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soc schools by 5d8rBO


									                   “Signs” of Christmas 2010

                   9:30-Colerain Elementary
                  499 E Weisheimer Rd Columbus Ohio

            Mapquest from the area you are coming from 

               11:00 Glacier Ridge Elementary
             7175 Glacier Ridge Blvd Dublin, OH 43017
From Colerain: Start out going WEST on E WEISHEIMER RD toward SHARON AVE.
Turn LEFT onto N HIGH ST. Turn RIGHT onto W HENDERSON RD. Merge onto OH-
315 N. Merge onto I-270 W toward DAYTON. Merge onto US-33 W/OH-161 W via EXIT
17B toward MARYSVILLE. Take the OH-161/POST RD exit toward PLAIN CITY. Turn
RIGHT onto CR-24/POST RD. Take the 1st LEFT onto HYLAND CROY RD/CR-2 Enter
next roundabout and take 1st exit onto GLACIER RIDGE BLVD. 7175 GLACIER RIDGE
BLVD is on the RIGHT.

               12:30-St James Catholic School
                1628 Oakland Park Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43224

From Glacier Ridge: Start out going WEST on GLACIER RIDGE BLVD. Enter next
roundabout and take 3rd exit onto HYLAND CROY RD/CR-2. Turn RIGHT onto CR-
24/POST RD. Continue to follow POST RD. Merge onto US-33 E/OH-161 E via the
ramp on the LEFT toward I-270/COLUMBUS. Merge onto I-270 E. Merge onto I-71 S
via EXIT 26 toward COLUMBUS. Take EXIT 114 toward N BROADWAY Stay
STRAIGHT to go onto SILVER DR. Take the 1st LEFT onto E NORTH BROADWAY
ST. Turn LEFT onto MAIZE RD. Take the 1st RIGHT onto OAKLAND PARK AVE. 1628
                       2:00 AgBell/Huy School
                         1545 Huy Rd Columbus Ohio

From St James: Start out going WEST on OAKLAND PARK AVE toward BREMEN ST. Turn
RIGHT onto NORWOOD ST. Take the 1st LEFT onto HUY RD. 1545 HUY RD is on the LEFT.

                    6:00 Alice Cogswell Center
                    500 Morse Road Columbus Ohio
From AG Bell: Start out going WEST on HUY RD toward MEDINA AVE. Turn
RIGHT onto KARL RD. Turn LEFT onto E COOKE RD. Merge onto I-71 N. Take the
MORSE RD exit, EXIT 116, toward SINCLAIR RD. Turn LEFT onto MORSE RD. 500
MORSE RD is on the RIGHT.


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