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					Written by: Anna Rupert

Date: 3/18/11

Place: Manlius Pebble Hill School

Advisors and Mentors: Mrs. Karen Mentor, Mrs. Danya Wikowski-Eades, Mrs.
Michelle Koziara, Sra. Silviana Medina-Dooher, Mrs. Margot Clark, Senora Ryzewski
For my STP, I knew that I wanted to do something with dance. When I first started

thinking of ideas, I knew I wanted to incorporate a performance, and I wanted to

choreograph, so I was thinking I would choreograph a work of modern dance, teach

it to people, and perform it at the end of the year. That however proved to be too

difficult to pull off, because all the dancers have different schedules with school,

homework, dance classes, and rehearsals for shows. I was having trouble coming up

with different ideas, and overcoming obstacles with that, so I asked Mrs. Koziara, the

dance teacher at MPH, and she gave me the idea of a website about all the different

aspects of dance. The website would target teenage dancers, like me, who love to

dance, and want a website where they can find out about different styles of dance,

choreography, audition processes, find studios, get injury tips, and find videos and

pictures of dancers, as well as cool dance performances and companies. There have

been many times when I have wanted a website like this to find quotes about dance,

or learn about different styles of dance. I know how hard it is to find a studio, and

before my first summer program audition I was so scared, it would have been nice

to have someone whose already been through the process, whose close to my age,

telling me what it was like. Also many of my dance friends have told me how much

they want somewhere with lots of awesome dance videos and pictures and quotes,

because there isn’t one. I love dance, and I want to share that love with other people,

as well as educate them on things like how to stretch safely, or how to deal with

teachers who want you to lose weight, even though you are perfectly healthy.

       What I hope to accomplish is a place where people can go to learn about

dance, and a place for people who enjoy dance as much as I do to read about it, talk
about it, watch dance videos and see pictures of dancers. I wanted to target young

dancers because I am a young dancer, and I really want to have a website like this,

and since nobody else has made one, I will.

       I plan to carry out the project by talking to Mr. Gatling and the aunt of my

friend who works in web design to see if my idea would work, and how expensive it

would be, and then if it costs money I will hold a bake sale to raise money for the

website. Once the money is raised, if it needs to be raised, I will work with either Mr.

Gatling or my friends aunt to create the website. I have outlined what I want to be

on my website, and it is attached to the back. This website will include how to

videos, videos of rehearsals, videos of my performances, and videos of other

choreography. I will ask permission from everybody before I put their videos on my

website, and I will make a special email and Facebook for the website in case people

have any questions. The final product will hopefully be a wonderful website about

dance that I can modify, and update, add new stuff too, and keep going for all young

dancers out there who just love everything about dance.

       What I will learn from this is web design, and how to create a website. Also

by teaching others how to teach choreography I will improve my skill. Also I will

learn more about everything in the website because I will be talking to doctors and

many different dance teachers, so I will find out things about injury prevention and

food, and anorexia and bulimia.

Website Outline:

Home Page:
     Title
     About Me
     Picture of Me
     Description of Site
     Tabs for other sections
     Search Site
     About Site
     Message Board
     Credits

  1. My Process of Choreography
      Anna’s Choreography Method
      Applying That Method to Your Dance
      Picking Music
      Choosing Costumes
      Teaching Your Choreography To Others
  2. Healthy Eating for Dancers
      Healthy
      Unhealthy
      Anorexia/Bulimia
      Dance Bag Snacks
      Recipes
  3. Injuries: Dealing with Them and Preventing Them
      Anna’s Injury Tips
      Muscles
      Bones
      Tendons and Ligaments
      Safe Dancing
    Never Ever Evers
4. Dance Quotes
    Inspire, Motivate, Dance
5. Dance Links
    Companies
    Colleges
    Other Blogs/Websites
    Doctoral Injury Advice
6. Dance Studios In Upstate New York
    BDC
    SSD
    GDS
    Boutin’s
    DCN
    Find Other Studios
7. Dance Videos
    My Choreography
    Me Dancing
    Youtube Video Links
8. Dance Pictures
    Pictures of Me
    Pictures of Dancers
    Typography About Dance
9. Dance Terminology Guide
    Basic Dance Vocabulary
10. Contact Me
     Special Facebook for Website
     Special E-mail for Website
11. Dance Around the World
    Flamenco
    African
    Indian
    Greek
    Ballroom
    Ballet
    Modern
    Jazz
    Hip-Hop
    Belly Dancing
    Zumba
    Cardio Salsa
    Nia
    Pilates
    Yoga
12. Audition Process
    Applications
    Solos
    Audition Classes
    Dealing with Stagefright
13. Warming Up and Stretching
    How to Stretch Safely
    My Favorite Stretches
    The Importance Of Stretching
     The Importance Of Warm Ups
     Good Warm Ups

  A. Ask all the studios for permission to put them on
     your website, ask them if they would write a small
     blurb about their studio containing the types of
     classes offered (ballet modern jazz etc.) whether
     the studio is competition or not, and a link to the
     studio website
  B. Find all the studios in Upstate New York
  C. Find out more international dance types
  D. Email companies to ask if it is okay to put links to
     websites/youtubes on my site
  E. Ask all youtubers if I can put links to their videos
     on my site
  F.Ask colleges if I could put up links to their dance
  G. Make sure to ask permission for everything I put
     on the website that is not mine, and put up credits
  H. Set up email and AIM and Facebook for website
  I. Put in Thank You’s to people
\Ask Mr. G about designing a website

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