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									Medical Billing Software Maker Medisoft Announces Version 18 For
Insurance Billing

New version of popular medical billing software program adds new features
for medical offices.

Charlotte, FL, September 12, 2012 -- President
Harry Selent announced today the availability for purchase of Medisoft
Version 18 of its popular physician and insurance medical billing
software program. Medisoft software is one of the most widely used
insurance billing software programs in doctor offices of 1-3 physicians.

The release of Medisoft V18 includes the following features:
Integrated credit card processing - now medical office and health
professionals can integrate their credit card processing into Medisoft,
instead of having to run separate credit card processing software.
Another welcome feature is the increased dashboard performance for larger

With Medisoft version 18, the possibility now exists for incremental
backup and restore which will allow for much smaller backup file sizes
that only backs up data that was changed from the last backup.

Another feature new in Medisoft Advanced and Medisoft Netwokr
Professional is the ability for TIFF image support within multimedia tab;
now users can add TIFF images along with other types of multimedia files.

Electronic Prescribing (eRx) Incentive Program– Section 132 of the
Medicare Improvements
for Patients and Providers Act of 2008 (MIPPA) authorized a new and
separate incentive program for eligible providers (EPs) who are
successful electronic prescribers (e-prescribers) as defined by
MIPPA. Now included are ePrescribing licenses available to help with
obtaining these incentives thru RelayHealth eRX in Advanced and Net Pro
versions of Medisoft.

The Medisoft V18 is also expected to support the new Microsoft Windows 8
operating system to be released by Microsoft this month.

For a limited time, existing users of Medisoft Advanced or Medisoft
Network Professional Medical Billing Software can upgrade to the Medisoft
v18 at significant discounts. For more information on Medisoft or
physician medical billing software, please visit

Contact :
Harry Selent
23263 Harborview Rd Port
Charlotte, FL 33980

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