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  Key Terms and Conditions of a Postgraduate College Scholarship/Award
Key terms and conditions
1. Once you accept the offer of an award from the College of Arts, you and those who support your studies
are expected to abide by the University and College rules, regulations and procedures set out in the Code of
Practice and the College Research Guidelines. If these are not adhered to, we reserve to the right to
terminate your award.
2. Once you have accepted your award, you must ensure that you are registered as a full-time student for
the course or programme of study and for the period of time specified in letter offering you a scholarship. If
your registration ceases for any reason (other than a temporary suspension of study), your award will be
terminated. We expect that by the end of your period of funding (or within a further ‘year of grace’ for
doctoral students) you will have achieved the qualification for which your award has been granted.
Continuation of all awards is subject to our receiving satisfactory annual progress reports.
3. We have made your award on the understanding that your supervisor and other institutional authorities
will provide you with support, supervision and training of high quality; and that the appropriate officers of the
institution, both academic and administrative, will co-operate in ensuring that you are supported in this way.
4. We accept no liability for the work you undertake, nor for the manner in which it is undertaken. You and
your supervisor are responsible in all respects for the work and its consequences.
5. You should inform us immediately if you receive, or are applying for, a grant or an award from another
body to support your postgraduate work, especially in the form of payment of fees or a maintenance grant.
You may not hold two awards for the same purpose concurrently.
6. You should inform us immediately of any changes in your circumstances that may affect your award, for
example if you need to suspend your studies for a time because of illness or other problems, if you submit
your doctoral thesis earlier than expected or if you move house. If any change in your circumstances results
in an overpayment of any money, we will ask you to reimburse the full amount to the University. If your
award is formally suspended, the total amount of your award will remain the same and the College will not
be liable for additional fee payments to cover, for example fee, increases.
7. You are expected to remain resident in the UK, and in the Glasgow area throughout the period of your
award. We expect you to attend and to maintain regular contact with your supervisor and other institutional
authorities, at a level at least in accordance with the College Guidelines, throughout your award. The only
exceptions to these requirements are to cover periods of fieldwork or study visits away from your institution
that are an essential part of your study, or attendance at conferences. You should make appropriate
arrangements for maintaining regular contact with your supervisor during any extended period of fieldwork
away from your institution.
8. You should keep us informed of your current address and bank details, and inform us in writing of any
9. If you hold an award to enable you to pursue a Master’s programme, you are expected to attend all the
sessions as required by the course director or College. You should remain in regular contact with your
supervisor during any period when you are writing a dissertation or preparing work for examination. Any
holidays you take should be outside the teaching term or semester, and should be authorised by your
programme convener and notified to the Convener of the Graduate School Board.
10. If you hold a full-time award for doctoral study, you are allowed up to eight weeks holiday (including
public holidays) in any 12 months, as approved by your supervisor. If for any reason you need to suspend
your studies for a longer period, please consult the College Absence/Suspensions policy.
11. We encourage research students to undertake a certain amount of paid teaching during the period of an
award, if the opportunity arises. Such work can provide you with invaluable experience and a useful
extension to your research training. You may undertake such work provided that:
• the total demand on your time, including contact time and a reasonable allowance for preparation and
marking, does not exceed 180 hours in any one year
• the total demand on your time does not exceed six hours in any week
• the work is compatible with your programme of doctoral study
• your supervisor approves.
12. The payment for such teaching will not affect the level of maintenance grant we pay to you.
13. You should keep us informed of any teaching or demonstrating that you are undertaking, usually in the
annual report you submit to College on progress.

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