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									School of Nursing & Midwifery                       North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust
                                                   Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent Partnership NHS Trust
                                                     University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust

                                     Student Placement Charter
     Students have the responsibility to:

     1. Treat all patients, staff and visitors with courtesy, respect and abide by the Nursing and
         Midwifery Councils, The Code: Standards of conduct, performance and ethics for nurses
         and midwives;
     2. Attend all allocated placement shifts that reflect the areas normal shift pattern working
         and to arrive and depart on time;
     3. Inform the placement staff and Sickness and Absence Hotline prior to the start of their
         duty shift, if they are unable to attend a clinical placement as scheduled;
     4. Dress neatly according to the University Dress Code/Trust Policy and in a manner that
         promotes a professional image, meets health and safety and infection control
     5. Identify any specific learning needs relating to their learning outcomes with their mentor
         and the level of supervision required to achieve them;
     6. Actively engage in the activities that are deemed appropriate for their stage of education
         and demonstrate a positive attitude to learning;
     7. Ensure that any off duty requests are made a minimum of four weeks in advance;
     8. Work with their designated mentor a minimum of 40% of their placement time and not to
         request off duty which prevents this from occurring;
     9. Agree a nominated time to meet with their mentor and keep the appointment;
     10. Take part in the evaluation of their placement area so that good practice can be
         disseminated and corrective action can be taken to improve the placement experience;
     11. Inform the ward/team manager as soon as possible of any concerns relating to the
         clinical area or staff relating to the area.

     Placement staff have the responsibility to ensure students are:

     1. Supernumerary in their placement including:
              To work a maximum of two weekends in four (or part thereof);
              To work a maximum of twelve nights on duty during a branch clinical
                 placement, the norm being eight and the minimum four dependent on the
                 length of the placement;
              To follow patients care journeys where this enhances the learning
     2. Treated with courtesy and respect by patients, relatives and other members of the
        clinical placement team;
     3. Allocated a nominated mentor by the start of their placement;
     4. Working with their mentor for a minimum of 40% of their placement time and a named
        supervisor at all other times;
     5. Allocated a nominated second person to act as mentor if their mentor is working nights,
        is part time,on holiday or off sick for more than two days;
     6. With their mentor, at the appropriate times (initial, mid point and final interviews), to
        discuss their progress, areas for development and practice assessment documentation;
     7. Able to have their assessment documentation completed by their mentor prior to the end
        of their placement;
     8. Able to have access to appropriate learning resources.


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