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					                                 FQMS PTA Volunteer Form 2009-2010
                                               Yes! You can ‘JUST’ Volunteer!

Too busy to chair a committee but want to be involved in PTA events and activities? I hear it all the time: Can I “just”
volunteer? The answer is a resounding: YES! We need many, many more “just’ volunteers than chairs or board members.
Volunteering at school is an excellent way to stay connected to your child’s academic life and keep in touch with the social
aspects of your child’s school atmosphere. So, yes, please do get and stay involved in the myriad PTA activities throughout
the year!
Please check all the activities you’d like to be involved in and return this form as follows:
       complete this form on the computer, save it as ‘Volunteer_YourLastName’ and email it to:
           o Leah Healey, Volunteer coordinator at: leah.healey@verizon.net
     if you can’t type it on the computer, print the form, fill it out by hand and return it to:
FQMS office, marked ‘PTA c/o Leah Healey’, or mail to FQMS PTA, c/o Leah Healey’, P.O. Box 159, Glenelg, MD 21737.
Contact Leah Healey: 410-531-9419 or leah.healey@verizon.net with any questions.
Name: _________________________________________Grade(s) of your student (s): ________
Emails: _______________________________________ Phone: ________________________

               Program                               Duration                                    Description
    As Needed Volunteer                    Occasional                     Short term help in a variety of ways

    Book Fair                              Fall & Spring                  Helping set up displays, pack up after the fair and ring
                                                                          up purchases during the fair
    Brick Garden                           Occasional                     Coordinate phase 2 legacy project

    Coupon Book Fundraiser                 November/December              Coordinate distribution/collections

    Cultural Arts                          Occasional                     Help with speakers/special programs

    Directory                              September-October              Proofread or distribution

    Food Donations                         Throughout the year            Donate homemade/purchased food

    Garden                                 Occasional                     Periodic weeding/planting, etc

    Grade Level Activities                 Occasional (circle grade)      Assist with 6th, 7th, 8th grade activities

    Hospitality an d Staff Appreciation    Throughout the year            Food/beverage donation/preparation, set up & clean
                                                                          up for school/PTA events.
    Magazine Drive                         September-October              Help with this important fundraiser

    Marquee Sign                           Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly     Update marquee sign messages

    Membership                             September                      Man membership table

    Recognition                            Occasional                     Staff nominations/honor roll

    Reflections                            November-January               Assist with collection/ display/ judging

    School Store                           Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly     Sell supplies to students

    Spirit Wear                            Occasional                     Sell FQMS clothing items

Folly Quarter Middle School PTA; P.O. Box 159, Glenelg, MD 21737; www.follyquarterpta.org                                   Page 1

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