Collective Worship Policy by G3gt67


									                           Collective Worship Policy


Collective worship is an important part of human experience. The coming
together of different groupings of humans to celebrate facets of existence is
as old as human history itself. In this act, we can see important aspects of
civilisation and citizenship. We create opportunities to consider shared values
and to reflect upon what it is to be human.

Collective worship in assembly is therefore an important part of Academy life.
It provides a period of time which brings together all aspects of the education
that we offer. It can bind moral, spiritual, academic, social and cultural values.
It helps students to see that they are part of something much larger than


            To create a period of time for reflection
            To bring the Academy together as a family
            To encourage students to value themselves and others
            To provide an opportunity to share and to celebrate
            To develop students understanding of not only their own role in
             contemporary British society but as citizens of Europe who have
             global interests
            To heighten awareness of major world religions, with particular
             emphasis on Christianity
            To comply with legal requirements on collective worship in schools


* Assemblies are a corporate act of worship. They are broadly Christian in
nature. Assemblies take the form of a reading or short address, sometimes with
music, slideshows or shot films.

* Assembly is used to celebrate life at Hodgson. It is one of the major arenas in
which students’ achievements are celebrated. Students are often invited onto
the stage during assembly to receive awards to mark progress or achievement.
Student musicians sometimes play during assemblies, or there are drama

* A great deal of time and thought goes into preparing assemblies. A rota listing
who will take assembly is published prior to each term or half term. This rota is
prepared by the Assistant Principal with responsibility for the organisation of
assemblies. Announcements and sports reports should be passed in writing to
the person taking the assembly or the aforementioned Assistant Principal.

* Throughout the year, Academy assemblies are taken by the Principal,
Associate Principal, Vice Principal, Senior Assistant and Assistant Principals and
Year Student Progress Coordinators. Guests are invited into the Academy to
take assembly from time to time, including local clergy.

* Each Academy day will see one year group in assembly. On that day, forms in
that year group will go straight to the assembly hall, with their coats and bags,
rather than to their form room. The Progress Tutor will register the form in the
hall, prior to assembly. At the end of the assembly, students will go straight to
their Period One lesson.

* In assembly, forms sit in order – Form A on the first two rows etc. Each form
will have two rows of 15 seats. It is important that forms sit in the correct
location. Students can put their coats and bags at their feet. Progress Tutors
are responsible for ensuring that all members of their form attend assembly and
sit in the allocated rows. Progress Tutors may also like to suggest their form
sits in alphabetical/register order. Year Student Progress Coordinators will take
the register when the Progress Tutor is absent.

*On the four days when forms are not in assembly, Progress Tutors are
expected to offer a thought for the day or a period of reflection. Material for
this purpose is provided for the Progress Tutors.

*Parents have the right to withdraw their children from assembly. If they wish
to do so they must inform the relevant Year Student Progress Coordinator.

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