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     UNION SPRINGS ADVERTISER                                                                                                                                                                                           •300 PRU ANN I'M
             JAMtt B. HOFF. Mltof and Publish**.                                                                  • • a e , Her Ismstltattoaa                                  •erli                          TIRIS:    • 1.511 strictly ID Advaoee

              VOL.             XXV.                                            UNION SPRIMiS. X. V., THURSDAY, MARCH 2<>, 1WI.                                                                                         NT MB Kit 4<>.

                                                                                                               Oh, no," said the burglars; " w e n                    SCHOOL A N D C H U R C H .                               HUMOROUS.
                      S U M M E R SWEETS.                  until her soft, irregular breathing as-
                                                           sured me she w a s asleep. Then 1 re-        not at all hungry; it isn't necessary.
  "• ftwtets to iho •wet," tb« poeti say.                                                               We mustn't keep you up any longer."                       —A Young Men's Christian A ss< H'ta-           —A Definition —Teacher—"Will sottl
        Bu 1 guvr mjr love some {xjeirs                    tired to my o w n n»om.                                                                                                                   city o! one explain what is meant by self-de-
    The l>r<*ath of lbs lansuoruus summar lay                 What strange noises one hears in the           1 saw they wanted me u go to l>ed, so tion has l*een eslabhah in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                             nial?" Small Boy—"Please, mum. it's
        lo the hearts of ifce ttamask roses;               dead watches of the night, and what a        that they could have an op|K»i tunity to Jerusalem.
    The rtxl carnation hung down Its head                                                               g o on with their work.                                   — During l^.H) the Baptists sent out giviu' the whole of your apple to your
                                                           night that was for them!                                                                                                                          little sister."—Yankee Blade.
        As If wooing ber soft                                                                   "Oh. yes," said 1; "it won't take me. the largest missionary force they iver
                                                              1 lay a w a k e a l o n g t i m e , straining my
    And the coreopsis looked pale and dead
        By the aide of ber golden trenaea.                 ears at every sound and conjuring up in       but a few minutes, and then 111 g o to put into the field in any one year.                              — A Forbidding Character.—"I don't
                                                                                                         Wd without saying another word and                       — Kudyard Kipling's father is a pro- like the ossified man," ctmtided the fat
                                                           my excited imagination terrible images
   *6weeU to tbe sweet,"—and I gathered pinks,
                                                           gathered from all t h e tales I had ever      let you have a good rest. Sleep as long fessor in an India art school, l i e is a woman in the museum to the living
        Their fiery hearts a shintujr.                                                                   as you want to in t h e m<truing. We fine looking old man, with snow white skeleton. "Nor I." replied His Bone-
     Around tbelr stem* tbe braided links                  heard of robberies, witchcraft and                                                                                                                lets; "I can't abide him. Uu never un
        Of clover and gold thread twining.                                                               shan't have breakfast till late."                     beard and hair.
                                                           ghosts. At last 1 fell into a restless
     1 wove ber a ohaplet of maiden hair.                  sleep and re allied in m y dreams the              So saying, I took t h e empty pitcher                —The total enrollment of pupils for b e n d s . " - Puck.
        To wear on bar dainty bonnet.                                                                    and went out leaving the door wide, the whole of the Cnited States schools                              —"Did you know that Skinner ha*
     And cave ber a Illy, pure and fair.                    fancies of my imagination. All of a
                                                           sudden 1 found myself sitting bolt up-        o|>en. I tripped t w o flights of stairs to           is giveu at U,4K.V2v7. T h e average at- pneumonia, and is not expected to live?"
        With dewdrops sprinkled upon It
                                                           right in bed. the cold sweat standing         the basement. I w a s trembling all tendance is 7,'279,r»lo.                                         "No; how did he take cold?" "He g o t
   •Sweets to tbe sweet." I whispered low,                 out in large drops on m y forehead and        over lest my scheme should not prove                      —The twelfth triennial conference of      his feet wet going around trying to find
         As 1 dropped In ber lap each token.
     And begged that aha would not answer "no"              my hands clutching spasmodically a t          successful. 1 had a confused sense that the Young Men's Christian Association* where he could buy a pair of rubbers
        To the question my eyes had spoken.                 the bedclothes. I listened and heard a        when 1 kissed them in my inward re- of all lands is to be held in Amster- chea|H'st."— Low ell Citiacu.
     Tba red blood ruahed to her brow and cheek,            slow, grating sound which seemed t o         coil from them and excitement, I had dam, Holland, next August.                                         —"Buy a pair of e y e g l a s s e s from
         As, with scarlet lips a-o,ulver,                   come from t h e basement.                     called the youuger man I'ncle Tom and
                                                                                                     At first 1                                                    — Prof. Kolfe, of Michigan univer- me, sir?" asked the peddler, "finer or
      8h« said: "If the flower* could only speak.
         They would tell you 1 love the giver."             thought it must be the echo of my last        and the elder Cousin Jim, and that sity, has edited a pamphlet containing more lasting wares you won't find in
                                                                                                          afterward in trying t o correct myself I classical and geographical references t o the city. I have been fired three* tiinen-
     —Helen Whitney (Mark, la Leslie's Weekly.              dream, but a s 1 g r e w more                 fully
                                                            awake t h e sound became more and             had called them Cousin Tom and I'ncle IK* used by the class in Horace-in review. to-day out of second-story w i n d o w s and
                                                            more distinct, until 1 w a s convinced        .Jim.      Still I w a s pretty sure they had            —The Methodist Kpiscopul church not a single glass L broken."—Flie-        s
                                                            that it w a s n o fancy.               Suddenly it
                                                                                                          not noticed it.                                      has. in connection with its mission in         gende Blatter.
                                                            ceased, and I heard a light footfall.             I slipped o u t of t h e basement door Mexico, 'J,437 communicants. This indi-                     — Friend —"You have only licen mar-
   W h a t a Y o u n g Girl A c c o m p l i s h e d         My first impulse w a s to hide myself          and fairly flew across the held to cates a gain of MD4 during the past year. ried a week, and here 1 find y>m in
            b y H e r P r e s e n c e o f Mind.             completely under t h e bedclothes and          Farmer Brown's house. 1 dared not                       —There are over M ) missionary sta- tears." Young Wife —"Yes, my hus-
                                                            await further developments.                  But 1
                                                                                                          look In'hind me for fear I should see a tions in the Dark Contiuent. with band has been trying to get elected o n
                                                            nobly resisted that impulse, and, rising,      multitude of shadowy shapes pursuing which 400.000 converts are ussociated, the local hoard, and I have Wen read-
                                    EARS ago, w h e n
                                                             hastily donned wrapper and slippers,          me.      Visions, horrible visions, rose be- whose number is increasing at a yearly ing in the papers what an unmitigated
                                     1 w a s a young
                                                             saying, half aloud: "It must be father        fore my eves. I imagined the burglars average of 2a, 000 souls.                                    scoundrel he is."
                                     girl, I hud an
                                                             come back unexpectedly."                      going downstairs to see why I w a s                                                                    — A young woman sent to a n e w s -
                                     experience                                                                                                                    — It is announced that the American
                                     which        taught     1 think 1 never w a s more sure of gone so long, and not finding me. kill- institute of Christian philosophy, of paper a poem entitled: "I Cannot Make
                                     me t h e inesti- anything in my life than 1 w a s then, ing my mother in revenge for my which Dr. Deems is the founder and Him Smile," and w a s very much dis-
                                     mable value of that it w a s not father.                              treachery. It seemed hours before I
                                                                                                                                                                head, has an endowment fund of ?1.">.- pleased when the editor sent it I nick
                                     p r e s e n c e of       I softly stole downstairs and along reached the door, although it could not 000. of which Mr. Cornelius Vanderbilt with a line saying that she would prob-
                                     mind in emer- the hall. T h e dining-room door w a s ha*ve been more than a few minutes. L contributed about one-half.                                                   ably succeed if she showed him "the
                                                          ajar, and 1 paused a momeut on the               aroused the family, and Farmer Brown,
                                     gency.                                                                                                                        — The Methodist Fpiscopal church, poem."— Boston Traveller.
                                        We were liv-      threshold. There, by the dim light of a his son and the hired man quickly pro- south,.has adopted the Kpworth league                                    —Too Previous. — Writing Teacher
                                                                                                           pared to return with me. Not nioro
                                     ing that winter lantern, held in the hand of one, I saw                                                                    as its denominational young people's           (watching her finger movements) —"A
                                     in a lonely spot the forms of t w o burly, rough-bearded                                                                   society. The young |>eople of the Meth- beautiful hand. Miss Caroline                      " Fair
                                     about          eight men, one apparently middle-aged and
                                                                                                                                                                cnlist Episcopal church, the Methodist Pupil {blushing) — "La. Mr. Scribson!"
                                     miles       a w a y the other much younger. T h e butt of                                                                  church of Canada and the Methodist "Is only to be gained by }>ersistent
                                     from a small a pistol protruded from t h e pocket of                                                                       Episcopal church, south, are now en- practice. Hold your pen a little more
   "town of western Pennsylvania.                    We   the older. A t almost the same instant
                                                                                                                                                                listed under one denominational banner. loosely. Miss Caroline."—Chicago Trib-
    had but one near neighbor, a farmer, they saw me, and gave a slight, invol-                                                                                                                                une.
                                                          untary start of surprise.                                                                                 — Prof. Brooks, director of the Smith
    whose place adjoined ours. My father                                                                                                                                                                          —A young Mexican never pays f o r
                                                              It immediately flashed over me that                                                               observatory at (Jeneva. N. Y.. has been
    w a s superintendent of the B                    iron                                                                                                                                                      the tickets when he takes a young wom-
                                                                                                                                                                »lected a member of the British as-
    works, and, o n t h e memorable d a y of these were men from the neighborhood,
                                                                                                                                                                tronomical association of London. Fil- an to the theater. T h e lady's father
    which I am about t o relate, he had re- that they knew of m y father's absence,
                                                                                                                                                                 mland. He has for several years been a attends to that; but if the young m a n
    ceived a large s u m of money for dis- of t h e presence of t h e money in t h e
                                                                                                                                                                 fellow of the Koyal astronomical so- is obliged to pay for the supper aftet
    tribution among the employes, accord- house, of my mother's illness, and that
                                                                                                                                                                 ;iety of lircat Britain. The professor the theater the girl might almost a s
    ing t o their respective duties.              In the they had supposed m y mother w a s
                                                                                                                                                                 lias also gained much renown as a comet well have no father.—Norristown Her-
    evening he received a telegram, calling alone. (I had> been a w a y from home                                                                                                                              ald.
    him away on urgent business.                  He did for some time previous t o this.)                                                                                                                         — Mrs. Sanso. "I trust that w e shall
    n o t dare take the money with him on                      I k n e w that the unexpected presence                                                               —Several ladies connected with the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                sec a great deal of your friend when h e
    his horseback ride into the t o w n where of a y o u n g girl would n o t turn them                                                                          Women's medical school. Bedford col-
                                                                                                                                                                                                               comes to the- city. My daughter w i l l
    he w a s t o catch the ten o'clock express, from their purpose, that resistance                                                                              lege, I'niversity college, and other in-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                W back from Europe by the time h e
    for t h e roads were lonely, and con-                  would be useless, and perhaps danger-                                                                 stitutions in London w here women stu-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                comes. She is a wonderful pianist, y o n
    sidered rather dangerous by night.                     ous, that to give t h e alarm would be                                                                dents arc to be found, have formed an
                                                                                                                                                                                                                know." Mr. Rodd -"Oh, my friend
        There w a s one spot, called the Gorge, impossible now that they k n e w 1 had                                                                           association with the object of counter-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                won't mind that. He i s as deaf a s a
    ^vhere the road narrowed suddenly t o seen them. T o keep my mother from                                                                                     acting the skeptical tendencies which
                                                                                                                                                                                                                post."—Harper's Bazar.
     hardly more than the width of a foot- awaking and t o save the money were                                                                                   iistinguish women as well as men stu-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   — A man who was eating a large, r a w
                                                                                                             PARMKB BROWN RKACHRD THE DOOB dents of the present day.
    path, and ran through a piece of dense the thoughts uppermost in my mind.                                                                                                                                   oarrot stopped a woman on Duffle Id
                                                               All this flashed across my brain dur-                               riHST.
     woods, the thick trees of which m e t                                                                                                                           —The vote in the Meth<xiist Episcopal
     over t h e w a y . This part w a s gloomy             ing the almost unappreciable instant than t e n minutes from the time I left church on the eligibility of women as street the day after N e w Year's a n d
                                                                                                                                                                                                                said: "Madame, could you give me tent
     by day, and by night it w a s darkness that we stood looking at each other; and the door of the guest room w e were as- delegates to the general conference is cents t o buy food with?" "Why, y o u
     n o ray of light could penetrate. A I suppose there seemed to t h e aston- cending the stairs in breathless expec- now completed, and gives a majority of seem to have plenty," she answered.
     turbulent stream ran in t h e woods at ished burglars no interval at all before tation.                               Farmer Brown reached t h e &bout 100.000 in favor of the change. "Raw carrot—see!" he said, as he e x -
     one side, and a t a certain point be- I rushed forward and embraced and door first. Instead of g o i n g in he This is only an expression of opinion. tended it. "Yes. but don't y o u k n o w
     t w e e n t w o rocks there was a miniature kissed each of them, exclaiming:                            turned to m e with a blank look of in- The necessary legislation rests with the
     whirlpool—the delight of small boys by                    "Oh, Uucle T o m and Cousin J i m ! quiry on his face. I glanced in and saw annual conferences and the general con- that rawcarrot contains ninety-three
                                                                                                                                                                                                                pc* cent of clear nutriment a g a i n s t
     day, t h e horror of pious people by I'm s o glad t o see you. It w a s s o late that the room w a s empty. My worst ference.—Christian Statesman.                                                         only thirty three in mince pie or pinna
     night. Blood-curdling tales were told I had almost given y o u up. I suppose fears had then been realized! Without                                                                                          pudding? You ought t o be thankful,
     of masked men, gleaming knives, and you wouldn't know m e any more than a word I turned and rushed to ray moth-                                                        Women's Work in Science.            sir; very thankful."
     lone travelers w h o had never returned I would you. Let me see. I w a s t w o er's room. T h a n k God! she waa there,                                         T h e steady increase of patents grant-       —He Told the Truth.—President
      from the Gorge. Superstitious people years old when y o u were here before, safe and sound, and still asleep. T h e n Mi t o women since scientific studies have
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Board of Police Commissioners—"We
     pointed t o the whirlpool, and warned wasn't 1? Mother la no better than she 1 w e n t t o t h e place where the money been opened to them explains in part
                                                                                                                                                                                                                are very sorry to say, O'Hoolahan, that
     their children n o t t o g o near t h e ab- w a s w h e n w e wrote last, s o w e mustn't w a s hidden. It w a s all there. We why inventions by that sex have been L
                                                            wake her up. I will g e t a lamp and                                                                                                                 V o n a r r discharged       from the force."
     horred spot. But I, being of a practical                                                                w e n t slowly from room t o room of t h e Heretofore so rare. A list recently pub- O'Hoolahan—"An' fer phat cause, y e r
                                                            show you right to your room for y o u
                                                            must be tired. How is Martha?"                   whole house looking in every corner lished gives t h e n u m W r of patents Honor?" President—"A j e w e l r y - s t o w
                                                                                                             and under every sofa and table. Noth- {ranted to women inventors by the w a s burglarized in your district last
                                                                While I poured forth this volley of ing w a s taken, but the m e n were no-
                                                            words, the burglars had had time t o where t o be found. —Ethel Wilkinson, Cnited States government, from t h e night. Did you meet any one on y o u r
                                                            take in the situation, and I s a w them in N. Y. Independent.                                         fear 1790 to July 1, l*S8, a s 2,300. After beat last night?" O'Hoolahan—"Yis,
                                                            exchange a glance which plainly said:                                                                 IS09 t o 1813 only one patent w a s issued. your Honor; 1 met a man. an' he said,
                                                            "Let's carry it out."                                                                                 From 1H.V7 the number of women in- said he, he wus going to open a jewel-
                                                                                                                   Wast It Cost! to Harder la Tibet.              ventors increased rapidly. In 1870 the ry-sture." President—"He did open a
                                                                "Martha? Oh. she's quite well. Had
                                                                                                                 I had arrived at Kanse in an evil number w a s <J0: hi 1**7 the number jewelry-store, and stole five thonsand
                                                            a bad cold, bnt she's getting over it,"
                                                                                                              hour, in the midst of the festivities of reached 179. If last y e a r s list were dollars' worth of goods." O'Hoolahan—
                                                            replied the younger man in a tone that
                                                                                                              the 1Mb of the fourth moon, when t h e published it would probably show a "The man may have been a thafe. b n t
                                                            implied a lifelong intimacy with "Mar-
                                                                                                              people from far and u * v congregate +till more rapid advance. And these he wus no l i a r . " - J e w e l e r s ' Circular.
                                                                                                              there and the chiefs r e v w v their men, inventions take a wide range, from mere
                                                                •'How's your father?"
                                                                                                              and when drinking and are t h o household and dress inventions t o rail-                              TaaCarollaa R*dbonoa.
                                                                •'Fathers well," I replied: "he w a s
                                                                                                              order of the day. In Tibet nearly every road journal                    boxes and submarine           There is a singular race of people i a
                                                            called a w a y suddenly this evening but
                                                                                                              crime is punished by the imposition of telescopes. ID addition to the better South Carolina called the Red bones.
                                                            we expect him back to-morrow.           He'll
                                                                                                              a fine, and murder is by no means an •cope and invitation for invention genius Their origin is unknown. They re-
                                                            1* sorry not to have been here to greet
                                                                                                            | expensive luxury. The tine varies a » which wider knowledge gives, the more semble in appearance the gypetiea. trat
                                                            j o u , " I added with perfect truth.
                                                                                                              cording to the social standing of t h e independent position of women now re- in complexion they are red. They have
                                                                 •'Never mind about a light," said the
                                                                                                              victim —1 "O bricks of tea i worth a rupee quires less moral courage on their part accumulated considerable property and
                                                            elder burglar, as I made a motion to
                                                                                                              a brick) for one of the "upper ten," HO to apply for patents than would have are industrious and peaceable. T h e y
                                                            light a lamp standing on the table.
                                                                                                              bricks for a person of t h e middle heen necessary at an earlier period.-- live in small s e t t l e m e n t s at t h e foot of
                                                             "We can see to g e t t o lied by t h e lan-
                                                                                                              classes, * > bricks for a woman, and s o New England Magazine.                                     the mountains, and associate with none
                                                             tern, and a light might disturb your
                                                                                                              on down to t w o or three for a pauper                                                              but their own raee. They are a prond
                                                             mother. Sorry's she's sick."
                    1 RUSHKD FORWARD.                                                                         or wandering foreigner, as Lieut. Lu                                                                and high spirited people, ( a n t e is very
                                                                 I s a w that he w a s afraid their un-                                                                       The > » m # of America.
                                                                                                               M i n g y a n g kindly informed me. H*
                                                            couth appearance might arouse my sus-
       torn of mind, w a s firmly convinced picions, HO I readily acquiesced.                                  said that there was hardly a grown-up                  The origin of the name "A merica" has strong among them. They enjoy life,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  visit the watering place* and mountain
       that nothing greater than a leaf or                                                                     man in the country w h o had not a recently I wen discussed by the Geo- resorts, but eat and keep by them-
                                                                 "Are you alone with your mother?"
       t w i g ever had been or ever could be asked the young man.                                             murder or t w o to his cresht; and later graphical Soeiety of Berlin. Some held selves. When the w a r broke out sev-
       sucked into that whirlpool.                                                                             on Mgr. liiet, the bishop of TiWt, cor- that it came from a range of mountaiMK
                                                                 "Yes," I answered. "Father left me                                                                                                               eral of them enlisted in t h e Hampton
          However that may have been, on this in charge of the house and mother "                              roborated this statement. —Lieut. Kock- in Central America, called by the na-
                                                                                                               hill, in Century.                                   tives Aroerique, and that Vespucci w a s legion, and when the legion reached
       particular night I w a s left in charge of                "W eren't you afraid?" as Wed the elder                                                           not called Amerigo, a s it is not a name Virginia there w a s a great outcry
       the house and the money and, moat im- burglar, kindly.                                                                                                                                                     among the Virginians and the troops
       portant of all, of ray sick mother. She                   "Yes, a little." I replied; "but n o w I         — Mild Old O e n t l e m a n M g o a d e d to in the saint calendar <rf Italy. They from other states because w e had en-
                                                                                                                                                                   asserted that he changed his name from
       w a s suffering from heart trouble, and s h a n ' t be;" and I turned a trustful madness by next room lodgvrl—"Uood
                                                                                                                                                                   Alberigo to Amerigo after the latter listed negroes. They did not resemble
       the doctors had said that any sh<>ck or glance up to him that E hoped would gracious! W hat are you pounding the
                                                                                                                                                                   w a s coming into use a s a name for the the African in the least, except ia case*
       even special anxiety might prove fatal melt his hard heart. Meanwhile, w e furniture that w a y for?" Idle Party
                                                                                                                                                                                           Signor Govt, how- where Africans had amalgamated with
       t o her. My brothers were both away were ascending the stairs t o t h e guest —"Trying to kill time."                                        Mild Old Western World.
                                                                                                                                                                   ever, has proved that Alberigo, in the I n d i a n s —St. Louis ttlobe-Democrat,
        to college.                                          room. I showed them in and paused at Orntleman (after deep thought! — Florentine language, is identical with
           Although 1 waa not nstorally timid, the door.                                                        "Well, I suggest that y o n aim* try t o
                                                                                                               deaden the sound."—American tlrover. Amerigo, and a letter of Vespucci,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           <>«t of t h e * n a t h « of Rahva.
        I confess that it w a s with some trepi-                  "We thought yon'd all be asleep, and                                                              dated I MM), fonnd recently In the ar- T w o children were playing on
        dation that I went the rounds of t h e we could g e t in without disturbing                                                                                 chives of the duke of ttonsagu at Man- sidewalk and a lady passed them.
        bouse late that night to see that all w a s yon," said the younger burglar, in a                          —When his old aunt died, and he had tua, shows that he sometime* subscribed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      "She's a grass widow," said one.
        secure. After I bad gone t o my room I somewhat embarrassed way.                                        to ship her body un to Punkville. all himself Amerigo.                      Moreover, the na-
        thought I beard the rattling of a base-                                                                                                                                                                       "What's a grass widow*" asked t h a
                                                                  "Yes, it w a s very kind of yon, Cousin the telegram he sent w a s the one word tives call the mountains Amerisque, not other.
        ment door, s o I want around again l o Tom," I said. "Now let me bring y o n "and." When asked slxrat it after- amerique, s o that tbe question may b*
        •very door and window, fattening a pitcher of wetar and a little some- ward, he said that he though! every on* considered settled in favor of th« par-                                                        •Hiractous! Don t y o n know < W f "
        every lock and sliding every b o l l I thing t o eat," 1 added, ' y o u must b s would understand Usui "and" expressed sons! same, - N . Y Post.                                                           ssid the other, scornfully; "why. bar
        paused a t tbe doer at mj m o t h e r s                                                                                                                                                                    husband died ui a a j f e v e r s - L i f e ,
                                                                                                                rclniw a. — Lifht,
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                                                                                                                                                     Thomas M. Tryniski
                                                                                                                                                     309 South 4th Street
                                                                                                                                                     Fulton New York 13069


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