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									Opening IMPACT Video (90 seconds)                                                Newton's law of inertia states: An object at rest tends to stay at rest
A (im)PACT for Sustainable Change                                            (the natural condition of humans and our institutions) and an object in
Text: Acts 19:1-10                                                           motion (like Paul and team) tends to stay in motion with the same
                                                                             speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced
        Ehud, Deborah and Gideon had it. Jephthah and Samuel had it.         force. (Unbalanced force is that which interacts with an object
However, something was missing in the leadership of Samson.                  unhindered by an equal force from the opposite direction.)
Maxwell says, “One is too small a number to achieve greatness.                   Inertia is natural but God calls leaders to provide a “force” to bring
You cannot do anything of real value alone.” (The Law of                     change. In simplest terms, His call to us is, “Do something!” I’m not
Significance, found in Seventeen Indisputable Laws of Teamwork.)             suggesting we rush about aimlessly. I am recommending we live with
Samson had an impressive pedigree, religious moorings, even                  the attitude of “I will act strategically but immediately shift my plans
anointing and a testimony but he still lacked a grasp on this simple         when the Spirit instructs.”
truth. He never had a cohesive strategy so his supernatural strength             2. He was ready to act when God was ready to empower.
created no national response. He clearly had personal charisma, charm            Ministry opportunities do at times feel the effect of resumes,
and courage but no catalytic efforts. His disconnected victories             connections and personal gift sets. However, long term IMPACT
changed nothing of the oppressive reality under which Israel existed.        ministry hinges on divine GUIDANCE. (Calling more than career!)
The other judges took some solitary action – they had to. Someone                Paul wanted to start with Ephesus but God wanted the team to
always has to lead – but they synergized the momentum, pulled                touch strategic points in a circumference of which Ephesus was the
together others of like passion and values. They created a functional        center.
PACT for sustainable change. Samson did not. Like Samson, all the                D-Day of Paul’s Spirit mission, the condition of Ephesus was…
other judges died but their lives, in a PACT with others, facilitated            o The greatest commercial city of contemporary Asia Minor
sustainable change.                                                              o It sat in a geographically advantageous location
                                                                                 o It was a melting pot of nations and ethnic groups
        That was ancient history. Can a PACT be powerful today?                  o It was politically savvy and influential, functioning as a free
(CLIP)                                                                                Greek city with its own senate and civic assembly.
        Our mission rises higher than beating the odds on the street,            o Ephesus was also the capital city of the Asia Minor province.
establishing a charitable institution or inspiring social justice. Our           o It was the chief city for the Imperial cult worship of Domitian,
mission focuses on the spiritual transformation of a culture by the                   Emperor of Rome.
power of the resurrection Spirit of God.                                         o A center for theater, boasting a 25k seat amphitheater
                                                                                 o A center for “sports,” with a stadium for chariot races (pre-
Sustaining such change involves…                                                      cursor to NASCAR?) and fights with wild animals
I.     Patient dependence on Spirit guidance (16: 6 – 10)                        o It housed the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of
   1. Paul had a general strategy but lacked specific timing.                         the ancient world.
    Paul & his team probably walked 300 – 400 miles ready to                    o This temple was, in effect, the Bank of Asia Minor.
       strategically preach the Gospel prior to the Macedonian Call.             o The city was preoccupied with sexuality and the Temple
                                                                                      provided hundreds of temple prostitutes, available 24/7.
    What were the thoughts of Luke, Silas and others?
   o It was a center for magical arts, sorcery, witchcraft                     cadre of Ordination candidates and everyone else gathered at District
   o In short, Ephesus existed constantly preoccupied with PMS –               Council. His eyes search for people He can guide to facilitate the next
     Power, Money and Sex!                                                     center of high IMPACT, Kingdom expansion. I hope you will make
   o Jesus used disciples in this city to establish a missionally              a PACT WITH ME to be available for such guidance.
     aggressive, rapidly expanding, high IMPACT church.
                                                                               Making a (im)PACT for Sustainable Change must involve…
   o The 12 disciples Paul first encountered, which formed the core            II.    Unashamed declaration of Spirit Baptism (19: 1 – 7)
     of his ministry, may have exercised faith in a generic messiah                How does one avoid the label of “old school” when he upholds an
     and Paul’s instruction perfected their grasp and informed their           experience as personally precious as the Baptism of the Spirit?
     theology so Jesus (ever living) became the particular focus of
     their lives after encountering Him through Holy Spirit baptism.              We live in an era when some AG leaders mentally shut down at the
     This moved them from expectation to fulfillment.                          broaching of this doctrinally loaded topic.

   Because he had depended on Spirit guidance, the 12 in verse 2                   Some have thrown the proverbial “baby” out with the “bath water”
   became the embryonic new center of the Gentile mission.                     in efforts to
   o God never intended the center to remain in Jerusalem or Syrian                o streamline complex service schedules,
      Antioch, Topeka or Azusa Street in Los Angeles.                              o provide stricter order,
   o He wants strong churches to remain strong and effective but He                o escape the stigma of excessive emotionalism,
      ultimately measures effectiveness by our expansionist efforts.               o and curtail physical manifestations smacking of weird
Acts 19: 11 – 12 depict a unique healing methodology. People placed                o Additionally, some simply want to avoid the trauma of telling
Paul’s sweaty aprons on the sick and tormented and saw results. This                   non-tongues speakers they have not yet received the biblical
is similar to people touching the fringe of Jesus garment and Peter’s                  experience of Holy Spirit baptism.
shadow facilitating healing. This brand of extraordinary works
undergirds Pentecostal IMPACT worldwide. John G. Lake… Aimee                   SLIDES OF BARNA RESEARCH (3 slides)
Simple McPherson… Oral Roberts… Catherin Coolman…                    
        Every ordination candidate, along with the rest of us, stands as       christianity
nominee for extraordinary use if we stand willing to obey and submit           As ministers of the “full gospel,” are you ok with this?
at a similar level. According to the revivalist Charles Finney, God is a       Paul was not “ok” with this! (His Q in v 2 proves this.)
pent up revival, awaiting obedient people upon whom He can break               Paul seemed to say “Something is missing, here.”
forth!                                                                            Some may settle for less than that type experience. To them, I can
                                                                               only say, “More power to you,” because more (biblically speaking) is
        II Chron. 16:9a states: “For the eyes of the Lord move to and          available! Empowered speech, empowered discipleship, empowered
fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose              counseling, coaching, prayer, empowered expansion…
heart is completely His” NASB.) The eyes of the Lord examine this

   I don’t want something different than Bible experience. I WILL                     o Jesus calls us to step past the restricting ropes, BREAK
NOT BE SATISFIED UNTIL I HAVE THE SAME EXPERIENCE                                         OPEN THE GLASS CASE of barren doctrine without
AS THE CROWD IN THE UPPER ROOM!                                                           possessive passion, and release the Spirit in our own life.
                                                                                          Then, like Paul, we can walk and live and work on the Wild
   We can have this Spirit reality and I implore us to make a PACT to                     side!
boldly promote it.                                                              Is it not possible to do a great deal without this Pentecostal reality
   o Holding a doctrinal position is insufficient to bring sustainable           and the Bible evidence of speaking in tongues? Yes. The better
       change. There MUST BE personal, current experience!                       question is why would we WANT TO do without it? It is the
                                                                                 practicing Pentecostal church leading the penetration of Islam,
I Corinthians 2:4-5 “And my speech and my preaching was not with                 which was previously unmoved by non-Pentecostal missions.
enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and                o SLIDES OF Notable Comparisons
of power: That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but            No segment of the church is adding disciples around the world like
in the power of God.” (KJV)                                                      the Pentecostal church. The Pentecostal church of the USA is an
                                                                                 anomaly awaiting a group of leaders in a PACT willing to change
    It worked for Paul and it can still impact this region, bringing             it! Although we’ve slowed, Barna says Pentecost segment of
sustainable change.                                                              North American church is three times larger than EVANGELICAL
    Before anyone writes me off as a nostalgic, subculture                      In the next few decades, Dr. Vinson Synan predicts
dinosaur, please allow me to make clear that I want a contextually                    o 50% of Christians will be part of Pentecostal families
relevant outpouring of the Holy Spirit for our region.                                o AG will be largest protestant church group in the world
    o We need a heartland outpouring! It need not look like Cane                      o 50% of AFRICA population will be Pentecostals and win
       Ridge, Kentucky, Azusa Street or Brownsville. Rather, it                           the “war” with Islam
       should resemble Jerusalem, Caesarea and Ephesus.                               “The future is limitless as long as we keep the Pentecostal fires
    o In this heartland outpouring, I want not only the look and                      burning, the gifts of the Spirit in operation and the
       sound but the productivity of the book of Acts.                                evangelization of the world as our ultimate goal. And all of this
    o Without the productivity piece, we have an empty, cheep,                        will be done: “…not by force or by strength but by my Spirit…
       emotional substitute. (Healing, deliverance, church plants,                    Zechariah 4:6 New Living Translation (Dr. Vinson Synan, An
       radical exits from destructive lifestyles)                                     Eyewitness Remembers the Century of the Holy Spirit, 206.)

   The Father promised Holy Spirit Baptism to those near and far            Making an imPACT for sustainable change involves…
    away, of every ethnic background and every generation He calls!          III.  Intentional distribution through missional disciples (19: 1,
       o Preaching this Baptism has become mechanical for some                     9, 30)
           and smacks of the dead letter of the law.
       o We can discuss it like a curator leading a tour in the              This chapter of Acts shows disciples at various levels of development.
           museum and point out the finer bones in the dinosaur               The word disciple appears only three times but the IMPACT of
           skeleton. HOWEVER,                                                   their influence is prolific.
   By IMPACT I mean Intentional, Motivated, Powerful Action                         o Paul had trained these elders properly but some would choose
    Causing Transformation.                                                            selfishly and divide the people of God, further removing them
                                                                                       from expansionist, missional focus. Such antics are not
        From a small, Spirit filled core (v1) to a group in training at the            difficult to identify in our generation.
lecture hall, (v9) to a mature team, (v30) disciples provided                        o Dutch Sheets recently stated: “The Church, which is supposed
incarnational IMPACT throughout the entire province of Asia in                         to be salt and light for this mess, is neither. Though a remnant
only two years (v10).                                                                  has remained faithful, for the most part the Church of America
                                                                                       has become totally irrelevant and completely ineffective. We
   The core was receptive to Spirit baptism for empowerment.                          have produced lukewarm Christians and a generation that
   The group was committed to receive daily instruction. These                        doesn't know God or His ways. Our pulpits are filled with
    disciples sacrificed their siesta (11 AM – 4 PM daily) to learn from               smiles, not tears; entertainment, not passion; and self-help
    Paul and catch his Spirit zeal. (Bruce, 389) By inference, it was                  stories, not prophetic truth. Our feel-good messages and mega
    these disciples which traveled the province declaring the Word of                  fun-centers have anesthetized us to the reality of our condition
    the Lord. This declaration rang true and transformed lives as they                 and, as opposed to offering solutions, are actually part of the
    communicated the dynamic, currently living Son of God by the                       problem. We, the Church, are not changing our world, we're
    power of the Holy Spirit. They preserved the fruit by establishing                 being conformed to it. It's easier to find the truth about our
    churches. (Rev.1: Unto the seven churches of ASIA: Ephesus,                        condition as a nation on talk radio than in our churches. We
    Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyitaria, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea.)                      have left our first love and abandoned our cause. In short, an
   The team displayed enough strength to challenge and override their                 apostate church, an ungodly government and a culture of death,
    leaders pending decision that would have proved dangerous and                      perversion and self-centeredness has earned us an appointment
    prematurely ended or at least adversely affected his continuing                    with judgment.
    ministry.                                                                        o You and I can only be faithful to train and maintain Kingdom
                                                                                       focus while it is our watch but we can do that much and must
If we (I) only make followers (decisions) I will not have                              do no less!
 the protection of a committed team,                                                o I prayed this prayer Feb.13: (READ FROM MY JOURNAL)
 the work force of an empowered group                                                 “Lord, we are nowhere near an Asia intensity, a province
                                                                                       IMPACT but I want us to get there. Lord, nine years ago,
 or the intensity of an eager core.
                                                                                       several of us dreamed of 220 churches by 2020. You know our
                                                                                       record. Mobilize us, unify us for a Spirit powered intensity to
Disciples without a regional objective will stagnate and look for
                                                                                       turn the trend and penetrate the (province) state of Kansas as
influence within a closed (or closing) religious system or organization.
                                                                                       the Acts 19 disciples penetrated Asia.”
 Acts 20:30 displays this reality. “Even from your own number men
    will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after
                                                                                          As I reflect about this region we call Kansas, for which we
    o When a leader looses focus for Kingdom expansion, it leads to
                                                                                  carry spiritual responsibility, I am convinced the AGK (through men
        imbalance and distortion. It leads to efforts to enhance personal
        following and the target becomes believers instead of pagans.
and women like you, Ordination Candidates) can make a remarkable
IMPACT during the next few years.
       I keenly desire the Spirit to lead us to people that will
 make up a spiritually hungry, Spirit empowered core,
 help us recruit, lead and train groups of disciples for strategic
   action, and release them for work,
 allowing them to be a team in which we find safe counsel and

The Spirit hovers near, ready to empower us and others for miracles,
signs and wonders.
        Candidates, will you join me in a PACT?

        AGK, will you join us in a PACT to live saturated with His
dynamic presence, full of His current Word and to patiently following
His strategic leading?

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