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					                                Epsilon Sigma Alpha
                             Colorado State Council
                                  Past Presidents

NO.   NAME, Chapter City & Theme for    YEAR          INSTALLATION CITY &
      Year                                            CONVENTION THEME

1     Agnes Clark                       1947-48       Denver
      Denver, CO

2     Phyllis Rambat                    1948-49       Estes Park
      Arvada, CO

3     Neta Sackman                      1949-50       Pueblo

4     Bernice Rogers                    1950-51       LaJunta

5     Mary Abrams Kinkel                1951-52       Fort Collins
      Arvada, CO

6     Irene Fife                        1952-53       Denver

7     Margie Thompson                   1953-54       Colorado Springs
      Fort Collins, CO

8     Marilyn Weibe                     1954-55       Grand Junction
      Colorado Springs, CO

9     Merrily Roberts                   1955-56       Pueblo
      Fort Myers, FL

10    Kay McLaughlin                    1956-57       Estes Park

11    Ardis Macy Blakley                1957-58       Durango
      Denver, CO

12    Stelle White                      1958-59       Fort Collins
      San Bernardino, CA

13    Jennie Rose Reeves                1959-60       Denver
      (Deceased)                                      "Hawaiian Holiday the E.S.A.
      Lakewood, CO                                    Way"

14    Bernice Gates                     1960-61       Pueblo
      (Deceased)                                      "Les Girls"
15   Doralee Dickman                   1961-62   Grand Junction
     Grand Junction, CO                          "Kaiosoari State - Clasp with a
                                                 Sister of E.S.A."

16   Darlene Wallace                   1962-63   Colorado Springs
     (Deceased)                                  "Faraway Places"
     "Stairway to Happiness"

17   Betty Jean Marshall               1963-64   Lamar
     Highlands Ranch, CO                         "Frontier Days in E.S.A."
     "Count Your Blessings"

18   Betty Jean Turetzky               1964-65   Estes Park
     Lakewood, CO                                Four Seasons"
     "Strive for the Stars"

19   Helen Corbin                      1965-66   Craig
     (Deceased)                                  "South of the Border"
     "Follow the Rainbow"

20   Grace Wall                        1966-67   Denver
     (Deceased)                                  "Rainbows End"
     "Live Each Day with E.S.A."

21   Donna Jean Busmire                1967-68   Pueblo
     Littleton, CO                               "Broadway Extravaganza"
     "Happiness in E.S.A."

22   Peggy Healy                       1968-69   Cortez
     (Deceased)                                  "Four Corners Pow-Wow"
     "Symphony in Blue & Gold"

23   Billie Jean Farnham               1969-70   Craig
     Monte Vista, CO                             "E.S.A. Showboat of "69"
     "Open Hands – Open Heart"

24   Patricia Horan                    1970-71   Alamosa
     Talco, TX                                   "E.S.A. Train to Broadway in
     "Impossible Dreams"                         1970"

25   Mildred Cutler                    1971-72   Glenwood Springs
     (Deceased)                                  "Spa of the Rockies"
     "Doors of Friendship in E.S.A."

26   Maxine Ong                        1972-73   Fort Collins
     Rangely, CO                                 "Once In A World of Fantasies"
     "Make a Pearl for E.S.A."

27   Si Harkins                        1973-74   Grand Junction
     (Deceased)                                  "Gateway to Four Seasons"
     Denver, CO
     "Shadows of the Future"
28   Anne Slonaker                        1974-75   Colorado Springs
     Aztec, NM                                      "E.S.A. – Gardens"
     "Three Golden Links"

29   Elda Mae Martin                      1975-76   Boulder
     Monte Vista, CO                                "Links of Gold"
     "Dare to Be"

30   Helen McSpadden                      1976-77   Estes Park
     (Deceased)                                     "Spirit of "76"
     "E.S.A. - A Way of Life"

31   Pat Keller                           1977-78   Denver
     Lakewood, CO                                   "A Royal Holiday in the Queen
     "Free to Be You and Me"                        City"

32   Sandra Crosier                       1978-79   Grand Junction
     Westminster, CO                                "Junction Roundup - Western
     "Some See Stars"                               Style"

33   Fran Emore                           1979-80   Lamar
     (Deceased)                                     "Holidaze in Lamar"
     "Follow Your Dreams"

34   Kay Westlake                         1980-81   Pueblo
     Cedaredge, CO                                  "When It’s Springtime in the
     "E.S.A. – A Bridge of Love"                    Rockies"

35   Eileen Wright                        1981-82   Keystone
     Kalaheo, HI                                    "Roses in the Snow"
     "E.S.A. – A Bouquet of Flowers"

36   Terry Eakle                          1982-83   Fort Morgan
     Greeley, CO                                    "In the Mood with E.S.A."
     "E.S.A. – A Gift of Wings"

37   Gertie Chapin                        1983-84   Denver
     Weldona, CO                                    "Reflections"
     "E.S.A. – A Highway to Friendship"

38   Neeoma Coston                        1984-85   Steamboat Springs
     Loveland, CO                                   "Steamboat’s a Comin’"
     "Step to the Music You Hear"

39   Diane Colllins                       1985-86   Estes Park
     Lake Shore, MN                                 "The Sounds of Music"
     "E.S.A. – The Song in My Heart"

40   Judie Tate                           1986-87   Craig
     Littleton, CO                                  "E.S.A. Country Jamboree"
     "Come with Me to Care-A-Lot"

41   Nancy Negomir                        1987-88   Alamosa
     (Deceased)                                      "Caring and Sharing"
     Golden, CO
     "E.S.A. – The Greatest Show on

42   Mary Alice Covelli                  1988-89     Grand Junction
     Fort Morgan, CO                                 "Under the Big Top"
     "The Wonder of it All"

43   Jean Kump                           1989-90     Denver
     Vernal, UT                                      "In the Glitter of Memory Lane"
     "E.S.A. – A Way to Grow"

44   Cindy Powers                        1990-91     Fort Collins
     Ft. Morgan, CO                                  "Fantastic Voyage"
     "We’ve Come a Long Way Ladies"

45   Connie Ernest                       1991-92     Pueblo
     Mesa, AZ                                        "Discover Pueblo"
     "The Gift of Love"

46   Karen Smith                         1992-93     Greeley
     Denver, CO                                      "Holidays on the Plains"
     "Among the Young at Heart"

47   Nancy Cameron                       1993-94     Denver
     Golden, CO                                      "Follow the Yellow
     "You Are the Music of ESA"                      Brick Road"

48   Linda Pittsenbargar                 1994-95     Glenwood Springs
     (Deceased)                                      "Dancin’ on the Mountain Tops"
     Vernal, UT
     "Legacy of Love"

49   Candie Patino                       1995-96     Grand Junction
     Berthoud, CO                                    "Butterflies are Free"
     "E.S.A. – Our Wings to Rainbows"

50   Doris Sutherland                    1996-97     Fort Collins
     Grand Junction, CO                              "A Dreamer’s Holiday"
     "Dream Weavers of E.S.A."

51   Pat Peters                          1997-98     Delta
     Westminster, CO                                 "Delta Queen"
     "E.S.A. – A Parade of Friendship"

52   Phyllis Vrbas                       1998-99     Breckenridge
     Denver, CO                                      "E.S.A. - You Light up Our
     "Remember the Past, But Reach for               Lives" "
     the Future"

53   Pat Bernhardt                       1999-2000   Cortez
     Milliken, CO                                    "Southwestern Dreams"
     "E.S.A. – Love Is the Bridge Of the

54   Eileen Stanley                         2000-2001   Colorado Springs
     Glenwood Springs, CO                               "Peak into the Future"
     "E.S.A. – Soaring to Greater Heights
     In The New Millennium"

55   Bobbi Hawkinson                        2001-2002   Fort Morgan
     Akron, Colorado                                    "E.S.A. Country Fair"
     "Dances With Wind & ESA"

56   Jody Karr                              2002-2003   Grand Junction
     Denver, Colorado                                   "Discover the Ancient Magic"
     "ESA: A Class Act"

57   Millie Foley                           2003-2004   Denver
     Arvada                                             "Hats Off to ESA"
     "Soaring with ESA"

58   Alice Robinson                         2004-2005   Estes Park
     Colorado Springs                                   "A Class Reunion"
     "Celebrate Yourself, Celebrate Your
     Spirit, Leave a Legacy"

59   Barbara Hill                           2005-2006   Keystone
     Buena Vista                                        "Reflections of the Past"
     "ESA Winds of Time Bring Change,
     Dreams Can Come True"

60   Joyce Fuller                           2006-2007   Denver
     Denver                                             "Dreams Do Come True"
     "The Hidden Gems of ESA"

61   Patti Ehrlich                          2007-2008   Denver
     "Childhood Dreams on Butterfly                     “The Colors of ESA”
     Wings - ESA and You can make
     them come True!

62   Sandy Alexander                        2008-2009   Colorado Springs
     “Shining Stars of Hope”                            "Seasons in the Sun"

63   Shirley Telinde                        2009-2010   Loveland
     “ESA - A Guiding Light for Our                     “On Broadway with ESA”

64   Bonnie Gillmore                        2010-2011   Canon City
     "Catching the Dreams of ESA"                       "ESA - The Sister Act"

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