Information Center (C/CTI1)          www.bosch.com
Peter Marks            Jörg Hofmann
Uwe Raschke            Prof. Lars G. Josefsson         For answers to journalists’
Peter Tyroller         Dieter Klein                    questions, contact Corporate
                       Prof. Dr. Hermut Kormann        Communications (C/CC) or go to
                       Prof. Dr. Olaf Kübler           www.bosch-press.com
                       Matthias Georg Madelung
                       Daniel Müller                   For information on career            Wood and paper products
                       Dr. Hans-Friedrich von Ploetz   opportunities in the Bosch Group,    bearing the PEFC logo
                       Wolfgang Ries                   contact Human Resources              originate from responsibly
                       Urs B. Rinderknecht             Management (C/HM) or go to           managed forests.
                       Wolf Jürgen Röder               www.bosch-career.com                 For more information visit
                       Tilman Todenhöfer                                                    www.pefc.org
                       Hans Wolff                      For information on educational
                                                       policy and change management,
                                                       contact Human Resources and
                                                       Organizational Development (C/HD)
                                                       with CIP coordination

                                                       Companies wishing to become
                                                       suppliers to Bosch should contact
                                                       Corporate Sector Purchasing
                                                       and Logistics (CP) or go to

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