The Holocaust by PPbjh17U


									The Holocaust

  Ms. Phillips
 Global History
 April 1, 2008
             Standards etc.
• Standards 2,3,4,5

• Objective: Swbat identify and analyze the
  holocaust and its lasting effects

• Motivation: Why didn’t people in Germany
  stop the Holocaust?
                Do Now Questions
1: This day marked the end of war in Europe
a)    D-Day
b)     Battle of the Bulge
c)    V-E Day

2: The totalitarian leaders of World War II all…
a)   Illegally took power
b)   Received power due to poor economic and social conditions
c)   Won power in elections

3: Why did President Truman consent to dropping Atomic Bombs on
a)   He wanted revenge for Pearl Harbor
b)   He thought they deserved it for killing Americans
c)   He thought it would save the lives of soldiers
             Write this down

           Aim and Do Now
• Aim: What are the lasting effects of the
  Holocaust on the world at large?

• Do Now: What was the progression that
  Hitler used to address the “Jewish
              Nazi Politics
Holocaust: mass slaughter of Jews and other
 groups judged to be inferior by the Nazi’s
 racial order.
        Nuremburg Laws 1935
• Deprived Jews of German citizenship
• Forbade marriage between Jews and non-
• Limited the work available to Jews
  Deportation and Kristallnacht
KRISTALLNACHT: The night of Broken
 Glass. Some Jewish family were deported to
Jewish Businesses Destroyed and
      The Persecution gets worse
• Some Jews fled, but
  Hitler conquered many
  of the territories that
  they fled to.
          The Jewish Problem
• Hitler favored Emigration at first, but then
  countries started to refuse refugees
            Hitler’s Response
• “We all want to get rid
  of our Jews, but no
  country wishes to
  receive them.”
• Immigration: Moving into or to a place
• Emigration: Moving from or out of a place
       Plan B: Isolating the Jews
• Hitler orders Jews to
  be moved to
  designated cities

• Nazis herd the Jews
  into Ghettos, or
  segregated Jewish
Document Analysis
           Jewish Ghettos
• The Nazis sealed the ghettos with barbed
  wire and stone walls hoping that the Jews
  would starve or die from disease
• The Jews held on
           Hitler grows impatient
• Tired of waiting for
  the Jews to starve
  Hitler begins
  developing a
  genocide; or
  systematic killing of
  an entire population.
             The Final Solution
• The solution to end all solutions. This was
  Hitler’s plan to eliminate the Jewish population
  from existence at a faster pace.
     Liquidating the Ghettos
• Nazi soldiers stormed Jewish ghettos and
  forced the people from their homes by
       Hunting of the Jews
• The Nazi SS rounds up the Jews
  – They are taken to isolated areas and shot
          Concentration Camps

• Jews who were not
  reached by the killing
  squads would be
  rounded up and sent to
  concentration camps
  where they would do
  hard physical labor.
           The Final Stage: 1942
• Hitler had Extermination of Death Camps built
  – Gas Chambers: kill 6,000 people a day

one of the largest
Death camps
Inside the Camps
                In the end
• An estimated 6,000,000 – 8,000,000
  million Jews were killed in the Holocaust
                June 1945
• The United Nations: an international
  organization intended to establish
  international peace and security was created
        The Security Council
• 15 member body that has the power to
  investigate and settle disputes between
      The Permanent 5 Members
•   United States
•   China
•   Great Britain
•   France
•   Soviet Union/Russia
          Nuremburg Trials
• Former Nazi leaders were put on trial by the
  United Nations for war crimes and the

• Zionism: A Jewish Nationalist Movement
  to create a Jewish nation or homeland.
    1948: Universal Declaration of
           Human Rights
• Defines human rights
  and was created to
  prevent future
  holocausts from
• “Never Again”
            Human Rights
• Human rights refers to the rights given to
  everyone who is born a human being
  regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, age,
  country of origin, political affiliation,
  language, and sexual orientation.
20th century human rights violations

•   Armenian Genocide
•   *Holocaust: 8,000,000
•   Pol Pot: 200,000
•   Bosnia-Herzegovina
•   Rwanda: 800,000
•   Darfur, Sudan: 400,000

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